spy_vs_spyMost of all y’all aren’t members of AFIO, which we think goes by the initials now but used to be the Association of Former Intelligence Officers. (There are ways to join if you’re not former military or government spook, also). AFIO has two great benefits, if you’re not in the National Capital Area where they have frequent high-quality meetings. (Which are a great thing, but not enough to live in that loony bin. Visiting or blogging asylums is quite sufficient, thank you very much).

The first of those two benefits are the members’ magazine, The Intelligencer, which would be worth a membership just for the book reviews, even if all the other content sucked (which it definitely doesn’t). Some of it is retreaded (now declassified) stuff from Studies in Intelligence, most of which is going to show up on CIA’s Studies public website soon enough if it hasn’t already, and some of it is kind of inside-player personnel policy stuff, but enough of it is of value for a student of espionage and unconventional warfare to make the whole thing worth it, even without the reviews.

But the second one is a weekly information- and link-dense email called the Weekly Intelligence News, or WINS. Trying to unscrew our membership access to the site this week (the administrators ultimately bestowed a temporary password, for which, thanks), we stumbled across the fact that, while current and recent WINS are members-only, 2015 and earlier ones are available to all of those who are not intelligence officers.

(Or even, intelligence officers for an adverse party. Tell Vladimir Vladimirovich that WeaponsMan says hi, and why is he wasting bullets on journalists?)

To access the 2015 and earlier WINS, use this link.


To get up to date WINS, see “membership” on the website.

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