Received a call from a business associate. He arrived at 1800R (that’s 1600 local, when the event was supposed to open). There was a huge line. The 1621 call came when he finally found the end of the line. This is a much larger event than he was expecting.


He called again, he’ll send photos. We’ll be adding them to this post. The first photo is in. It shows the line.

Magpul line circa 1620

1900R (1700T)

First photo is up. Second one’s in hand now, will be posted momentarily. It shows the  tent where the Magpul gang are distributing mags.

Magpul line circa 1700

Note the Free Colorado logo. This is the line where people like our friend who pre-ordered mags pick them up. We’re not sure if he was in the first 1500 who got a freebie.

These mags go with his other Magpul mags he bought as part of the Boulder Airlift before. And here’s the interesting thing, the one that has to keep John Morse and Hickenlooper up at night: this guy doesn’t even own an AR. He has access to them in the military reserves, and used them for many years, but his tastes run more to precision elk and mulie whackers and vintage military bolt actions. But now he’s going to buy one, because, what the hell, he has the mags. And Morse and Hick don’t want him to.

In case the press thinks Morse’s “whole lotta people” is actually a whole lotta people (and not just Bloomberg’s checkbook), they should refer to the first picture, above. That’s a whole lotta people, and they’re not “For John Morse.”

When they say Boulder Airlift (OK, this is nearer Denver…) they’re not kidding. Here’s the Magpul chopper.

Magpul Chopper

1925R (1725T)

And here’s a crowd shot. Our guy was just under the 1500th through the door, and he estimates that there were 500 to 1000 Coloradans behind him.

Magpul Crowd -- est 2000-2500

1933R (1733T) Update

Comments from the man on the scene:

Not sure who the firebrand is that they have trying to whip up the crowd but it is pretty standard rhetoric.  Not sure Colorado is about joining a crowd mentality.  Pretty strong libertarian vibe from the few folks I’ve spoken with.  More independents than ‘joiners’.

We’re a long way from this rally, but wonder if the “firebrand” is Michael Bane.

Nope, the firebrand was radio personality Dana Loesch, or as our guy told us, “some brown-haired woman from out of state”. She flew in in the helicopter and then gave a speech that seemed rather out of line with the mood of the crowd. You can see some relevant tweets at Twitchy. Loesch tweeted that no one involved in the planning of the event was over 35, which is relevant how? We’re not sure. Maybe because it was the first pro-gun rally ever organized by folks who voted for President Obama? Is there some cutoff at age 35? If so, our onscene correspondent is a couple years over that line.

After Loesch, there was a band for a bit, and the mayor of Glendale, CO spoke.

“She was on too long, and she was out of touch with Coloradans,” our guy tells us. Somebody else probably liked her speech, but he didn’t. “We’re more libertarian, and less shrill.” Bane would have been a better choice: he connects with Colorado, and presents as terribly reasonable, but maybe it’s because he’s over the 35-year-old cut-off.

That wraps our coverage of this event, we’re sure the gun press will have more (we’ll send you to The Gun Wire and its rival The Gun Feed for that). The proceeds from the event will go to 2nd Amendment causes in Colorado, including the recall of State Senate president turned anti-gun extremist, John Morse. That’s a cause that the libertarians and the pro-gun partisans alike, and the under-35 yout’s and way-over-35 retired soldiers can all unite on.

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Good for companies like Magpul, who strive to keep our Nation “FREE” from tyranny. Many good companies are leaving States that pass laws in violation of our “U.S. Constitution”.

Good for the True American citizens who refuse to give up their “Unalienable Rights” “Granted by our Maker” (not our government).

WE THE PEOPLE say “NO” to those who wish to dominate us…. but must first disarm us.

Next year, we will ‘clean-up’ our Houses of Congress and vote away those that betrayed us.