McDowell ten years ago. All that bling he’s wearing — PH, wings, trident, VN — is phony. Image: POW Network.

Which ought to mean “No Good” in the case of Robert McDowell, but means “Not Guilty” in the legal system. The Portsmouth Herald’s update on his plea at Seacoast Online  just states the barest facts of the instant criminal accusations against Robert McDowell, but omits his long history of self-inflating assclownery — for that, you have to dig deep in the archives, hit his page on the POW Network, or go to this Weaponsman post from March and endure our snark to know the details of his false claims.

McDowell is charged with stealing the identity of a tenant of his to write letters to the editor to the local paper, advocating McDowell’s position on various issues, including lavishing fulsome praise on a politician who just happened to be wrestling in the bedsheets with McDowell at the time. The ID theft victim was a serving Marine, who was away in Afghanistan whilst “his” opinions on controversial issues were getting played up in the paper. (The letters were punchy and narratively-consistent, prize qualities that editors value over mere truthfulness — they’re in the infotainment business, after all).

If you look in to our Fourteen Points on him, which may not have the import of Woodrow Wilson’s (or may: how’s that League of Nations doing these days?) you’ll see the full depth of depravity of this cashiered and disgraced former Naval officer. Suffice it to say that the ribbons he’s wearing in that snapshot ain’t his.

It’s unlikely that McDowell’s long history of deception and misconduct will be admissible in this court, even though his previous entanglements, his history of complex and durative fraud, and  his abject drumming-out of the naval service pretty much summarize his character. Perhaps the prosecutor can introduce these matters to impeach McDowell as a witness, if his attorney is foolish enough to let him testify.

Hey, Mr/Ms District Attorney, if you need someone to testify on the harm that conmen like McDowell have caused the veteran community, we at stand ready to take the stand. We have real medals and stuff, even (modest ones, but then we have a lot to be modest about — like the subject of this article, who would be in much less trouble had he been modest in words and deeds in keeping with his modest — or worse — attainments).

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