People's Republic of MassachusettsIn Massachusetts, gun owners, would-be gun owners, and Federal licensees have been having a hard time getting any information about the constantly-changing gun ban that national socialist Attorney General Maura Healey (Heil Healey!) imposed as a stunt before heading to the DNC to, she expects, boost her political career.

Healey’s office will not answer questions by letter or email, because the last thing they want is to have a written document holding them to a single position. Instead, her minions will answer questions by telephone. But she will not permit callers to record the conversation; in Massachusetts, recording a conversation without the permission of both sides is a felony, and in this way, she prevents having to take responsibility for her anchorless position.

They also refer people to this page in which the AG’s office attempts to explain what a law means, when it means whatever the Red Queen says it does, no more and no less, at any given moment.

(It also includes a laundry list of Democrat politicians who support the ban, which includes, stop us if this shocks you, all of the “non-partisan” gun-control groups that say they’re only for “common-sense measures.” No, that didn’t shock us, either).

But Mass. gun owners noticed something funny about the page. It kept changing.  For example, .22 rifles were included, then not; rifles have been through several iterations. (Current definition, which might have changed by the time you see it, is that any semi-auto centerfire rifle that can accept 6 or more rounds in a detachable or fixed magazine, is an “assault rifle” and is banned in the People’s Republic of Mass. In short:

Massachusetts Welcome Sign

Massachusetts Welcome Sign

So the few hardy surviving gun owners in this hostile environment used the internet changelog technology of to make a page tracking Healey’s ever-evolving position.

Unfortunately, the guy who set this page up wasn’t able to do it in time to catch the early iterations of the wording. However, there are 13 changes logged since the tracker went live on 25 July, and some of them are quite substantive. On 3 August, 192 words were added. On 5 August, almost 1600 words, 24% of the page. On 19 August, 1327 words added and 317 deleted. It’s been changed three times in the last five days — so far.

Is the instability of the guidance here a simple consequence of Heil Healey!’s ambition and corruption filtered through her and her staff’s equally simple incompetence? Or is it a deliberate attempt to undermine Heil Healey!’s enemies with fear, uncertainty or doubt?

Meanwhile, the AGO is doing little to nothing to pursue actual violent criminals. They’re her partners in the System; people who might vote for her opponent, they are her enemies. The distinction is everything to her and to hers.

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44 thoughts on “Poly-Ticks: Heil Healey! Keeps Moving the Goalposts

Tom Stone

Christ on a crutch, that’s worse than California!

Hognose Post author

I dunno, but it does seem like they’re both competing for some kind of satanic prize, doesn’t it? The NJ legislature would be right there with them, if Chris Christie (who started off as a gun banner) hadn’t discovered gun right late in his political life, and wielded a veto pen with Kung Fu Panda panache.


I live in MA. She has been constantly changing the edict in response to the gun owners in this state constantly finding the chinks in her bullshit. It may not show it on the changedetection page – but we have been watching it closely and there is definitely a connection between the changes and the responses of the “gun community”. The AG’s office also responds every time we hold an event or protest. So we know she is at least watching what we’re doing. I guess the AG’s office is also suing Remington and Glock for some sort of “safety violations”. *New* Glocks can’t even be sold to “civilians” in this state – only to law enforcement. There’s plenty of pre-1994 Glocks floating around – and you can buy newer ones if you do private sale direct from LEO who bought one for his/her own personal use . But Glock has refused to submit to testing for the AG office’s EOPS list – so no new ones for sale to the mundanes.

IMHO the best thing that could happen here is she goes full retard and keeps going after gun manufacturers – and they COMPLETELY shut off MA in response. By completely – I mean any and ALL LEO agencies too. If she does that – then she’ll be pissing off the LEO community – AND giving them a reason to oppose her.

Please boycott MA – I mean EVERYTHING. No coming here to walk the “Freedom Trail” – no coming to Lexington Common for April 19th – etc. Use it as a teaching moment and show people how tyranny can take over even the birthplace of liberty.

If this doesn’t get buried HERE – it’s going to spread. Best to nuke it from orbit.

