This weekend, Sunday falls in the interstices between days off, rather than provides a brief Sabbath rest before we have to start paying attention to the countdown to the launch of the work week.

We have a visit to rehabilitation hospital on the schedule today. That will be a daily routine for a while, actually.

We have a to-do list with a hundred-something items on it, titled, in homage to Churchill, Action This Day. Of course, some of “this day’s” action items have a good bit of seniority on this list, damn their eyes.

And, we need to address the problem we had with the range yesterday. Kid wants to fire the Artillery Luger. We want to troubleshoot the same Luger, which hasn’t been cycling reliably all of a sudden. This is where a high-speed camera would come in handy, but we haven’t got one.

We also got some .30-06 and 7.62 NATO ammo for sighting in some rifles. The Black Hills 7.62 Match is probably overkill for the 1960-vintage AR-10, and at $2-plus per round, it was expensive. But it will be interesting to see if it shoots any better than the common stuff.

Of course, that requires us to get the current combination to the range lock. On a Sunday. In a holiday weekend. In a resort area that’s swarming with enough tourists to make driving unpleasant.

Could be worse. It could be raining.

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Churchill gave a very good speech on the dangers of islam long ago. I read it years ago but can’t seem to locate it for the little ones to read. It might make an interesting post given current events. I believe our first war as a nation was also against same savages. Perhaps info on the weapons we used to dispatch them with in North Africa?

Wise Cave Owl

Churchill: the First Zionist-stooge, bought-and-paid-for Neo-Con.: war-lover, blood-spattered imperialist, and genocide-artist. His 1914-45 anti-German war destroyed the British Empire, destroyed all the other European Empires, destroyed Europe, and mortally wounded both Western Civilization and the Race that created it. Here’s an interesting tidbit about the Great Speechifyer: turns out the Brits were picking off and decoding Einsatzgruppe and Order Police radiotelephone reports giving daily locations & Jew-killing totals as early as July-August, 1941; some of the intercepts have the initials “WC” scrawled on them. All were then locked into closed, secret files. I let you all figure out the rest, and its connection to the postwar emergence of Israel. “Dangers of Islam”?? The ragheads can’t hold a candle to you world-destroying, bloodthirsty Neo-Conz