queens_subway_piranhaConsider, for instance, this lady:

A woman pushed, scratched and bit a subway rider who tried to sit in a seat that had her bag on it, according to police.

The alleged subway rage occurred aboard a Manhattan-bound F train from Queens last Friday at about 9:45 a.m.

The 45-year-old victim asked a woman to move her bag so she could sit down. When the woman ignored her, the victim attempted to sit down anyway.

That’s when police say the seated women flew into a rage. They say she scratched the other rider on the chest, pulled her hair and bit her forearm, causing bleeding.

The suspect fled when the train stopped at the 21st Street and Queensbridge station in Long Island City.

via NYPD: Subway rider asked to move bag bites another passenger – Story | WNYW.

Stop and think about this for a minute. This creature flew into a scratching, biting rage over not getting a seat to herself and one for her precious bag, which is probably full of pilfered handi-wipes from cheap restaurants, not to mention a bottle of the anger-management meds she’s clearly gone off.

Maybe she saw “Queens” on the subway line and thought it was a promotion for her, not an indication of the borough that’s at one end of the line.

Anyway, some people should not have guns. This includes the mentally ill, the intemperate, those lacking impulse control, and anyone who sucks up to bosses and treats peers and subordinates like crap — i.e., every reporter in the media, which explains why they’re foursquare for gun control.

Come to think of it, where do you think the Queens Subway Piranha works?

  1. Some downtown print or broadcast media firm;
  2. Aide of some kind to a politician;
  3. At some high-minded nonprofit;
  4. Works? Bwahahahahaaa. She collects. 

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13 thoughts on “Not Everyone Should Carry a Gun


This is the kind of thing I think of every time somebody touts the benefits of public transit.

I have yet to be assaulted whilst in the embrace of my Ford F-150 (with earth killing v-8 power)


Just the thing for a gun loving Planegeek:


“One interesting fact to note is that this Wildcat uses a Coffman engine starter. Since the FM-2 Wildcats were designed to take off shorter carriers, every pound mattered. For this reason Grumman adopted using the cartridge system which was much lighter than the electric system used on their other aircraft. Conrad Huffstutler, the 25 year old warbird restorer, was able to track down a few original cartridges to start his Wildcat, but later found a manufacturer willing to produce these shells for him for future use.”

Hognose Post author

Most of the surviving Wildcats are FMs not F4Fs (GM made not Grumman made) which I believe to be due to the use of superior corrosion control in the GM plant. That is definitely the reason that most if not all of the flying “Boeing” B-17s were actually built under license by Douglas in Southern California — Douglas alodined and primed every part, and Boeing stopped doing that early (if they ever had, which is not clear).


1 vote for “collects.”


I’m going with TSA screener.

Chris W.

I vote BLM “organizer” if we’re making our own up.

John Distai

“…One who sucks up to bosses and treats peers and subordinates like crap…”

Awesome. Unfortunately, I know far too many people like that.


My wife told me about breaking up an impending brawl on a crowded local train recently. Every few minutes a woman standing on the train kept “accidentally” smashing her bag into the face of the woman sitting next to my wife. The sitting woman asked her to stop a few times, and eventually the other woman told her to give up the seat to stop the “accidental” bumps. My wife had enough when that happened, stood up, told the the harassed woman to slide over, and told the bag woman to “just try doing that to me” and sat down ( and knowing my wife, probably glared at her). Miraculously, bag woman discovered more space elsewhere.

Sad part? My wife overhead people that obviously knew the woman was picking a fight bemoaning the fact there wasn’t actally a fight.


Well, maybe they were hoping she (the purse psycho, not your wife)) was going to get a much deserved smackdown.

Tom Stone

I know quite a few people who shouldn’t own guns, thankfully most don’t.

Usually because they lack self control or focus.

And a couple who are so conditioned by the media that they could not pull the trigger even though they could beat someone to death with a golf club.

I have left a range a couple of times because of the way people were handling their firearms ( Supervised and unsupervised ranges).

I do my best to avoid stupid or careless people, with limited success.

Boat Guy

No, she certainly shouldn’t be carrying – or even owning. People like her are one of the reasons the rest of us DO carry.

Human bites are awfully septic; hers must be even worse.


New York is an open-air insane asylum and I think its leaders are justified in their efforts to reduce the number of guns there. Same with Chicago.


This is why you always carry a roll of quarters and wear sturdy gloves in public if you’re going to subject yourself to the rolling mental health waiting room that is any form of public conveyance.

Sometimes the kind of “change” you need to make isn’t for a dollar bill, and people thusly schooled learn something they have manifestly failed to figure out any other way.