Hognose Post author

Re: Boycott. Difficult for me as I have obligations to one of the state universities. It’s also a serious problem for free people in northern NE (NH is the only remaining state here that requires a license to carry, and it’s extremely easy to get), because to get anywhere else in free America, we have to do a de facto Autobahn Helmstedt-Berlin transit of Iron Curtain territory in MA or NY/NJ. The NH Seacoast sometimes feels like West Berlin… although we do have our own gun factories, so there is that.

James F.

Have you considered building a small plane?

Hognose Post author

Well snarked, James!


MA is a pretty big tourism state – and I would be willing to bet that there’s a lot of people that come here from “gun friendly” and pro Constitution type states – because they want to see where the Revolution started and so forth.

I’ve heard that Boston alone takes in many millions of dollars a year in tourism revenue. Look at the list of 12 tourism spots here in MA: – the Freedom Trail is #1.

The Freedom Trail stops at the State House – that is where Maura Healey works. Which kind of people do you think are going to travel to Boston to walk the Freedom Trail – commie liberals – or “patriotic” Americans ? I’m betting the hardcore commie libs see it as celebrating some form of oppression.

Therefore: Gun owners – who tend to trend as Constitution – patriotic Americans – probably spend a lot of money here as they come to see the history of the country that got it’s start in a revolution that started here.

What I’m saying is this: STOP DOING THAT. The revolution is over. It’s ending right at the end of the Freedom Trail. Stop coming here and spending money that supports those who are ending it. This is part of the reason why I see this as a national problem.

They need to be bled economically.

John M.

I don’t know what your obligations are, but gassing up the car before you leave the Granite State will probably go a ways. It’s cheaper there anyhow.

-John M.


Whatever, thanks anyway….not

The Old Coach

I’m a Massachusetts native who fled in 1977. Nowadays I have real sympathy for those refugees from Iron Curtain countries who could never return to their homes.

John M.

I have been led to understand that when Mass started that “testing” nonsense, that Glock submitted testing models of every single Glock they catalogued for US sale at the time. And the Mass AG did not allow any of them on to the “approved” list for reasons never specified to Glock or anyone else.

I’ll forgive Glock for not continuing to pitch further Glocks down the rathole of the Mass “testing” regime.

-John M.

Hognose Post author

John M,

Healey is now suing Glock and Remington. Ostensibly for making “unsafe” firearms. Actually it’s retaliation because they contributed to an NSSF fund to sue her over the executive gun ban. S&W has not been added because they’re in-state.

This is a new development, just written up (adoringly, naturally) in the Boston Globe yesterday.


So the M-1 Garand is “banned.” Clownarchy


The M-1 Garand is not banned. This question has come up – and for now anyway – they’re still going by the original AWB (1994) lists – in which the Garand is specifically called out as NOT being an “assault weapon”.

People are almost instantaneously switching over to buying stuff like Garands, M1A’s – and Mini-14’s now that the AR type stuff is “banned”.

There’s lots of people hoarding 80% lowers too.

Hognose Post author

I think I’ve previously mentioned the illogic that bans the M1A and not the M1 or Mini-14. However, a literal reading of her standard would ban the M1 if it were not exempted by name. A lot of LE seems to support Heil Healey.


This is exactly why the gun manufacturers and distributors need to pull a Barrett and shut MA off COMPLETELY.

No sales to LEO or government agencies OF ANY FORM.

Make them feel the pain too.

A lot of LEO does support Healey – but a lot of them DO NOT. Those who do not need to be given a reason to make their voice heard. Cutting them off from purchasing firearms will lead to a Saving Private Ryan moment.

Bitches go up the chain. The AG is DIRECTLY in the law enforcement chain. Anybody who reads this and works in the firearms industry needs to spread this far and wide : CUT OFF MASSACHUSETTS.


The quickest, easiest, and most effective boycott would be boycotting ammunition sales to all MA law enforcement agencies and institutions.

The consumers of America could enforce this boycott by boycotting any company which directly sells ammunition to to any MA law enforcement agency.

It would be like the 2000 S&W boycott all over again.

Alan Ward

Overturning this type of quasi legal dreck is one more reason to make sure HRC doesn’t get to nominate another leftist SCJ.

Scalia must be turning over like a top.


If HRC gets in we are so fucked.

Haxo Angmark

wrong-o. Trump would throw a patriotard shroud over the Right, same as Bush43 did. Mrs. Clinton will bring the pot to a boil

Albert Juma

If they will only answer questions over the phone, why not just call from a single party notification state?

