Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week: The Gun Wire

Almost didn’t get a W4 to you all this week, but we’ve been meaning to share this one. This site is simple, clear, and does just one thing: the last 24 hours of gun news headlines.

TV stations, newspapers, blogs, they’ve got it. Gun industry, gun law, gun crime, it’s all there. Collectors’ guns, military guns. Gun shops moving or expanding. Just about anything, if it made the news they hoover it up and stick it on their very busy page for the day.

There’s a lot to learn at The Gun Wire. One thing that really struck us, in just a few days of watching, was how many defensive gun uses there are. But our favorite one was probably the selected victim who fought back against an armed robber — with a samurai sword. Fortunately, Tyler Michaels had better results than all those futile Banzai charges ever did. He and his college roommates wrestled the gun from robber Deadrick Gaines, and held Gaines at sword’s point, to the delight of the Murfreesboro, TN, police. But we’d never have heard his story if not for The Gun Wire.

So, add it to your blogroll, or bookmarks, or however you keep track of these things. Of course, if you read the headlines there, don’t be shocked if one appears here from time to time — with our own angle, to be sure.

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    Hey, just found this tonight. Yes, I’m on the net at 1:30PST. Thanks for the kind words, we are forever grateful…