Bill Jordan, US Border Patrol, circa 1965.

A surge of “refugee” claimants flocking to the United States and planning to arrive today or later are in for an unpleasant surprise: lock-up and a ticket home. The Obama Administration had promised free admission to anyone claiming to be a “refugee,” especially moslems, but the Trump Administration has reversed that policy — All Astern Full.

Federal agencies are scrambling to show President Trump that they can and will comply with his executive orders. In the case of the “extreme vetting” order that pauses new migration from citizens of seven war-torn or terror-sponsoring Middle East and African nations, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents are starting today. Their managers have given a heads-up to other affected agencies.

The CBP plan is to detain all travelers from these seven countries that are traveling on:

  1. a first-time immigrant visa;
  2. a non-immigrant visa (such as H1B workers, or M1 students); or,
  3. an application for refugee status.

These travelers will be denied entry to the United States and returned to their nations of origin; until they can be returned they will be detained, not release with a “not-likely slip” for a later appearance.

This is not deportation (of a previously admitted immigrant or traveler) or removal (of an illegal alien), procedures that give the individual extensive rights to contest the action in court. It’s denial of entry, and the denied person can’t get his foot in the courthouse door.

Previously admitted immigrants (green card holders) who have been traveling will be allowed to return to the United States. Persons previously granted final refugee status will be admitted, but the last Administration had treated a refugee application, however dodgy, as equivalent to a final determination of refugee status.

We are talking about a non-trivial amount of people here. Today, major international airports receive dozens, scores, and in the largest cases, hundreds, of such travelers daily. Past practice was to give ’em a no-show date and let ’em go, a practice that has been exploited by criminals and terrorists.

If you’re a CBP guy or gal, you’re going to get sick of winning… in the form of overtime. If you’re another Fed or local agency, you might just be asked to help CBP out, so keep your powder dry.

Why did we use a picture of the late Bill Jordan? Dunno. Seems like his spirit is watching over this whole enterprise, and this great land of ours.


This post has been corrected: our original breakout of the acronym CBP was incorrect, it’s Border Protection, not Border Patrol. (The Border Patrol is one of many agencies within CBP).

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34 thoughts on “Breaking: Today’s “Refugees” Being Detained


Dear Lord grant us that some crazy over entitled slice of Islam now declares war on the USA over not being free to colonize and rule over America.


Sort of war zerohype has reporting of large Unruly crowds at JFK and Ohare


Was inspired to post this as a tie-in to your photo of Bill Jordan. In the first photo, he is seated, fourth from the left.

For those who have not been to this site, here is the home page.

Sadly, Major Culver has passed on. Gladly, he has left behind a wealth of first hand observations of what is now history. Here is one example—


I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Jordan at an NRA convention many moons ago. What an impressive man!

Raoul Duke

Wow… the Rule of Law will prevail again, on a federal level?

It’s about damned time.

I’ve had this argument/discussion with dems/leftists/moderates- the bottom line is that, whether you agree with the laws on the books, what separates us from banana republics and kleptocracies is the notion that they will be fairly and equitably applied. Or, at least as fair as any system designed and run by mortal man can be.

When we swerve away from the Rule of Law into cults of personality and “people’s revolutions”, that road leads to the firing squads and the gas chambers, sooner or later.


22 years as an INS agent. My last District Director, a friend and a good man, was ridden out on a rail for insisting that arriving aliens be actually scrutinized prior to admittance. After much squalling by politicians, including congressmen, he was eased into retirement (or else). His crime was to take his oath of office seriously and to be ahead of his time.

I am not a rabid Trump fan, but his willingness to listen to deplorable and put his country first gets my support.

My father started in the Border Patrol in 1940. The “Old Patrol”.


I almost cried tears of joy.

This is how an actual country, one run by grown-ups, behaves.


Same here mate, even though I’m a Damn Furriner myself! I can’t begin to express how happy I am that this is happening. As I’ve stated here quite a few times, I have close connections to the USA, and seeing what was happening to your great country under the direction of the ridiculous Barack Obama filled me with sadness. What great times these are!

And as for Mr Jordan…I’m a long time admirer and have his book. What a giant of a man, both physically and morally. That Model 19 looks like a kids toy in his huge hand. Hognose couldn’t have picked a more appropriate image for this post.

Bless y’all.

John Distai

You shoe horses? Oh wait, you said “FurriNer”, not “Furrier”.

Grumpy Old Fart

Step in the right direction, for sure. Too bad, terrorists from Saudi Arabia killed more Americans on American soil to date than all terrorists from these seven countries combined.


While I’m here, does anybody have any links to footage of Bill Jordan shooting? I’ve looked, but my Googe-Fu was weak…


Ohh…thanks so much mate. Jordan *and* McGivern!!!.. You’ve made my day..I really appreciate it.

Steve M.

On January 20, 2017, I actually saw fireworks in the night sky. They weren’t professional grade, probably just a mortar with enough umph to get the show 100 feet in the air. I think that guy was on to something.

I’m not rabid fan of President Trump, but I’m rooting for him with all my heart.

It even felt good just to type President Trump. Seven countries….it’s a start.

bobby b

The press is doing everything they can do to project this as a horrible humanitarian crisis precipitated by the heartless troll Trump. We’re seeing so many pictures of sweet little babies crying in airports and border crossings that I may contract diabetes if I don’t step away from the computer.

Every big media outlet, blog, opinion column, news show, and (I’m guessing) gay porn site is laying it on thick that Trump is an evil, foul, racist hater of women and children and transsexuals and bunnies, and that THIS CAN NOT STAND!

