Geez, look at how the cops talk about this guy. “Suspected Aryan Brotherhood member.” And they say they think he’s a “member of the white supremacist Aryan Brotherhood.” They’re “working to confirm it.”

Gee whiz. Well, take a look at this angel, who showed up in the local fishwrap after threatening to burn his mom’s house down. (Yes, really):


We don’t know about you, but looking at his face, we had to go check our tackle box for missing lures and spinners. (Nope, we’ve got all our fishing tackle, that’s somebody else’s adorning Herr Unter-runter-führer’s fugly mug). We don’t know where anyone would get the idea he’s in the Aryan Brotherhood, a prison gang fond of Nazi symbology and posturing. You?

OK, well, apart from the three AB tats showing in the mugshot. They do seem to hint that he’s either onboard with them, or very disrespectful of their copyrights.

Story follows.

Suspected Aryan Brotherhood member Stephen Sanders pleaded not guilty to resisting arrest and criminal mischief at his probable cause hearing Jan. 15.

Sanders, of 16 Lita Lane in Newmarket, offered no plea on two counts of criminal threatening. According to court records those counts were dismissed by Judge David LeFrancois.

According to an affidavit signed by Officer Wayne Stevens, on Jan. 8, Sanders’ mother came to the police station telling officers that she had ordered Sanders to move out of her house. He reportedly came angry, telling his mother that “he would have his Aryan brothers burn her house down.”

Sanders also alleged that her son had threatened to stab another family member with a large kitchen knife.

Sgt. Jeremy Hankin responded to the Lita Lane address with the intention of arresting Sanders based on his mother’s information. Hankin and two other officers found Sanders sitting in his vehicle, police said. When asked to step out of the vehicle, Sanders initially refused, but then complied, police said.

Sanders argued with the officers after they informed him that he was under arrest for criminal threatening. Eventually Sanders was subdued on the ground and tasered, according to police.

Sanders is currently in Rockingham County Jail awaiting a trial management conference on Feb. 3.

When reached for comment on Tuesday, Lt. Jeff Simes said police believe Sanders is a member of the white supremacist Aryan Brotherhood and are working to confirm it.

via Alleged Aryan Brotherhood member pleads not guilty – News – – Portsmouth, NH.

We’d just sum up by saying, there is nothing more pathetic than an American seeking to portray himself as a Nazi, the most thoroughly discredited identity since the Romans salted the fields of Carthage and destroyed the human-sacrifice temples of Baal (temples that perfectly prefigured the National Socialist regime’s Final Solution). By the summer of ’45 every Nazi from Ferdinand Porsche to Rudolf Hess was denying he had ever really been on board with the program — so where do these chuckleheads who want to join up with in now come from?

American Nazis. Lord love a duck. Although, we’d grant than an American seeking to play Communist is just about the same pathetic thing.

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14 thoughts on “They’re Saying this guy is Aryan Brotherhood, How Come?


It’s an LE thing. Everything is “alleged” to have happened or someone is “suspected” of this or that. “Investigation has revealed ties with…” Etc, etc.


“Quite” a few years ago a body was found floating face down in a smaller river that for part of the way is the dividing line between the county to the south.

The Sheriff of that county stated to the newzmongerz that the death was ‘believed to be of a suspicious nature’.

The next day the cause of death was broadcast as several large caliber bullet holes in the the deceased.

Personally I had no suspicions at all at the cause of death.


From Ambrose Bierce:

I’ve always considered Ambrose Bierce a master of precision with the English language. His works are a joy to read because every single word brings sharper contrast to the story. His prose is high definition. For your reading enjoyment, here is a link to the book this came from:


Looks like incorrectly used the html quote thingy. Here’s the quote:

“Alleged. “The alleged murderer.” One can allege a murder, but not a murderer; a crime, but not a criminal. A man that is merely suspected of crime would not, in any case, be an alleged criminal, for an allegation is a definite and positive statement. In their tiresome addiction to this use of alleged, the newspapers, though having mainly in mind the danger of libel suits, can urge in further justification the lack of any other single word that exactly expresses their meaning; but the fact that a mud-puddle supplies the shortest route is not a compelling reason for walking through it. One can go around. “

Hognose Post author

Hey, I’m not the po-po, the prosecutor, the court, or the local fishwrap. I look at the assclown and his neo-nazi body mods and say, “He is Aryan Nations.” That’s the message he’s trying to send. If the AN doesn’t claim him as a member, they probably have ways of dealing with their wannabes.

And just think about that. An Aryan Nations member is about as pathetic as humanity gets, but there are actually guys who are more pathetic than that: they can’t meet the rock-bottom standard, so they pretend. That’s pathetic, squared.

William O. B’Livion

I doubt that groups like the AB/AN have intellectual property lawyers on retainer to deal with people violating their copyright.

Belt sanders are a much cheaper and more direct method.

Orbital sanders would work took but the blood spray is more of a problem.


He is an adult living with his mother. Says it all.

Christopher Hunt

The Blues Brothers knew how to deal with American Nazis.


I hate Illinois Nazis…


By the summer of ’45 every Nazi from Ferdinand Porsche to Rudolf Hess was denying he had ever really been on board with the program

That’s hyperbole. There was a number of unrepentant Nazis,generally the ones who ended up in South America or Spain. For example Skorzeny, or Rudel. These are just the famous ones I can think of, but I’m pretty sure there were more.

Tom Stone

Quite a few unrepentant Nazi’s ended up in the USA. “Operation Paperclip” was not minor.


Yeah, but those kept their mouths shut and their opinions private.


It’s more about the person’s perceived personal badassness while looking at himself in the mirror more than being a NAZI/Aryan Bro.