Rangerettes! They’d better use a lot of bug juice if they’re going to show up at Benning dressed like that. Image: Bob Rosato, Sports Illustrated.

The Army has put its vast Information Operations apparatus — formerly Psychological Operations — to work bullshit-bombing the American public for the Pentagon’s initiative to push women into Ranger School, the Infantry Officers Basic Leadership Course, and, in 2013, Infantry One Station Unit Training. (And to do it all, we remind you that the Chief of Staff Himself says, for the Army’s single highest priority in peace or war: officer careers). The latest piece of propaganda is an editorial about women in the Sapper Leaders Course that ran on the Army home page, and was widely distributed as a press release to mainstream newspapers.

It was not a success with the newspapers, most of which delete Army press releases along with the other spam,  but it ran on almost every propaganda outlet the Army has, hundreds of them — and, inexplicably, on the website of Soldier of Fortune magazine. (It looks like that section just has an automated feed of happy bullshit press releases from the services).  It’s on the main Army page, the Training and Doctrine command page, a special page on women in the Army, the Ft. Leonard Wood website, the website and in the dead tree version of the Ft. Leonard Wood newspaper,

The aim of the Melissa Buckley editorial is clearly informational preparation of the battlefield for any coming battle with Congress over the women-in-infantry initiative. In effect, we’re spending millions of tax dollars for one branch of government to lobby — to propagandize — to mislead — another. Not that wasteful spending is likely to alarm Congress, the acclaimed virtuosos of that instrument.

While the story explicitly states that the standards are no lower for women, that’s not what former instructors say — although they say it with the look-left, look-right, look-behind caution that we’re used to seeing from the downtrodden subjects of totalitarian states, prior to risky truth-telling.

There are some interesting statistics and interesting quotes embedded in the piece. A majority of men taking the course pass, but almost 2/3 of women who have attempted it have failed. Both males and females must be Engineer officers or NCOs. It’s unclear from the story whether any women NCOs have attended the course; if so, none have passed, as all of the 46 graduates have been officers or officer cadets.

The quotes are full of Oprahfied you-go-girlism:

“I was very proud to be part of such an amazing group of strong, confident and determined women. It was great to be there with sisters in arms, and I know that because of our hard work we were able to represent women well to our fellow Sappers,” [2008 grad Capt. Emily] Hannenberg said.

Awww. Represent, sista!

“It helps to break mindsets about female inadequacy or limits being placed on what females can or should do in the military,” [Hannenberg] said.

Because nothing holds them back except Teh Patriarchy, of which Weaponsman.com are proud to be fully-tabbed members.

“I didn’t know going into the course that a woman hadn’t been the honor graduate before, but I’m proud to have shown that women can do it,” said 1st Lt. Elizabeth Betterbed, 2010 Sapper Leader Course honor graduate.

(Aside: was she named by Ian Fleming? Somewhere, the old spook-turned-novelist is chortling, if he’s reading this. Still, if he’s reading our stuff, and we his, we’re getting the best of that deal).

“It is important that women of this branch be given the opportunity alongside our male counterparts to show the unity of diverse Soldiers in the Engineer Regiment,” [Maj. Jennifer] Etters said.

We knew if we stuck it out long enough, we’d see the Central Shibboleth of the New Post-Religious Belief System uttered. And sure enough, the Golden Calf of “diversity” made its appearance right on schedule. It’s enough to make you throw your stone tablets down in a huff.

But we’re starting to get the hang of this post-military Army that’s already turned its institutional back on its combat units overseas. It’s not important to train to win wars. The Army is working hard to get all that depressing and dumb war orientation out of its system and return to its peacetime, happy, hollow place. It’s important to have Hollywood-rifle-squad superficial “diversity”: which now includes the gay one, the blonde-starlet one, and the post-ingenue whose skin is now too wrinkly for closeups, as well as the Kid from Brooklyn. It’s also important to project a unified political viewpoint and crush dissent like a bug.

Lord Love a Duck.

There will be more information preparation of the battlefield like this — one-sided editorials and sudden discoveries of mighty Amazons who walk among us. Kindly keep us posted in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “More Army Psyops for Rangerettes

Admiral General Aladeen

Greetings people of America, and death to the West! Admiral General Aladeen, the democratically-elected supreme leader of the Republic of Wadiya here. From prisoners in my green, sustainable dungeons (marvelous things we can do with human waste and other body fuilds) comes word that your army has long been training lesbian officer hobbits to mine my eco-palace and blow up my peaceful nuclear research facilities (medicinal). (BTW, Kim Kardashian is a very nice girl, but unbelievably hairy! When I pulled her panties down, I thought I was looking in the mirror.) Incidentally, I salute the idea of graduating officers-women instead of NCOs-women, as the latter tend to have much worse hygiene and are generally uglier. Also, I have found it much easier to appeal to officers-women’s vanity, and they prostitute themselves into my bed for less money or just to “punch their ticket.” At least they do in Wadiya. Mens-officers too. (I am not homosexual. It’s more of a power-trip thing for me).

As I was saying. About these so-called she-sappers, your army speaks with a forked tongue worthy of my dear friend and late colleague the beloved Kim Jong-il (whose lies were not very subtle, peace be upon him). Item the first: your army proclaims that “Entry and graduation requirements are the same for female students as they are for male students […] There is absolutely zero difference between the standard for female and male students.” Okay, so I read _twice_ that there is zero difference between “the standard” for men and women-in other words, that there is a single standard for both. That sounds quite “hardcore” and “real.” It is always good to find women who can do the work of men! I did this with my Amazons, of course, so I know that it can be done. They take quite good care of me, day AND night!

But who would prevail in my mud pit of doom-your commissioned sapperettes or my beloved Amazons?, I wondered. If truly your women were strong like your men they would be like those East-German laboratory creatures or Jamaican sprinters (both good bed-companions once properly subdued)! My curiosity led to item the second: there is no single “standard.” Your army lies like the Zionist-controlled media! Follow the trail.

To wear the Sapper Tab, an American soldier must complete the Sapper Leader Course (SLC) which is operated by the U.S. Army Engineer School at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. The SLC’s website (a primitive abomination, if you ask me) links to an informational pamphlet. According to this informational pamphlet, “The cadre administers the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and conducts height and weight screening to all students. Students must pass the APFT for their age group (IAW FM 21-20) by achieving 60 in each event and an overall score of 210.” Pathetic, yet not very revealing.

So what does this mean? Where is the single standard for men and women? I followed a clue-“IAW FM 21-10.” So FM 21-20 is where this single standard should be found. I read every page of FM 21-20 looking for this so-called “standard” that has “zero difference” between men and women. But there is no such thing! See Figure 14-1. There is one standard for men, and another standard for women. (I have earned 118 PhDs – not just from the University of Aladeen, but also from Aladeen University and Northwest Aladeen State. So I can read and understand what I read). So I say to you US Army: your cheap propaganda will convince only those who wish to be convinced. It is belied by your own documents. You are amateurs.

Hognose Post author

Truly our humble blog is not worthy, effendi. Admiral-General Aladeen himself. We have not been so honored since Mullah Omar put a price upon our nappy heads. Even if it was less than the price the ELN had put upon our heads, it was much more meaningful, because everyone knew the ELN didn’t really have the money.