OK. Think of it as a gun ID quiz. We got them all (which almost makes up for our M249/240 screw-up yesterday). They’re an eclectic blend of classics and stuff only Hollywood takes seriously. Post your guesses in the comments.

7 Guns point blank project

Note that they are not to scale. You can see a larger image with a click.

Background: it’s a photo series called the Point Blank Project. They’ll sell you a print if you want a wall-sized Glock. We’ll put an answer key below the fold this afternoon. (Update: it’s there).

 We said this afternoon. What the hell are you looking for in here now?

OK, it’s afternoon now, but none of your guys wants to guess? A white feather for you! Answers later.

Answer key:

  1. Smith revolver (not further identified by the Point Blank guys, there are many possibilities).
  2. .44 Desert Eagle.
  3. We had this as a regular Uzi — it has a cast/machined cocking knob like the ones we were always breaking on our FN Uzis — but we think Neutrino Cannon is right. The Micro giveaway is the dished trigger guard! We’re guessing a pistol as there’s no sign of the Micro SMG’s wire stock.
  4. The blocky Glock silhouette is unmistakeable, but we see this as a G21 Gen 4. The size of the muzzle gives us .45, and if you look at the grip there are three areas of rough-surface “checkering”; the compact G30 and 36 have only two.
  5. Smith and Wesson Model 3913. We’re kind of pleased we got this one.
  6. Chiappa Rhino. A face only a mother could love.
  7. Beretta Model 92 (or one of its derivatives).

The photographers’ plan was to take “portraits” of guns like you take portraits of people. Even we gun folk seldom see one from this angle; were usually looking at the sides, top, bottom and of course, rear, where we are when we operate ’em.

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You may find some amusing use for this. Where’s the ‘roll eyes’ emoticon?


Samuel Suggs

your content strategy lately seems to be picking up on what the rest of the blogosphere is doing and then doing it better with less minutia. I like it keep up the good work.

Someone You Know

Dear Weaponsman

From left to right

1. A revolver

2. Desert Eagle


4 Glock


6. Rhino

7. Barretta 92

That’s my guess.

Peace, Someone You Know


Left to right:

-Some revolver, I dunno. I don’t know revolvers. We’ll go with a Smith model 19 and play the odds.

-Clearly a desert eagle; the chunky shape is a giveaway.

-Micro-uzi, the location of the charging handle is diagnostic.

-Glock 19, the frame looks petite, though perhaps this is forshortening so it could be a 17.


-Chiappa rhino

-Beretta 92

Daniel E. Watters

There is no way the first revolver is a Smith & Wesson. There is no strain screw on the front strap, and the ejector rod is exposed. I’m guessing a Colt Official Police or one of its fixed sight relatives from the V-mainspring era.

I think the Glock 21 is a Gen 3. The guide rod is too narrow to be the nested Gen 4 style.

The Beretta appears to be the new 92A1. Note the accessory rail. Its has to be a Beretta as the bore is chromed. The front strap isn’t checkered, nor is the triggerguard squared-off like the M9A1.


Wow. Surprising myself, recognized all seven, and own three. Scary.