When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have fangs

We really don't recommend edged weapons for dangerous game. The ancients had no options.

We really don’t recommend edged weapons for dangerous game. The ancients had no options.

Mindset, mindset, mindset, people. Here’s a case from Vancouver, Canuckistan. Lots of people in the wilder areas of the Great White North have rifles and shotguns, but this guy didn’t. He faced incredible odds. But with the right mindset, he prevailed.

Early reports indicated that the woman’s wounds are significant, including puncture marks from powerful bites and heavy damage to the victim’s scalp. She underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

After the incident conservation officers scoured the surrounding countryside in search of the animal. With the help of a cougar hunter, they found the animal’s carcass a short distance away from the house. It appeared to have died from the spear-inflicted wounds. The man says he had seen the mountain lion prowling near his house and that it was becoming increasingly bold over the last several months. Other residents of island told The Vancouver Sun they had also seen the large cat in the vicinity.

via Man Uses Spear to Save Girlfriend from Mountain Lion | OutdoorHub.

Yep, a prime young mountain lion was gnawing on a 60-year-old lady. Her screams brought her man running, but he wasn’t really loaded for mountain lion so he grabbed what came to hand — a spear, of the type that’s used in traditional German-style boar hunting.

If it’s stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid. Final score, Humans 1, Cougar 0.

The cat must have been pretty hungry, or desperate, to go for “long pig.” For all the fear humans have of being killed by big cats, so far the exchange ratio has favored the weaker, but  tool-using beast, so the cats are understanably pretty chary of us. Still, it takes a lot of courage — or desperation — to tackle a mountain lion with a primitive weapon.

You can do it, though, with the right mindset.

4 thoughts on “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have fangs

  1. neutrino_cannon

    He went after a mountain lion with a spear? I bet that would make Hermann Goering jealous.

    I would say that shishkabobing a cougar with a spear is much more manly than that stunt The Fat One did with a piggy and a pointy stick, but then, being manlier than him isn’t exactly high praise.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Yeah, for all I rave about mindset, I’d feel a wee bit undergunned facing a mountain lion with a pointy stick. “Actual uses for the .458 SOCOM and .50 AE for 500, Alex!”