Luis Inoa presumably soberLuis Inoa never knew what hit him. That’s because he was knee-walking, commode-hugging drunk, and staggering around in the traffic lanes of a major Bronx road.

But we know what hit him: a Bronx Nº 1 bus.

The cab pulled over near a bus stop at the corner of W. 231st St. and Kingsbridge Ave. and let the desperate passenger out just as a BX1 bus drove up behind them, cops said.

“He saw the cab driver open up the door,” said Frank Austin, Transport Workers Union Local 100 official, referring to the bus driver.

The MTA driver veered into the westbound lane to avoid Inoa, who bent over to vomit and then suddenly staggered out into the street and was struck by the right side of the bus, officials said.

“Next thing he knows, somebody was screaming at him to stop the bus,” Austin said, referring to the MTA driver.

Inoa, who was struck by the bus’ rear right wheel, died at the scene.

via Man, 23, dies after drunkenly staggering into Bronx bus path – NY Daily News.

Inoa was just a year out of college, and working for the Nickelodeon TV network. He chose to celebrate a promotion by drinking himself into insensibility, and with his senses dulled by such quantities of Judgment Juice that his very organism rebelled, rejecting the fluid, stumbled drunkenly into the traffic lanes for a rendezvous with death.

Tragic? Yes. Stupid? That, too. Many deaths of young people are both.

You know, if we banned buses this wouldn’t happen (we’d say, “if we banned alcohol,” but that’s been done). If it just saves one life…?

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4 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Buses


Darwin Award, Honorable Mention.


Why an Honorable Mention? The Darwin Awards do specifically allow for idiocies committed while inebriated.


only “mentioned” because it is so predictable

the Darwin Award should be reserved for spectacular stupidity, not the garden variety, which is so prevalent.



This was Amateur Hour stupid.

But it still took him out of the gene pool before he could spawn.

The next-of-kin should sue the university that awarded him a degree for fraud.