That was the week that was TW3We’re now three for five on TW3s for 2015. We’ve been a little late posting them.

It’s hard to get real excited about these. The one thing we do like about them, however, is that they give posts from earlier in the week a second chance to be seen.

Generally, the life of a blog post is nasty, brutish, solitary and short, so if anything can give one of these posts legs, we’re all in favor.

The Boring Statistics

This week saw a decline in posts compared to last. We posted only 21 posts and 17,000 words, down from 27 posts and about 20,000 words. Comments have been 212 so far; it’s a mere number but we seem to think that if we break 200 comments, we have a community going. A conceit, perhaps, of ours. Mean and median post length were 784 and 800, compared to last week’s 730 and 655 respectively. As we noted last week, the mean close to the median suggests only that the posts were fairly balanced in lengths — long posts had offsetting short ones, and vice versa. We have, at least temporarily, stopped tracking tail-of-the-distribution (very long and very short) posts as we did last year… we didn’t get enough knowledge for the effort.


We have had 212 comments as of press time, up from last week’s 193 (which doesn’t seem to match what we said we had last week. Er, data collection). The most commented post was the criticism of Jesse James’s vaporware laws-of-thermodynamics-violatin’ suppressor, You Can Tell He’s Lyin’, ‘Cause His Lips Are Movin’ with 22.

The Week in Posts

Here’s the recap of our posts for this week The links may not be live till later, maybe even tomorrow:

About that Airplane…

We’ve spent a few more hours match-drilling and finish-drilling parts, test-cleco’ing assemblies together, and reorganizing things in the workshop. For example, we had bench tools sitting on stands because the stands’ bolt holes didn’t match the grinders’ and sanders’ holes. With a plate of MDF and carriage bolts, the stuff’s all bolted solidly in place, and all the finishing machines (bench grinder with grinding and Scotchbrite wheels, tool grinder with fine grinding and polishing wheels, and disc/belt sander) on a single master power switch so that their own on/off switches are not hot unless we’re planning to use one or more of them. The Scotchbrite wheel is a thing of beauty where we have rough-cut edges needing sharp edges, little nibs, and stress risers removed.

The coolest thing has been involving the kids in the project. Blogbrother’s kids are meh on gun building, so this is their first time working with metal. Kid, of course, finds it as cool as AR building (and when are we going to do an AK?, he wants to know).

Going Forward

No promises, just gun fun with the guys and gals. Sound good? Be there!

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Read your comments countersinking problem. Are you getting chatter? If so you re likely using a multi flute tool, use single flute. Spindle speed is critical, you must use lowest RPM possible on drillpress. Always use a drop off oil.