ACR. Check. Swimsuit. Check. Bat Guano Crazy Chick. Double check!

Evil Black Rifle. Check. Swimsuit. Check. Bat Guano Crazy Chick. Double check!

While her defense appears to be preparing a Hail Mary insanity plea — asking the judge for a psych eval on the asserted grounds that she’s too Looney Tunes to assist in her own defense — the bit-part actress who sought to expedite her latest divorce by framing her husband as a murderous poison-mailing radical (and framing the entire gun culture in the process) has now been indicted.

The indictment is attached for your reading pleasure: Shannon-Richardson-ricin-indictment.pdf. It is brief and does not bring any new facts to light.

She is indicted on three counts: 18 USC § 871 (a) threatening the President; 18 USC § 876 (c) mailing a threatening communication (to Mayor Bloomberg); and a second count of 18 USC § 876 (c) mailing a threatening communication (to Bloomberg horseholder Mark Glaze).

What is interesting is what she’s not indicted for: anything to do with the ricin in the envelopes.

It would be interesting to hear from a lawyer what this means. The following is non-lawyer speculation.

The short indictment may be because the authorities have backed off from “maxing out” a political fellow-traveler, but it’s more likely that the prosecutors either (1) are using this as a “placeholder” indictment so that Richardson can still be kept in the room with no inside doorknob, while lab work on the ricin and other investigative action proceeds, or (2) simply charged stuff that it’s a slam-dunk to prove, given the mountain of evidence disclosed in the FBI Affidavit (previously linked here, and again: Shannon_Richardson.pdf), and the fact that Richardson has confessed to these specific crimes.

Again, we’re not lawyers, but we think we hear her lawyer’s voice telling her, “I don’t really see this as a case we take to court, I see this as a disposition case….”

Cue the theme to “Let’s make a deal.” Shannon Richardson, come on down! Would you trade the legal predicament you’re in right now for what’s behind Cell Door #1, #2, or #3?

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