On this, our day of national thanksgiving, we give thanks for many things:

For God and Family.

For freedom and prosperity.

For the loyalty of a dog — who sleeps a foot away from this desk, because two feet is too far — and the warmth of a good house.

For the health to shovel the snow, less than two years after acquiring a cardiologist and a bunch of junk to keep the ticker ticking.

For the cold steel of a sword, the walnut stocks of a gun, the skill to use them, and the incredible blessing of a new generation of warriors that let us sheath the sword, rack the rifle, and retire, secure in the comfort that the ramparts are watched, the enemies are confounded, the frail are protected, and the fallen are avenged.

For the good fortune that lets us cook a turkey when so many in the world may have to skip their daily rice ball.

For the humanity that makes us wish to spread the freedom to all with the will to take it up, and anon, join us in the prosperity. Turkeys for all!

And, for good friends and family, here, far, and connected only by these novelties of electronic communication.

For all these things, we give humble and unworthy thanks.


For a look at how a friendly foreign nation developed a tradition of Thanksgiving, read this article by Keith Nightingale at Small Wars Journal. Since being posted last week, it’s become one of the most popular posts at SWJ. I don’t know Nightingale, but a friend of mine speaks well of him.

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4 thoughts on “We Give Thanks


Amen, and amen!



Bill K

I would add, for a nation that despite all its faults still allows most of us to live our lives in peace, speak relatively freely, travel the breadth of a continent if we wish without papers, educate our youth in the manner which we think right should we have the fortitude to do it ourselves, and gather with others of like mind to worship in the manner we desire without fear (yet) of being boarded in and burnt to crispy critters.

And let us often give thanks that we live in the days when very few spend more than a quarter of their income on food, nor start calling for the undertaker the moment we get a serious infection. Twas not always thus, even here.

Stefan van der Borght

Amen likewise…..and also Thank You to the One and only Provider, for the hard things in life past, present and future. Thanks for not making them harder, and for giving me an ear to listen to them, in Your good time. Truly the best Teacher, knowing the student intimately and tailoring the lessons to suit.


I don’t have your email address so comments seem to be the best way to contact you. Have you written about:


Or could you? I’m actually thinking of bidding on the house since it didn’t go for US Marshall’s auction for $ 250K. Thoughts?

Also any thoughts (non general Public insight into this)?


You’re a regular read for me (almost daily).