Troubleshooting Common Taurus GX4 Problems: Practical Fixes

Consider this: You’ve chosen a Taurus GX4 for self-defense or sport shooting, entrusting your safety and performance to this compact firearm. But what happens when the trusty tool begins to show signs of Taurus GX4 problems? From firing pin maladies to trigger tribulations, these concerns can send a shiver down any owner’s spine. But fear not, for knowledge is power, and understanding these issues is the first step toward resolution.

Key Takeaways

  • Unveil common issues with the Taurus GX4, such as a faulty firing pin and trigger mechanism.

  • Identify solutions to address these problems, from cleaning/lubricating parts to seeking professional assistance or warranty coverage.

  • Understand preventative measures for maintenance and explore other Taurus models available on the market.

Unveiling the Taurus GX4 Issues: From Firing Pin to Trigger Troubles

The Taurus GX4, often used for self-defense, is known to have several problems that can affect the user’s experience. Some of these problems include:

  • The firing pin, the heart of the firearm, has been a cause for concern. Reports have surfaced about the firing pin breaking after approximately 1,500 rounds, leading to trigger reset issues.

  • The trigger pull weight is inconsistent, with some users reporting a heavy and gritty trigger pull.

  • The slide stop lever has been known to break or malfunction, causing issues with slide lock and release.

When the line between safety and danger is defined by a trigger pull, concerns about concealed carry are far from trivial.

The GX4 trigger safety has been designed to be the key safety feature. It prevents the gun from firing by ensuring that the trigger is fully depressed. However, the reality can be grim, with reports of a ‘dead trigger’ where the safety fails to disengage properly. Instances of a breaking trigger have been reported. It is further mentioned that these breaks have a hang-fire delay..

The problems with the trigger and firing pin can be challenging, especially considering that this gun is designed for self-defense. The reliability of the Taurus GX4, its ability to fire when needed most, can be compromised due to these issues. But, as with any problem, understanding is the first step towards finding a solution.

We will now examine the firing pin and trigger issues, including the trigger reset issue, in more depth, discussing their consequences, causes, and potential solutions.

The Firing Pin Quandary: Misfires and Maintenance

The firing pin plays a significant role in a firearm, as it strikes the primer and ignites the propellant. But with the Taurus GX4, the firing pin has been a source of trouble. The oblong firing pin channel can lead to primer flow, resulting in light primer strikes or failure to fire, a dilemma for any shooter.

Many factors can lead to firing pin issues beyond the firearm’s original design. Some common causes include:

  • Improper maintenance

  • Use of faulty ammunition

  • Dirty or corroded firing pin channel

  • Inadequate lubrication

  • Damage to the firing pin spring

These factors can make a bad situation worse.

Addressing these issues necessitates care and precision. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Unload the firearm.

  2. Follow the manufacturer’s disassembly instructions.

  3. Inspect the firing pin for wear or damage.

  4. Clean the firing pin channel meticulously.

  5. Check the firing pin spring.

  6. Ensure proper lubrication.

Frequent inspections and proper upkeep can ensure this reliable firearm will function properly and prevent it from misfiring.

Trigger Mechanism Woes: Pull and Reset

Taurus GX4 trigger issue

The trigger mechanism is another area where the Taurus GX4 has shown some kinks. Owners have reported heavy, gritty, or sticky trigger pulls, inconsistent pull weights, and delays in the trigger assembly that can affect the firearm’s reliability.

Addressing these trigger mechanism issues requires a systematic approach. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start by cleaning and lubricating the trigger mechanism.

  2. Consider replacing parts like the trigger return spring or sear.

  3. If you’re unsure or need more help, seek assistance from a professional gunsmith for inspection and servicing of the firearm.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to submit the firearm for warranty coverage. While it may be frustrating to have a ‘dead trigger’, remember that every problem has a solution.

Navigating Slide and Extractor Complications

After discussing the trigger and firing pin, we will now focus on the problems with the slide and extractor. The Taurus GX4 has frequently shown slide issues resulting in the slide failing to remain open after the last round or locking open when rounds are still present in the magazine. An improper extractor function can lead to failed ejection or loading of cartridges.

Failure To Feed, when a cartridge fails to enter the chamber, can be resolved by adjusting the loading technique, cleaning the magazine, and ensuring the use of quality ammunition. On the other hand, Failure to Eject, often due to a dirty barrel or weak ammo, can be fixed by cleaning the weapon and replacing the recoil spring if necessary.

Specific types of ammunition have also been linked to extractor issues, including failed cartridge extraction, leading to delayed firing. To resolve this, it’s important to identify the underlying cause, which may be related to the type of ammunition used. Using compatible, high-quality ammunition and ensuring the extractor is clean and in good condition can keep these issues at bay.

Slide Glitches: Feeding and Ejection Failures

Taurus GX4 extractor close up common issue

The slide of the Taurus GX4 aids in the firearm’s cycling, feeding, and ejection of ammunition. But, slide glitches can lead to serious feeding failures. Common causes include limpwristing, magazine not fully inserted, and issues with the slide such as failure to return to battery or failure to feed rounds into the chamber.

