This is a screencap of a real tweet (we dunno how to embed the actual tweet) from the network once known as the History Channel.


Is there anything that stinks more than TV? The guys who claim to be history experts can’t even nail down a major event within two centuries.

And… “colonist” troops? Well, who else was available to fight against the Dynamic Duo of British Imperialism, King George III and Lady Thatcher?

We probably shouldn’t be so shocked. Civics education these days means twelve years of iterative exposure to the same single shallow lesson about the Greatest American Ever, His Excellency Field Marshal Grand Exalted Luminescence Martin Luther King. So maybe the writers for the network are twenty-somethings, whose brains can be expected to be filled with mush. That would explain why they don’t know what happened in the Revolutionary War, what the armies engaged were called, or, well, much of anything about anything.

One of the many people who tweeted a response to the still-uncorrected, brain-dead Valley Forge tweet, Katie Warchol, made a plausible excuse for the History Channel: “Clearly, an intern wrote this.”

Great Googly Moogly, have you watched the channel, Katie? An intern writes all of it. And they’ve been doing their part in the hiring of the (mentally) handicapped. There’s no other explanation for some self-esteem snowflake arriving at the exit of grade school without a firm grasp on the significance (and timing) of Valley Forge.

The empty-headed bozos at the History Channel might be out of their depth writing about, you know, history. But hey, they can make them some UFO videos.

Maybe they should try making a “histology channel” or something. Because they’re certainly a rolling cluster*&^% as a History Channel.

Tune in next week when the History Channel explores the English Civil War, featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Phillips Heads.

Did we mention that TV basically sucks?

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14 thoughts on “That Carter has a lot to answer for

Martin S

Its gotten so bad you allmost miss the days when it is was basically the Hitler channel/nazis channel

Wyoming (Bound now here, YIPPEE!)

Gave up TV years ago although I do miss the sports (sometimes, if I’m bored).

The “factual” channels are now just a drivel of reality programming.


Weelllll… there were Hessian mercenaries at Valley Forge. Actually, lots of Germans participated in the American Revolution, most on the colonists’ side, some for King George.

However, I doubt theyknew that.


group-entitlement hiring. You axe a question, you get an anser

Dyspeptic Gunsmith

The only recourse I’ve found that works on situations like this it to humiliate the offending moron.

They have a surfeit of self-esteem, these twerps. What they don’t have is actual knowledge and reasoning abilities.

When I run into one of these special snowflakes and they make a mistake like this, I take after them with a fury – so much so that my wife has to restrain me.


Turning the HC into the Hitler Channel was easy, the krauts filmed everything and there is your source material on the cheap.

As for the kids, they need a loving slap, just realize that they probably are first fully Bernayzed generation, fully propagandized from birth by the collectivist left. The good news the propaganda rhetoric is but a shell that can be pierced and once it is pierced you have a clear shot for the strategic high ground.

One of the features I like about this blog is WM’s interaction with “The Kid” because it sure as hell beats reading about some cranky old reactionary shaking his cane at the kids, which is all too common.

Cranky Old dude

I used to watch HC, finding I could average about 4 minutes before they said something incredibly stupid.

The final act for me was a program about the Kalifornia gold rush in which they told me that many people from the east coast got to the diggings by way of the Panama Canal!

Self esteem is one of those made-up things like Social Justice. Esteem is what others hold you in-or not. They have confused it with self-respect, of which they have a lack.

Hognose Post author

I think that program was “Theodore Roosevelt, Time Traveller”!


I got married a couple of years ago. Up until that point, I hadn’t owned a TV for quite a few years. Before that all I ever really watched was hockey and the weather channel. My wife and stepkids still cant understand why I would rather sit and stare out the window into the woods than consume the mindless babble that flows out of the idiot box. But to each their own I guess.


The reason why Nazi stuff is easy is that the Germans filmed loads of material which was seized by the USA at the end of the war and is therefore available for minimal cost, research and rights.

The basic problem of TV documentaries is that they are made by people whose job is to tell a story in 45 minutes, not by historians, and for a pittance to boot (US TV especially has minimal budgets for factual).

Very few people in TV know anything about the subjects they make their films on (especially as their next programme will often be totally different) and sadly many don’t bother to even learn. The organisations they make them for are also usually staffed be people who know nothing and therefore don’t realise.

An actual quote (second hand) by an executive for a major US channel: “Since I got this job [commissioning historical documentaries] I’ve started reading history…and some of it’s really interesting!”

It’s just as depressing working in the industry as it is watching them.


Hey History Channel – I was never a colonial soldier, but I actually WAS at Valley Forge in 1977. I remember it clearly, because it was the year after the bicentennial, when Valley Forge became a national park instead of state-owned. Seriously, I grew up there. The national park was my virtual backyard. I probably did have some rice that winter, but definitely sans vinegar.

Happy to be interviewed about the brutal winter of 1977, when in addition to rice-without-vinegar, us kids were forced to pilfer beer from the unlocked garages of unsuspecting neighbors, because we were too young to buy it legal-like. At least it was cold.


Red Letter Media’s Plinkett reviews used a running joke where Plinkett would condescendingly say stuff like, “They had a war about this back in 1941… you may have heard of it… a little something called THE FRENCH REVOLUTION.”

The History Channel demonstrates anew why parody is such a tough business today.

Hognose Post author

We can’t just give up. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?