Call and ask from Florida and you don’t even have to tell them you’re recording. As long as one party to the conversation knows it’s recorded, it’s legal. You can lie and say it isn’t being recorded, and still record a call. Those laws were created to stop the state from invading our privacy, not the other way around.

Pa can’t go after someone in another state for doing something in that state that’s legal, even if it’s illegal on the other end of the line. They have already lost this exact court case before.


I’m pretty sure that the “one-party state” law stops at the state line, and federal law takes over, which says that both parties must be notified.

John M.

Funny, last I looked the Mini-14 was permissible.

It’d be interesting to take detailed notes from the phone conversations and publish them. Or get people who are offshore to record the calls. (IANAL. This may not be legal.)

It’d be nice if there were some sort of punishment for this nonsense. Unfortunately I hold no hope that the voters of Massachusetts will even blink when AG Healey is up for re-election.

-John M.


This is why all forms of pressure must be brought to bear.

This IS a national problem. If they can make this stunt work here – they’ll try it somewhere else too. If they get shut down and shut down hard – they’ll think twice.

People who come to MA to tour the Freedom Trail – need to stop doing that. People who take vacation in Martha’s Vineyard – need to stop doing that. People who come to stay on the Cape – need to stop doing that. People who come to tour Boston – need stop doing that. People who send their kids to schools out here – need to stop doing that.

When industry and tourism all over MA starts taking a hit – and people come right out and say ” It’s because MA is a shithole liberal tyranny – and your AG is a goddam dictator ” – well then everybody is going to pay the price for her little stunt.

Part of the problem here is that this whole thing is getting distorted – and brushed under the rug. So a lot of people don’t even know it went down. I have had conversations with “liberals” – as have other people I know – and when this stunt is fully explained to them – they are PISSED. Keep the gun slant out of it and portray it as a direct attack against civil liberties and the legislative process and even a libtard starts to get it.


This stunt by the MA AG may very well be a dry run for Hillary ‘executive action’ on gun-control when she is President.


Their playbook: Uncertainty leads to Doubt, Doubt to Fear, Fear to Obedience.

The French feared the King, until they didn’t.


That’s a stunt that only works if the people they play it on have their heads up their butts.

I have tried to explain this to people.

I used to obey the law. I spent a lot of time trying to obey the law. For all the time I have owned guns I have gone thru their system and made sure they were “compliant”.

Now – Healey just said that even though I obeyed that well understood law – I am a felon – although she says she will not prosecute us “at this time”. Well thanks a freaking lot.

Here’s the thing – If I had followed the advice of all the people who said I was an idiot for registering my guns – I WOULD BE BETTER OFF NOW.

If I had built all my guns from 80% lowers – or bought them in some back alley in the hood or from friends in free states – I could have had an entire basement full – and nobody would know.

Now – because I obeyed their laws as written and understood by literally MILLIONS of people – they have my name down on the list.

So obeying the law completely and totally screwed me.

I won’t make the same mistake twice.

People who are running around now trying to be “compliant” – are a good part of the problem.


Have you ever:

+ Bought a firearm from an FFL?

+ Bought gun-related items like holsters, ammunition, parts, or cleaning supplies using a credit card or check?

+ Joined firearm related organizations like the NRA, a gun club or range, etc?

If yes to any of the above, you are already on a list or six, even prior to any registration laws.

I was at a range a while back, and a fellow was bragging about his off-the-books just-finished 80% gun. I asked him if he had ordered the blank and the parts online, with a card. He said yes. I pointed out that the various powers-that-be are not completely ignorant of the internet, and have access to records of such transactions if they wish. Might they put 2+2 together and get “15”?

He suddenly looked shocked. Then afraid. Then pissed.

Food for thought.

Jim Steele

Sorry boys and girls, but you can vote till you are blue in the face. Voting will not fix anything. There is only one way to deal with traitors and enemies in our country, and you don’t need me to say it. The problem you fix today might save your family tomorrow.


In MA it’s only a crime if you try to hide the fact that you’re recording. You can just tell them the call is recorded. If they refuse, they have to explain why.


Or you could just ignore her


Hard to believe that Massivetwoshits has turned into such a political cesspool. But such is life.

