Screenshot 2015-02-23 00.04.08We have been maintaining a link map of anti-gun organizations, illustrating the links between overt gun-ban organizations and the variety of crypto-banners that emerge, especially during election cycles. We expect that during the 2015-16 cycle more of these frauds will shedding their exposed and ruined old names, like a snake’s skin, and offer a new set of stripes or diamonds to the world… but it’s still the same damnable snake.

We know what to do with snakes, right?

The .pdf is set up to be printed on 14″ x 17″ paper, and will be updated as necessary and as we learn of new connections. Questions, comments, additions, and alterations are welcome in the comments below.

It’s sad to say that there are even some gun companies supporting these citizen disarmament groups. We suspect that this is partly because the groups have become very skillful at concealing their funding, ideology, and intentions, and partly because the nominally nonpartisan gun-ban extremists are quite partisan and share their funding, staffing, and strategy with other groups that are not playing in the gun field.

But that’s OK. Because we’re getting very skillful at winkling them out.

The Shape of Antigun Astroturf 20150302.pdf

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I suspect the gun manufacturers involved with Bloomberg et al. would be the ones with large .Gov contracts. Who are, of course, also tied in with the sometimes useful, sometimes treacherous NRA. Proceed, this is a most useful excercise


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This is all very quaint. If you were to follow the Article V convention proceedings, the states are getting close to their 2/3 quota for having Congress call a convention. These folk think they will get together to amend the Constitution. They will learn otherwise when Congress and others turn their little gathering into a full fledged rush for a NEW CONSTITUTION. This one will be without a SECOND AMENDMENT. All weapons and ammo will be rounded up within 90 days or so by the new government. So, you can see how serious this is.

Google Article V convention. Google the New American blog. Google Educate yourselves on the folly of the states amending the Constitution and see what happens.