Watch out for the one with your name on it.

Watch out for the one with your name on it.

Our dirtbag du jour is going to Crowbar Motel for a murder committed with a baseball bat. Plus.

Ryan Lawrence entered the guilty plea for first-degree murder on Thursday morning in Onondaga County Court as family of the man watched on and wept, according to WRGB News.

via Upstate NY man pleads guilty to murdering 1-year-old daughter – NY Daily News.

Plus what?

…murdering his 21-month daughter with a baseball bat, then burning her body and throwing it into a harbor

Now, there’s one of nature’s noblemen. His own daughter.

Investigators charged that Lawrence took his small daughter, Maddox, to a “remote and secluded location” in Cortland County and bludgeoned her repeatedly with a wooden baseball bat, according to the indictment cited by

Lawrence then “placed her body and the baseball bat in a prepared fire pit for hours” before throwing the girls’ remains into the Inner Harbor, which feeds into Syracuse’s Onondaga Lake.

Maddox’s disappearance triggered an AMBER alert—but the search ended when they found her body in the harbor.

Well… words fail.

Lawrence was caught by authorities three days after the girl’s disappearance wearing a disguise in Baldwinsville, N.Y.

What was he disguised as? A human being?

But breathes there a soul with heart so black that some lawyer won’t abase himself to represent him? Nope.

Lawrence’s defense lawyer, Michael Vavonese, indicated that he would have sought a defense of extreme emotional distress or insanity.

An insanity defense is the defense attorney’s tacit admission, “I got nothin’, and in a just world my client would be swaying in the breeze already.”

His sentencing has been delayed to November, but thanks to the efforts of the estimable counselor, Mr Vavonese, Lawrence will probably be out to kill again in 2041.

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One wonders if there should have been a cluase added to the 8th amendment

, except for murder of a child.

Josey Wales

In a just world he would be used to re-enact the warehouse scene in “Law Abiding Citizen”. I do hope he leaves this plane of existence in a sufficiently horrible (under any other circumstances) fashion so he can begin suffering an eternity of unimaginable agony.


Hope that you will stop using the “Louisville Slugger” bat picture in the bat items. This was the second time for doing the same.

I have met some of the principals in that company and they are fine folks and do a lot for our local community. Donate a lot.

On another note, just down the block from the tour able bat factory is what was once named Frazier Arms Museum, now Frazier History Museum. Incredible collection of arms.

“The many items on display at the Frazier come from two different sources. The Frazier’s permanent collection comes from the personal collection of the Frazier’s Chairman, Owsley Brown Frazier, and consists mainly of firearms of 18th-20th century North America. These items alone are worth the trip for lovers of American firearms. Included are firearms and other weapons and artifacts from the Civil War era and the “Old West,” as well as rifles that belonged to Presidents Washington and Roosevelt and a bow, quiver, and arrows said to have belonged to Geronimo. These items fill the first and second floors of the museum.”


“The third floor, though, is perhaps what makes the Frazier most special. The Frazier has formed a partnership with the The Royal Armouries, Leeds, creating what has variously been called the Royal Armouries, Louisville and the Royal Armouries, USA. This unprecedented pairing has brought items from the Royal Armouries to Louisville, filling the third floor of the museum. Many fine examples of arms and armour will rotate through the Frazier, enjoying a stay of around three years, before they return to the UK. These artifacts trace the development of arms and armour from around the Battle of Hastings in 1066 to the early 20th century”.

Hognose Post author

Will take it under advisement. The “Your Name Here” was just so tempting! But I think we’re all sophisticated enough to understand that the actions of some asshat with a baseball bat do not reflect on the makers of the bat, who produce sporting equipment that has brought delight and joy to many millions. Is there any reader here who never swung a Louisville Slugger? And while a surprising number of people who read this blog have killed somebody, nobody did it with a baseball bat AFAIK.


Thanks for considering the post.

Please continue your fine blog.

I’m grateful for it.