Hickenlooper in Denial over Magpul, etc. Departure

Free ColoradoNational Journal’s Ron Brownstein, in an unusual dual interview with governors Mary Fallin (R-OK) and John Hickenlooper (D-CO), served up a rather obvious question, and got a remarkable answer from Colorado:

States are moving in very different directions on social issues like … gun control. Does this affect who wants to live there or locate a business there?

Fallin: Yes.

Hickenlooper: No.

via Fallin and Hickenlooper Seek Slices of Common Ground – NationalJournal.com.

It was only one “No” in a long-running interview, but it suggests that Hickenlooper is deep in denial over the economic consequences of his anti-gun extremism. At least four companies have left or announced their departure, according to government-controlled NPR:

And they were. Today, Magpul can still legally manufacture high-capacity magazines in the state, but starting July 1, it can no longer sell them here. The company says it is leaving because it disagrees with the new gun laws on philosophical grounds.

Three other companies in Colorado are following suit. Two businesses that supply Magpul say they will relocate part of their operations, while a small company that produces gun sights says it will move entirely.

The small companies they refer to are HiViz (went to Laramie, WY), Alfred Manufacturing (following MagPul, which went to Wyoming and Texas, taking 1,000 jobs out of state) and one other MagPul supplier. (The Denver Post, a cheerleader for Hickenlooper and the new law, frets that as many as a dozen injection-molding shops may follow). In addition, the Outdoor Channel and Michael Bane have pulled the plug on production in the Centennial State.

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10 thoughts on “Hickenlooper in Denial over Magpul, etc. Departure


Wyoming Bound! Yeah!


He gives a more complete answer that’s more baffling than the simple “no”…

I think for a very small group of people, it does [matter]. The real battle [is about] the cost of a house, the quality of life for their families, the public schools.

He explicitly recognizes that quality of life is a factor in people’s decision to live in a state, but doesn’t think that political meddling in social issues matters to quality of life? I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he’s not really as idiotic as he sounds, and he’s only saying idiotic sounding things because they’re less politically damaging than openly admitting the truth.

 Bill K

Agreed, AndyN. Not necessarily idiotic. For to quote Upton Sinclair, ““It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.


Known locally as Governor Wishywashy. He is a weathervane.

Tom Schultz

“Governor Wishywashy”? Sounds like a Charlie Crist for westerners.


Wonder how they’ll make up for the $85 million they are losing in tax revenue ? I guess the next thing the leftist s will do is raise taxes , but probably their other leftist buddies will get some kind of tax break . That will leave the conservatives funding the leftist state , so I guess if I could transfer to a job in a “red ” ,state and move my family , that is if I lived in Kolorado to begin with , I would probably already be gone and not paying taxes to a leftist state . In the end these states with leftist leaning state governments , will not survive , they will fall apart due to too many social programs with no money backing them ! Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.


Unfortunately, marijuana taxes are coming in by the bushel full here which are likely making up for the taxes lost as the gun supply folks leave. Hickenloopy could probably care less that they have left. Vermont is the Granite State, while Colorado is now the Stoner State. Hickenloopies legacy.

However remember that two State senators were recalled due to their gun control efforts and a third resigned before being recalled. It was a major deal here and it has the gun control supporters in the government scared big time. Hick is not doing all that great in the polls so I am hoping a good Tea Party type candidate steps up to the plate as I think he is vulnerable. The same is true of our US Senator Udall (D), who now has a good challenger. It will be a nasty fight but hopefully with a win for our side.

Hognose Post author

Vermont is the Green Mountain state. The Granite State is NH. We’ll give ya Stoner State for Colorado. The late John Denver even provided the official state song!


Off topic, but I would like to thank you for putting me on to “Stolen Valor”. Good book. I’ve only had one regret/bitterness for being in Nam and that was/is the way we were treated upon coming home and the way we have been depicted. Stolen Valor lays it out with a vengeance. We must be vigilant that we do not let the anti-war folks, fakers, and “victim” advocates do it again to our troops – ever.


You said “meddling in social issues.” It’s more accurate to say meddling in constitutional issues. anti constitutional issues….