Smile for the mugshot, jailbird.

Sharzad Mir Gholikhan, a convicted felon and sometime Iranian government agent, has threatened us (from Iran, apparently, and from an electronic address associated with an Iranian government propaganda agency), for calling her a weapons trafficker. Her picture is to the right; we believe this is a passport photo from State Department files. Here’s what she says:

Shahrzad Mirgholikhan

[email on file — claims an Iranian official status]

[IP on file —  from the – block historically associated with Iranian terrorist and government agency use].

Submitted on 2013/12/23 at 15:32 | In reply to [a WeaponsMan commenter].

How dare you are to use my name and give me the title of weapon trafficer! Remove my name from your False News otherwise I will take legal actions. SHAHRZAD MIRGHOLIKHAN

She addressed the comment to one of our commenters, but since he didn’t call her a “weapons trafficker,” she probably means us. We did call her a weapons trafficker. Let us explain why.

Shahzad Mir Gholikhan and Mahmoud Seif

Shahzad Mir Gholikhan and Mahmoud Seif, Iranian agents and weapons traffickers.

Here are some facts. She was arrested in Austria in 2004, caught red-handed in the act of weapons trafficking. Specifically, she was acquiring night vision devices which she said were going to the Iranian military and Revolutionary Guards, and she boasted about her connections to Iranian officials.

Sharzad had used the cover name of Farideh Fahimi to set up the deal between American and Austrian agents (unknown to her and her IRGC bosses, who thought they were corrupt Western businessmen) and Iranian agents.

(If you have a cover name, You Just Might Be a Spook).

Another shot of the lovely, and criminal, couple. She now says it's all his fault. He vanished back into the IRGC.

Another shot of the lovely, and criminal, couple. She now says it’s all his fault. He vanished back into the IRGC terror network.

She and her co-conspirator, allegedly her then-husband but possibly another Iranian agent (it is common to cover agent pairs as husband and wife), pled guilty in Austria to “Trading Defense Articles without a License” and served a short sentence.

She then fled to Iran.

She was in Iran at the time an indictment was issued by an American court in September, 2005.

For reasons known only to Gholikan and her bosses, she returned to the United States in 2007 and faced charges of weapons trafficking in US Federal Court. She was convicted of weapons trafficking in April, 2008.

She, in fact, pled guilty to weapons trafficking, but withdrew that plea when she discovered it came with a prison sentence.

She, in fact, stood trial twice, one mistrial with an American defense attorney, and one spectacular failure of a conviction acting as her own lawyer. (One is reminded of the conventional joke about a party to proceedings who acts pro se).

She, in fact, was sentenced to five years.

She would still be in prison in the United States if she had not been released as part of the current administration’s policy of appeasing the terrorist-mullah state.

She is permanently banned from the United States as a convicted felon.

She and her then-husband were involved in a scheme to buy industrial quantities of night vision equipment and smuggle the materiel to Iran, where it would be used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (the parallel terrorist army modeled on the Nazi SS) or exported to Iran’s terrorist clients worldwide.

Iran, the government of which still employs Sharzad Mir Gholikan, is the world’s single most active worldwide terrorism-sponsoring state, and has been since the Islamic revolution in 1979. The mullahs and their various Charlies McCarthy  used to deny this, but now they don’t even bother any more.

Incidentally, on the Spiegel link above, it’s nice to see Ahmadinejad praising Columbia University, a place that university President Lee Bollinger made safe and welcoming for anti-semites of all kinds, including the vertically-challenged Iranian frontman.

This is not secret stuff. It’s easily found with a few minutes monkeying with a search engine.

  • The alternative Miami New Times tells her story — she’s just a Mom Who Learned 1 Weird Trick of smuggling arms. The story’s primary source appears to be jailhouse comms from Gholikhan herself, hardly a credible person, and it’s full of weird things: “Experts say the coveted Generation III model [of night-vision goggle, presumably the PVS-7D] — commonly called ‘the Pirate’ by U.S. infantrymen — is the second-most-wanted item on foreign spies’ wish lists.” Whaaat?
  • She first started turning up in Iranian PressTV (a state-controlled news agency, that also is a common cover-for-status for IRGC terrorists and terrorism managers) while still in the jug, retailing a story of torture (the only detail of which is that they — O the humanity! — put her in handcuffs). The story contains the laughable line, “contrary to the harsh treatment of Iranians in US custody, the detained US citizens were treated well….” It’s laughable because Iran doesn’t even treat detained Iranians humanely, for crying out loud. PressTV was waiting for her on her release in early 2012 as part of the Obama Administration’s appeasement offensive, and she now pings us from a PressTV address.
  • She didn’t like prison, she told (who else?) PressTV:

She gave several interviews to Press TV during her time in prison speaking of her terrifying ordeal and mistreatment at the hands of prison staff. She said that she had been harshly treated and tortured by the prison officials.

“I am disgusted… by these people and their treatment. I would rather die than being in this garbage can one more day,” she told Press TV in one of her telephone interviews from the prison.

You’re not supposed to like it, honey child. It’s prison. You go there because you were bad. We commend to you a wise old American saying: “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

We’re real sorry you didn’t like American jail, Shahrzad. And we’re real intimidated by your legal threats. The last time Iranian agents came for us, they had guns (and were also trying to bribe our local nationals to do their dirty work for them). Nota bene that we’re still here. Sorry about that.

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Wow, thanks for the heads up on convicted weapons trafficker Sharzad Mir Gholikhan .

But given that her m.o. bespeaks a level of tradecraft last seen in movies starring Larry, Curly, and Moe, it’s surprising she isn’t in the Yellow Pages under “Weapons Traffickers” with a helpful full page photo ad.

Given her apparent IQ, it’s probably best from a self-inflicted injury standpoint that she sticks to NOD, rather than edged weapons, and she should by all accounts avoid using crowbars in a sandbox lest she screw them up there as well.

Her amusing exploits remind one of the terrorist who burned his lips on the tailpipe when HQ sent him out to blow up a car.

But if Iran is going to have terrorist suppliers, I suppose it’s best if they keep recruiting the really dumb ones, rather than some other kind.

Stefan van der Borght

Hmmm, Miss Weps (heh heh) looks a bit like my first girlfriend. Anyway, that aside, it’s coming up to New Year’s Eve here in Teutonia, and the one night a year one can let off pyrotechnics without permits (assuming the pyros are the permitted kind, that is). A few bangers here and there (it’s 18:00 CET) already, but at minight the place will go off, literally. The usual folks will blow off fingers and set fire to the neighbours’ patio furniture. I’ll be expending old sig flares and leftover stuff from NYE’s past, just to get rid of it before it decides to go it alone. Once upon a time it would have been a zeroing and plinking session before the tools got put away and the cold beverages came out around the bonfire, but here in Utopia we’re more enlightened and perfectly safe in the hands of the well armed State. Hope you lot have a fun and safe time and that the calendar change is bearable. 🙂

Samuel Suggs

Hey, technically that’s optics trafficking. Sarc