Back in July, most of the bugs were worked out of the Shuty MP-1 by its designer, Derwood. With some help from Warfairy, who customized a lower design for the project, Derwood had redone the upper, improving the ejector in the 9mm pistol that uses Glock magazines and barrels. Here’s the July video, again.

But it’s not in Derwood to rest on his laurels, so there’s a new version, which he’s calling the AP-9. No files yet (if you follow the link in the video above to YouTube, the links to the old files still lead to working files).

It appears that he made changes in the recoil system, primarily, and the stone-simple ambidextrous magazine release system has been reprinted in a lighter-colored material, possibly nylon. Presumably, this new version retains the improvements noted in last summer’s firearm, but adds further improvements.

The upper receiver is changed relatively little, externally, but is definitely a new print. Left side view:

The biggest change seems to be the replacement of the original recoil spring with an AR-like buffer and large diameter spring. This required an end-cap and buffer tube assembly (which could conceivably be a single print, or perhaps is a simple end cap threaded for a buffer tube) which is new to this variation.

Meanwhile, career bureaucrats and political-appointee holdovers at the Departments of State and Justice and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives seem to have doubled down on their commitment to stop the signal. Lotsa luck with that.

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10 thoughts on “Further Improved Gluty AP-9 3D-Printed Pistol


Anyone know if the aftermarket barrels like Lone Wolf, etc. are serialized?

Hognose Post author

Usually not.


Unrelated topic:

Has anybody a clue what this gun is?

(Oder trage ich Eulen nach Athen?)


I believe it’s a Frommer Stop from Hungary if I recall correctly. InRange TV did a video on one some time ago.


Indeed, it is. Thank you, Keith.


Barrels and mags aside, the real hurdle is still the ammunition. Until someone can print powdered guncotton and lead azides in handy brass containers, logistics will catch up, unless the successfully addressed targets are considerate enough to resupply you…..oh, wait..


I presume you missed the recent killing with the improvised air gun…?

The pictured weapon is a recreation made by the DA/police-Actual weapon has not been recovered, but damning internet searches and the residue from the suspect shooting test rounds at his parents home have been recovered.

People want to kill, they’re gonna kill. Presence or absence of weapons won’t do squat to change that, and it’s unfortunate that the “powers-that-be” fail to recognize that the availability of actual weapons is immaterial to the question of whether or not a murder will occur. All a ban on pre-prepared weaponry accomplishes is prevent the victim from being able to defend themselves when the assailant makes their attack with the improvised weapon or their bare hands.


The AP-9 performs really well but im trying to lower recoil and already have a new ap-9 model that takes care of the recoil issue.

Hognose Post author

Thanks, that counterpoise or counterweight above the barrel is really interesting. I imagine it damps muzzle flip considerably.


It is an extension of the Bolt. It retracts when you fire a round. The bolt is 30 ounces and the gun is 4.2 pounds empty