Part of the deal with Yanukovych (the one from last Friday, that Y. immediately broke) was that the protesters would turn in their weapons. Apparently, Y’s guys flipped sides before that ever happened. No one seems to be taking gun confiscation all that seriously. Unlike, say, Connecticut, where State Police brass is itching for some test case that will let them jail all 300,000 rifle-registration scofflaws. Or shoot all 300,000 — they’re not particular.

They’ve already sent out confiscation demands to a few hundred who attempted to register but whose applications were postmarked late. Thanks for trying to comply with the law — chump. Resistance is futile.

Even the Mounties gave up on long gun registration. In the CT SP, there’s a bit of a divide between the honchos who are enthusiastic about sending the road cops out to round up the guns from the “undesirables” — yellow triangles optional — and the road cops. Most of them do not want to do this, but they will do as they’re told.

On the plus side, they will leak, so we’ll hear about it.

You know, the Final Solution began, not with the Jews and the SS, but with mentally retarded patients and units organized from regular beat cops. They thought that the Army or SS would have moral problems, and figured cops wouldn’t. Then the cops went on  to work on the Jewish Problem, as the striped-pants diplomats of Europe called it. In the Nazi revisions to the Weimar gun law, Jews and other “social undesirables,” in the ugly verbiage of an uglier ideology, were stripped of their right to self-defense.

Policemen, “Just doing their job, sir,” pulled the registration cards of “undesirables,” principally Jews, and then called at the houses in question to confiscate the guns. To “fight crime,” you see.

Registration never solves crimes, but it always enables confiscation. Confiscation never reduces crime, but it has always enabled democide. Cheerful thought, that.

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This whole CN thing has brightened my outlook. It’s easy to look at some color coded map and tell yourself all is lost east of the Appalacians, but this shows me there are still a hell of a lot of real Americans out there, quietly biding their time in the most unexpected of places. The chattering classes will blather on and on, and write more useless ideas into useless laws on paper that useful for an emergency wipe, but the real America still waits.

I just hope it finally culminates into their much deserved Big Fucking Surprise while I can still participate.

Stefan van der Borght

Yep, the Gestapo were regular cops that signed on for the additional duty. Law abiding patriots, they were. Let’s not forget that the T4 programme started with regular docs and nurses, too. That also went on to bigger things, helped of course by Public/Private Partnerships. ACA has potential far beyond crappy websites and dodgy healthcare, so you’d better keep your guns but you knew that anyway.

Bill K

So, guys, back in your pimple-faced days, when Officer Friendly used to make school appearances to extol the virtues of good citizenry with such bromides as, “Buckle your seat belts – It’s the Law!, did that ever make you ponder how reverently those words were said?

I’ve seen that “It’s the Law!” rationale trumpeted repeatedly through the years, almost uniformly by police, and it seems to tap into something in their character and motivations for wanting in to law enforcement in the first place. And the phrase is used as the terminus of all discussion, the Alpha and Omega response to questions missing answers. You’ll not be kicking that idol to the curb anytime soon.

At least we docs were more clever and dressed up our programs with the more awesome and glorious, “We’re doing Scientific Research! on our subjects.” The road less traveled that has made all the difference, you see?


So, as a citizen of the Glorious Peoples Republik of Malloyistan, I think I have a pretty good idea of what will happen..First off, I agree that there is probably a vast difference of opinion between the State Police leadership and the Leos on the road. The vast majority of Staties I have ever known or dealt with have been reasonable, reasonable intelligent, courteous and helpful. Of course, in any organization there are some exceptions. But I do believe the majority of the rank and file troopers are still a decent bunch. However, based on a couple if incidents that occured in my hometown, one of which was within 50 yards of my house, it looks like the SP’s paramilitary unit is a bunch of tacti-cool jackholes. Carbine? Check..pistol in the ever cool drop leg holster? Check…rather large “fighting” knife strapped on the vest..check and WTF?…anyways, I figure the real problem us going to come from the local PD’s, some of which have really become nothing more than groups of well paid thugs. My hometown PD has, in the last 10 years, gone from mediocre to useless to out and out hostile. Harrasment and contempt of the the public as a whole has become the norm. The population of my town has remained constant for about 20 years. Actually it has declined a bit, but by only a small percentage. However, our PD has almost tripled in size over the same period. The only effect of this has been an overall increase in harrassment of the average person. Spot checks, rude and impolite officers and worst of all, the attitude that everyone is a “scumbag” have become the routine in this town. I am sure that our local Chief will have no problem with ordering our cops to go out and arrest people for not registering their weapons. A former neighbor of mine went through the entire process of obtaining a suppressor for a .22 pistol..our Chief held up his paperwork for over a year, based on the fact that “he didnt like those things” and of course, for “officer safety”…There are of course, a few decent LEOs in the PD, but any one of them will admit to how bad our local force is, and they all seem to flee to different towns ASAP….drugs have become a major problem cop told me that the attitude amongst the leadership and majority of the department was well its never gonna stop and if they pinch one guy, somebody else will take over so why bother? And that most of our cops feel the need to have multiple snitches, so the end result is that we have a whole bunch of drug dealers that keep getting turned loose if they happen to get pinched. It took a posting on Facebook to finally get the cops to take action against a crew of dirtbags that were dealing drugs and intimidating people from a downtown barber shop. Yep, a FACEBOOK posting that got hundreds of comments directed to the Mayor. This had gone on openly, in a very public area, for almost 2 years! Finally, when a 14 year old kid was beaten up for walking by the place was something done. They assigned a few officers to foot patrol in the area. The “barber shop” shut down and the mutts vanished within 2 days. But for 2 years cops had been driving by that spot and been turning a blind eye to the goings on there. Hey, we the taxpayers are all scumbags anyway, so why should they care? These are the kind of ignorant humps that will be happy to go kick in someones door at 3 in the morning. One of my stepsons friends, a good kid who works and stays away from any kind of trouble, was pulled up in a spot check. He ends up with 3 guns pointed at him..why? Because he had a 4″ filet knife on the back seat of his car, along with the rest of his fishing gear. One of the officers told him not to move a muscle because he would of course “blow his fucking head off” and he didnt feel like having to do all that paperwork..then he said on second thought, please do move. Said and done the kid drives away with a ticket for a crack in his windshield, AND he still had his knife because one of the few officers with common sense and a knowledge of the state knife laws knew he was not in violation of them. I hate to think of what would have happened had he not been there as a supervisor. I dont know how or why the standards to qualify to be a LEO became so low, but I think its becoming obvious that that is (was) part of a larger overall plan to get a compliant group of non thinking thugs willing to do whatever they are ordered to do, with no regard for the rights of the citizen. And just as stated, thats how the Nazis did it. I find the entire situation disgusting and troubling and I have no doubt in my mind its going to get much worse (in some states) before it gets better. If it’s even possible anymore.

Mick Collins

Start the intelligence preparation of tomorrow’s battlefield, today.

Who are these cops? Where are they assigned? Photos? Home addresses?

Tyrants rely on thugs who believe they cannot be touched, legally or otherwise. Step one is removing any illusions of untouchability.


We are a long way from the Norman Rockwell cover of the cop sitting next to the young lad at the soda fountain.