Cap’n Mike

The Mass Legislature could have enacted legislation to stop Herr Healey, but chose not to.

Jim Wallace from the Gun Owners Action League says he was told off the record that its because “She is a rising star in the Democratic Party”.

That doesn’t bode well for the rest of the country.



This is why I say it’s the entire country’s problem. She may well be the next Janet Reno.

Best throttle the problem in the crib before it grows.


These people know absolutely NOTHING about firearms. That is why they keep changing the definitions. They keep getting questions from knowledgeable people and are forced to redefine a position which was ill-conceived in the first place. But, lost in their ignorance, yet still convinced of their intellectual superiority, they continue to attempt to refine their position. They don’t even know what they think, they only know how they “feel”.

You cannot correct a bad soup by continually throwing in more and different spices.


Well that is just it. There is no redress or recourse by peaceful means. They shut that door long ago. They don’t want redress, they want power and the wealth they can acquire that comes with the political totalitarianism of administrative tyranny. It is why we have the administrative tyranny we do. Administrative tyranny is for control over every facet of the sphere of our lives, just so we can not resist peacefully. They even have reconstituted the old soviet Nomenklaturer class of unaccountable administrative potentates who have created total jurisdictions isolated and separate from any checks or balances who interfere and meddle in every facet of the sphere of our lives. Gun control is the gateway drug to totalitarianism, and not just for the reasons that may seem obvious, like they don’t want to get shot by the dirt people for what they are doing to them. Sure, that is part and parcel of protecting their power, what tyrant worth her salt doesn’t understand disarmament of the people. But it goes far deeper than that. It is about property, a weapon is your property, it is the first thing, on two very critical levels, but in this country, where liberty and freedom is something that already exists, a very profound truth in of itself, especially in regards to the rest of the world, and of all of human history, you are born naturally with these primal rights unlike any other place on earth. And that is what irks the sonofabitches: You can’t have those primal rights of property, wealth creation, self sufficiency, faith, lord forbid something like self determination and the most primal of primal freedoms, the right to defend yourself and your property.

So to take our guns is the singular most important aspect of power and ruling our souls. Because guns touch so many aspects, they are inextricably linked, connected to every facet of our natural primal freedoms, and guns have made not only defending and fighting for liberty possible, they made the whole idea of the sphere of liberty a reality for the first time in 5000 years of recorded human history.

And guess where that mostly all started?

You guessed right…Massachusetts.

So talk about a bunch of traitors running things in the PRoM.

There’s another underlying dynamic too. It is like a dance. The further dirt people spirit advances in the thought and act of defiance to tyrants, the greater the increase of adversarial nature to eradicating that dirt people defiance and resistance becomes. It is an evolution of open source grass roots insurgency that is required, not even required, because it comes natural to the warrior spirits in us, and that it comes in stages, at some point the equation changes, from one of being a subjected to tyranny, to one of subjecting tyrants to the motive energy and audacity of being so free, liberty can not be resisted any longer. There is nothing to worry about in that respect, it was heading this way naturally, it is gonna take a fight to right things. It is going to be ugly nasty brutal business too. It will be hard at first ripping the chainsaw of tyranny from the sonofabitches greasy meathooks, but once begun, they will choke like the cowards and crooks they are under the insipid illusion of legitimacy and power. They only have the power consent of the governed provide them and the use of threat of violence if you do not consent. But when people are no longer afraid or respect that type of power, it is a foregone conclusion. It just takes time and it will get worse before people right things. There is really nothing more indomitable on the Lords green Earth than a dirt person with a rifle who says I won’t and has chosen to live free or die by that choice. Better yet is the guy who makes the other guys die for their beliefs.

And who is this Hiel Heidi and her ilk compared to that?


