AZ Central covers a TSA Cover-up Investigation. Not the kind of cover up that Napolitano’s Ninja Numbnutses were really looking for.

Short version: a senior TSA manager, whose identity they’re still keeping secret, blundered into a security checkpoint with his (loaded) gun still in his briefcase. (Wait. Who said these clowns were supposed to have guns?)

The alert screener caught the gun for once, which led to a great panic, because following procedure would have embarrassed an agency mandarin, and we can’t be having any of that. So, instead, the managers at this particular site bundled Mr Secret Identity Mandarin and his gun and his briefcase clandestinely out of the airport, and covered it all up.

Until some non-team-player spilled the beans, and the media got the damning video. The two corrupt managers received three- and five-day “suspension” vacations, and then were promoted. There have been no consequences at all for the mandarin. It’s just one more instantiation of the general rule that the agency is corrupt and rotten from top to bottom and at all points in between.

However, the TSA’s and DHS’s payroll patriots are hard at work trying to root out one threat to the American public: you got it, the whistleblower who dared to tell the press there was a security video.

This is far from the only example of TSA misconduct, or really, just plain typical TSA conduct, recently.

They maintain a laughable Internet presence, in the form of a pseudonymous “Blogger Bob” whose real name, as a member of the peeping, groping, stealing, obstructing gang of skymall ninjas, is a national secret. It is not just his name that is reminiscent of Iraqi propagandist “Baghdad Bob,” it’s his whole gestalt. As a PR hack, a profession that puts up a remarkably low bar, the TSA’s guy is a wretched failure. As befits his organization.

The TSA are a terrible embarrassment. None of them is intelligent. None of them is a good or moral person. On the rare occasion when one of them is not actually a pervert or thief, he instead is covering up the misconduct of the perverts and thieves.   They’re an enormous drain on the economy, for which the benefit they provide is zero at maximum.

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