Furthermore, malfunctions related to the slide lock include failure to engage properly or failure to stay open after the last round. These malfunctions can lead to the slide failing to lock open after the last round or locking open when rounds are still available in the magazine, causing confusion and delays in reloading.

Extractor Spring Snags: Ensuring Proper Ejection

The extractor, a small piece playing a vital role in the firearm’s operation, can cause big trouble if it malfunctions. The extractor removes the spent cartridge from the chamber, ensuring the smooth cycling of the next round.

A worn or damaged extractor spring can lead to malfunctions, suggesting the need for replacement. This can lead to a variety of issues that may impact the shooter’s experience.

To rectify problems with the extractor spring, it might be necessary to replace the spring itself or the entire extractor. This ensures that the Taurus GX4 is operational when it matters most.

Addressing Safety Concerns: Taurus GX4 Recall Details

Safety is of utmost importance in any firearm, including the Taurus GX4. A recall was issued due to the potential risk of accidental discharge when the pistol is dropped, a significant concern that led the manufacturer to take action.

The recall issue means the pistol may discharge when dropped, posing a significant safety risk that could result in injury or death to the user or others nearby. To ensure safety, Taurus GX4 owners are advised to visit the Taurus website and check if their firearm is impacted by the recall using the provided tool.

In light of the recall, Taurus has taken action by:

  • Issuing a safety recall notice

  • Conducting inspections and repairs

  • Returning the impacted pistols to their owners without any cost

  • Prioritizing firearm safety

Sight Adjustments and Accuracy Tips

Accuracy is fundamental to any firearm, including the Taurus GX4. However, issues with the sights can affect accuracy. The front sight sometimes detaches and the rear sight tends to drift away from its proper position.

Correcting misaligned sights involves using a sight adjustment tool to make the necessary adjustments until the sights are properly aligned.

Enhancing shooting accuracy with the Taurus GX4 involves:

  • Becoming accustomed to the heavy and deliberate trigger

  • Developing a consistent grip and draw stroke

  • Practicing a stable stance

  • Participating in drills and training exercises known to enhance handgun accuracy.

Maintaining Your Taurus GX4: Preventative Measures

Cleaning kit for pistol

Regular maintenance is necessary for the smooth operation of your Taurus GX4. The firearm should ideally be cleaned after each use, following recommended procedures such as field stripping and using specific tools to clean various parts for optimal performance.

Essential equipment for maintaining a Taurus GX4 includes a Hoppe’s BoreSnake, soft cloth, Tipton Power Swabs, cleaning brush, patches, brass brush, and a flat-head screwdriver for disassembly.

Lubricants such as Mobile 1 Synthetic Motor Oil are recommended for the Taurus GX4, promoting smooth operation and leaving minimal residue. The Taurus GX4 may require consistent care and upkeep for specific components like the extractor and firing elements; these worn parts may require periodic replacement.

Alternatives to Consider: Exploring Other Taurus Models

If the Taurus GX4 doesn’t meet your needs, there are numerous other Taurus models available for consideration. The Taurus Tracker 44 Magnum, the Taurus Curve, and the Taurus 692 are notable alternatives to consider.

The Taurus Tracker 44 Magnum features:

  • Four-inch ported barrel

  • Weight of 35 ounces when empty

  • Height of 5.3 inches

  • Overall length of nine inches

  • Width of 1.6 inches

These specifications showcase its robust and specially designed revolver construction.

The Taurus Curve and Taurus GX4 have variations in dimensions and specifications. For a comprehensive assessment of their performance, individuals can consult online resources that provide thorough analysis and side-by-side specifications review.

The Taurus 692, one of the popular Taurus guns, has received favorable feedback from firearm experts for its versatility, durability, and precision. This impressive firearm is a product of Taurus International Manufacturing, known for their commitment to quality and innovation.


We’ve journeyed through the intricate world of the Taurus GX4, uncovering its common issues, from firing pin woes to trigger troubles and slide complications. We’ve dissected these problems, understanding their causes, implications, and potential fixes. And we’ve also discussed preventive measures, sight adjustments, and alternative Taurus models to consider.

In the end, the key to overcoming these issues is understanding them. Knowledge is power, and with the information provided, you’re well-equipped to tackle any Taurus GX4 issue that comes your way. Remember, every problem has a solution, and every solution starts with understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recall on the Taurus GX4?

A recall has been issued for certain GX4 pistols assembled and sold only in the United States due to potential accidental discharges when dropped. The recall affects GX4 pistols listed and owners should unload and stop using them immediately for their safety.

What is the Taurus GX4 trigger problem?

The Taurus GX4 has an inconsistent trigger pull weight issue which can cause shots to vary significantly, making accuracy difficult and shooting experience frustrating. This can discourage users from relying on the pistol for self-defense or other purposes.

Where is the Taurus GX4 manufactured?

The Taurus GX4 is assembled in the United States after components are manufactured in Brazil.

What are the common issues with the Taurus GX4?

The Taurus GX4 is known to have common issues with its firing pin, trigger, slide and extractor, and sights.

How can I address the firing pin issues in the Taurus GX4?

To address firing pin issues in the Taurus GX4, unload the firearm, follow the manufacturer’s disassembly instructions, inspect the firing pin for wear or damage, clean the firing pin channel, check the firing pin spring, and ensure proper lubrication.

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