Nothing to get worked up about . Didn’t you hear ? Laws no longer apply , Hillary gets away with 33,000 felony emails so laws no longer apply . Now when 5 of 9 old pharts in black robes say turn in your guns , you reply phuckk off . This will have the same respect as the War on Drugs and illegal immigration.


just dig about these kind of cancerous bureaucrats.

search until your find their personal wounds,their fears and their hopes..and exploit what scares them and crush their dreams beyond the help of a mental ward.

since any logical brain progress is beyond the capabilities of a commie central processing unit just hang em and their spawn and relatives,its the only way to remove the tumors formed by the left.

hey it worked in the 70s in this country(Chile,god bless our general,may he rest smiling about his deeds),but shame they spared some of the children and relatives..leaving opportunity for the cancer to manifest again here.

eradicate the enemy,crush any hope or ideas they have,burn their fucking books and destroy the institutions they forge to undermine any sort of logic,morality or masculinity.

kill them not using guns,knifes or anything they deem hostile,kill them with some rope,sticks and gas,as only primitive means will reach what passes as a soul in these husks.


The TREASON INFRASTRUCTURE exists because we allow it. It exists because we keep reinforcing that allowance at every election. It exists because your “wonderful, under compensated teachers” and the educational system you keep reinstating each year takes your money and uses it to program and purposely and intentionally mis-educate your children, steal their futures and create yet another generation of Bernie voters at each graduation and we reward them for it.

Until we fix “US” and our self delusional existence bellyaching about what “They” are doing to us is like a young boy or girl walking nekkid in a prison yard and complaining about getting gang raped.

As for those of you in “Floreeda”.. I’m a Yankee who emigrated from commie NY 20 years ago to the west coast, I tolerated the comments and harrassment for years about that white line that runs back north and how “we dont do it like that here”.. until I started talking like you but my NY attitude keeps giving me away to this day, Shucks. After I got here I realized I had been living in the wrong place all my life. One thing I have never understood is that Johnny Reb’s always whine about yankees coming south but they never hesitate to sell them the entire farm at first blush.. kinda like inviting satan into church aint it ?

Ya’ll take care now. ; )


STOP the Nonsense.. Until everyone of us, that means ALL of US, is willing and ready to identify what is going on in this country PROPERLY and CORRECTLY all you are doing is allowing our Domestic Enemy to control the agenda and redirect it as they see fit. Use correct names to ID the actions that are taking place, who is doing what and what they really are instead of allowing them to do it for us. Try these new names and you will know its on target when others refuse to use your names instead of the current ones then keep using them all the time.

Try These:

Gun Control = Civilian Disarmament (This is critical and must be renamed by us)

Common Sense Gun Laws = Felony by an elected and appointed civil employees

Failure to comply with Constitutional Rights = Violation of Civil and Constitutional Liberty

Gun Crime = Govt Created Crime

Globalism = Treason

DHS, TSA, NSA, Fusion Centers = Illegal and Criminal Abuse of Govt Authority

Educational System = Social Programming Centers


This would seem to be a good time to dress up as Elizabeth Warren and toss a bunch of stuff into Boston Harbor.

>The French feared the King, until they didn’t.

Yep. What are the consequences of going too far?

Q1: What is the penalty for possession of an illegal firearm*?

A1: Felony conviction and decades of jail time.

Q2: What is the penalty for murder? (Of what sort of person is left as an exercise for the reader in this gedankenexperiment.)

A2: Felony conviction and decades of jail time.

Hmmm. Except “our kind” won’t do it because ironically we’re the law-abiding type.

*illegal firearm: unless you’re already a convicted felon and you used that firearm in the commission of yet another felony, then it doesn’t matter. Bonus points if you are of an official victim group. (This is an additional reason for the “dress up as Liz Warren” part, BTW. By identifying as gender and ethnicity-confused, one gains automatic victimhood points. And if one is particularly cunning, maybe a Harvard Law faculty position.)


Folks, keep a few things in mind, hmm?

Almost all violent upheaval revolutions turn out much worse than the prior state. The American Revolution is a rare exception. The French and Bolshevik revolutions are far more typical.

Almost any tyrant will seek to provoke the hotheads into rash and violent action, thus facilitating identification, demonization, and decapitation. Some of the folks advocating openly for mayhem are often not actually on the side of the people they encourage.

I advocate peaceful change, because 1) I have no desire to subject friends and family to a dysfunctional and unsuccessful bloodbath. and 2) I have very grave doubts that bloody mayhem will -likely- produce Liberty.

Change can be incremental. That is how we arrived at the current situation. It is also true that we can move the ball in the opposite direction. Note concealed carry laws 1986 versus 2016. We -can- fix this within the system. -Sneaky- is your friend., as is -discretion-.