But, amusingly enough, if you read the comments sections of all of these sites, (not counting the NYT, of course), the most common sentiment is “finally!” These writers must absolutely hate their own readers on days like this.

(One problem has popped up – someone included Green Card holders in the orders, which is incorrect. But I’m betting that gets corrected quickly.)

Hognose Post author

The Times hates its readers every day, which is why every day they have fewer to hate.

The Atheist Criminal Lovers Union did find a lefty NYC judge to issue a stay of the order.

bobby b

And this is why it was so important when Obama packed the Circuit Court of Appeals in D.C. with three D appointments at once.

That’s the court that will normally hear the final appeal for cases arising out of executive orders. That’s the Appeals Court that will hear challenges to the stay of Trump’s immigration order, plus all of the other cases that will be brought in relation to Trump’s orders for four or more years.

You can sort of guess which way it’ll go.

bobby b

The good news is, the stay only effects a hundred or so people who had already landed in the country when the order went into effect. The order keeps us from putting them back on planes and sending them home.

We’ll still be refusing to let people board planes that are heading here from the seven listed countries.

So, cheers are still in order.

Hognose Post author

With 100 of them, if the courts force them to be admitted, we’re probably only getting 10 actual terrorists or enemy agents. The other 90 are just lifelong welfare sinks.


I’m pretty rusty on the current immigration laws, having been out of the business quite a while now-not to mention that the whole topic was pretty depressing until the election returns came in. I’m going to do some remedial catch-up work, just because. But I seem to remember that when it comes to immigration law, the country can do damn near anything it wants, as long as it’s consonant with existing law and “due process” is followed. Aliens seeking entry basically have NO “right” to enter, period. Issuance of a visa overseas guarantees NOTHING; it just gets you on an airplane so you can apply for admission. Now, once IN the US, legally or illegally, they have constitutional/due process rights. Also, bear in mind that much of immigration law is administrative law; some things are indeed criminal (including illegal entry, if someone wants to prosecute for it). The existing immigration law has a lot of teeth in it IF political leaders have the spine to actually enforce it. Obviously, that hasn’t been the case for about, say, half a lifetime. All the demand for “comprehensive” reform is just code for “give our favored group everything we want, NOW”.

Oh, yeah-fraud and abuse are rampant. Then and now.

Hognose Post author

Funny, that is almost word for word what a serving SA told me yesterday.


Big picture, long overdue. But if we’re shutting out former interpreters from SIVs and letting in Saudis that’s the height of either ineptitude or cynicism.


Tactics pehaps?

The “seven” are immediately defensible as “infested with terrorists” versus simply “muslim”.

As new events occur, and this is certainty, more countries go on the list. There is thus an avoidance of a legally-problimatic “muslim ban” in favor of a quite-reasonable “terrorist infested” ban.

Anyone at the top of the business world, or any other form of systemized competition, knows how to “game the system”. I suspect President Trump has figured out a strategy for this topic that will a) ultimately survive SCOTUS and b) make a number of opposing heads explode in apoplexy.


I’m not surprised the Progressives/Cosmos/Tranzis have mobilized there fellow travelers in the MSM and else where to fight this sense it goes against pretty much everything they stand for.

Good. You go President Trump.

Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

Frank Laucher

Hi Hognose – writing from Canada and have referenced your ‘Breaking: Today’s “Refugees” Being Detained’ article in an argument re: who is actually being detained vs media hysteria and mis-information.

Could you give me the link to the CBP plan re: those being denied entry as falling under first-time immigrant visas, ; non-immigrant visa (such as H1B workers, or M1 students); or applications for refugee status. Would I find that on the CBF web site?



Hognose Post author

It came from an email from the CBP director to other DHS agencies. The details were conveyed to me but not the actual email.


I gather that the seven countries initially placed on the somewhat strange list (plus Syria) were originally designated as problematic somehow by the Obama administration. Marvellous tactics by Trump.

Hognose Post author

That is correct. The nations on the list are all known to harbor, train and sponsor Islamic terrorists:

1. Iran, the world’s number one sponsor of Islamic terrorism worldwide;

2. Iraq, torn by an Islamic civil war;

3. Libya, torn by an Islamic civil war;

4. Somalia, torn by an Islamic civil war;

5. Sudan, torn by an Islamic civil war;

6. Syria, torn by an Islamic civil war;

7. Yemen, torn by an Islamic civil war;

The critics, the press, and the Democrats (but we threepeat ourselves) are outwaged and Senator Chuck Schumer, a man whose soul holds only greed and lust for power, is in literal tears.

This weekend a SEAL was killed fighting al-Qaeda in Yemen, and Schumer’s tears are for the guys who killed him.

Nathan Gambino

Minor Nit- CBP is Customs and Border Protection. BP is Border Patrol, they work the line and wear green and trained in Artesia. The guys at the ports in the blue uniforms are CBP-Office of Field Operations and they trained in Glynco.

I know, I know, but when I hear the MSM refer to CBP as Customs and Border Patrol, it makes me cringe.

Hognose Post author

I make a habit of never crossing a member of the Gambino family. I’ll make the correction.

Andrew Phillips

“This is not deportation (of a previously admitted immigrant or traveler) or removal (of an illegal alien), procedures that give the individual extensive rights to contest the action in court. It’s denial of entry, and the denied person can’t get his foot in the courthouse door.”

But they did, in New York. Is this a dead letter?

Hognose Post author

Nope. Good job of venue and judge shopping by the ACLU though, they got it to one of their own. If they delay it too much in courts, they get a statutory version that the immigration lawyers really won’t like.