Good luck figuring this one out. But it seems like one suspect shot her boyfriend, the other suspect; then a deputy shot the lady crook. Bonnie and Clyde both went to the hospital, but they have a date — not with each other, but separate ones with the court system.

BLISS – A Colorado man who was apparently shot by his girlfriend, who was then shot by Gooding County deputies, has been arrested on six felony Ada County warrants.

Ronald Walter Rice, 40, is being held at the Ada County Jail, said Gooding County Sheriff Shaun Gough.

His girlfriend, Hollee R. Johnston, 39, is still hospitalized in stable condition, Gough said.

During a traffic stop about 2:30 a.m. Feb. 2, Johnston shot Rice, then pointed her firearm at Gooding County deputies, Gough said. A deputy then shot Johnston.

The deputy had been on administrative leave but returned to the job Feb. 19, Gough said.

The Feb. 2 incident began when police pulled over a car in Mountain Home for no headlights but the driver fled east on Interstate 84, Gough said. Two Elmore County deputies chased the car to the Y Inn Motel in Bliss, where Gooding County deputies got involved.

Rice got out of the car with his hands in the air, following deputies’ commands, Gough said. That’s when Johnston allegedly shot him.

Rice was released, then arrested on the Ada County charges including grand theft, two counts of burglary, unlawful possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, theft by receiving stolen property and a fugitive warrant, all felonies, and misdemeanor malicious injury to property and petit theft.

Johnston will be charged with aggravated assault and also might face drug charges but by Thursday had not been formally charged, Gough said.

via 1 Arrested, 1 Still Hospitalized in Gooding Shooting.

Why did Hollee shot Ron? Given the sketchy lives most criminals lead, there might be no reason, beyond the good old, “Seemed like a bright idea at the time.” Your guesses in the comments are welcome, but, it might be time for Ron to find a new line of work: it’s hard out there for a burglar, even when the only ones shooting at you are the 5-0. But throw in your woman working out her relationship issues with you at 1200 feet per second and you’re really cruising for a bad day.

See? We’ve said this before, and it never gets any less true. Hang around with criminals and you just might get shot. Q.E.D.

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3 thoughts on “Some shootings are just bizarre.

Bill K

Under the circumstances, I’d speculate she shot him because he ‘just didn’t know when to stop’.

You have to admit, communication at 1200 feet per second doesn’t waste time getting the message across, a form of Mach 2 cruise control.

Hognose Post author

You’re probably making a quip, but in legal terms “aggravated” assault is assault with something making it worse — i.e. actual bodily harm, in some jurisdictions assault motivated by racial or religious animus, etc. In this case the aggravating factor is no doubt the bullet hole in the guy.