These are not the crime weapons. In fact, they’re handmade tools from the Contemporary Makers blog; we just liked the picture.

A dual-wielding Briton (for some values of Briton, which include the right to abuse your arranged-marriage bride from the old country), Mohammed Zaman, managed to execute the other kind of sharia-compliant divorce last year, and is on trial now, because Leicester Crown Court doesn’t apparently take that kind of thing with the breezy nonchalance of Pakistani jurists.

[Witness Tariq] Hussain told a jury: “He looked like a devil. He had blood on the palm of his right hand.

“He said he had drunk something so I called the police and an ambulance.”

Dafydd Enoch QC prosecuting told Leicester Crown Court: “The defendant admits he killed his wife. But he has pleaded not guilty to murder.”

Mr Enoch said: “He is claiming loss of control. But we say the defendant committed “a brutal and premeditated murder.”

What, you didn’t kill her, Mohammed, it was that other guy “Mister Hyde”?

He said that early on January 8, 2014 Zaman (45) started beating his wife Sameena.

Mr Enoch added: “He then hit her with an axe on the head and shoulder.

“There were defensive wounds on her arms.

“He then stabbed her in the neck with a knife. He punctured a major artery and she bled to death.”

He said that the arranged marriage was in difficulties and neighbours told police they often saw bruises on Sameena’s arms. They also heard them quarrelling and Zaman appeared to be controlling. The court heard they also had money problems.

Mr Enoch said police had examined Zaman’s phone and his computer.

Gee. Did they find, like, evidence? What do you think?

He said that for a year Zaman had been accessing sites including: “How to kill a wife with an axe” and “How bad is it in jail UK?”

via Wife killed by husband in a ‘frenzied axe and knife attack’ at their Leicester home | Leicester Mercury.

Our guess is that he’s going to be able to answer the second of his questions quite thoroughly before they’re done with him.

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