Ladies and gents, the good news is, last week (no doubt thanks to our plug here) the touching and clever comedy Enlisted, set on a stateside Army post while most of the troops are deployed, had its best ratings week — over 3 million viewers. That sounds great, and the fact that the show’s up week overt week is good, but it isn’t enough.

This show is what a lot of you guys say you want: it’s a depiction of the military that shows soldiers as real people, and that treats military values with care and respect. The cast and crew worked their hearts out to bring 13 episodes to Fox.

So go out and watch it (or DVR it, for crying out loud, you kids) so that there are more viewers this week, too. And next week… so that the advertisers want to be on this show. And the network executives greenlight next year’s episodes, and all the talented folks who work on the show are rewarded for their efforts and their decency towards us. 

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One thought on “Don’t miss Enlisted tonight at 9! NOW!


Friday night is where networks put shows as sacrificial lambs, given that everyone from 14-35 is presumably out and about doing anything but sitting at home watching the tube. It’s more or less the gladiatorial arena end of the schedule.

OTOH, should their ratings break out of the pack, they’ll get moved to a better slot.

That Fox bought 13 episodes, rather than 6, says at least they’re serious about giving it a shot, and it already made it past the ranks of countless pilots that never see daylight. One can only hope.