We’ve covered Jeff’s creative electrolytic barrel processes before, but here’s a new update from him, posted on 6 March 2017.

In addition to the YouTube series — this is Jeff’s 24th update video — he’s been getting a lot of demand for assistance and even for Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM) kits. He’s set up a website at liberator12k.com — right now, there’s nothing there but a page collecting email addresses for updates. We’re signed up…

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4 thoughts on “Update on Jeff Rodriguez’s Electrochemical Machining of Homemade Barrels


Interesting. I guess you know that the Brits [may have been Canadians at Long Branch] who came up with stamped barrels for WWII Sten guns. And I’ve been working on a XXI-Century *Liberator* design for ten bucks or so using an epoxied-insert barrel liner inside a straight-bored pressure tube, avoiding chambering. I hadn’t considered etched rifling, but I’ll be giving it a good look.

Jeff Rodriguez


Missed the “k” in the OP link.

I’ll have to get round to doing some surveys before long, see what calibers people are interested in rifling.

Feel free to drop your wish list here, I’ll drop by the thread from time to time.

Hognose Post author

Thanks for catching that, Jeff, the link should be squared away now.

Jeff Rodriguez

No sweat, just reminds me I should buy both 😉

I’d love to spread this tech far and wide, so it’s good to see people dig it.

Thanks again for sharing!

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