The incredible exploding deal.

What do most of the world’s terrorists have in common? The FBI confesses complete and utter puzzlement.

Writer James Kitfield has a remarkable article in Politico (not least, remarkable because an unsparing look at jihad seldom appears in such a reflexively partisan and multiculturist outlet) that ties the most recent Sudden Jihad Syndrome shooting to a much earlier one (2009), and casts superficial blame on Tennessee, an easy layup for Politico’s Beltway, Acela Corridor, and wannabe audience. He also makes the unsupported allegation that the 2009 incident was the first, which would be news to Nidal Hasan on death row

But it also looks into how an ordinary American kid was cut out of his family and radicalized, turned against his own people and acculturated to the most extreme and febrile strain of the death cult of Mohammed.

It notes something that the US media, which always prefers the pre-Islamic names for American jihadi converts/reverts1, seems loath to recognize: Carlos Bledsoe really did become Abdulhakim Mujahid Mohammed. Mohammed was the guy who shot up a recruiting office before, on 1 Jun 2009, killing one and maiming one soldier (Privates William Long and Quinton Ezeagwula respectively).

The Partisan Political Police formerly known as FBI remained utterly flummoxed by Mohammed’s motivation (as they are by the latest case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome, Abdulazeez’s — “maybe it was a domestic?”), and political appointees in the Pentagon displayed their contempt for Long and Ezeagwula by denying the victims recognition that they suffered their mortal and serious wounds in a terrorist attack, and spitefully withholding the Purple Heart medal from Ezagwula and from Long’s next of kin until Congress forced their unwilling hands.

Yet long before the five U.S. service members were murdered this past week in Chattanooga, before the Boston Marathon bombers, the Fort Hood shooting or the rise of the Islamic State, it was another troubled teenager from [Tennessee] who embarked on a journey of jihad and ended in the first deadly terrorist attack on U.S. soil after 9/11.

The road to jihad began here, where Highway 40 bisects the state Abraham Lincoln once called the “keystone of the southern arch”….

Somehow, in ways that a heartbroken Melvin Bledsoe even now doesn’t fully comprehend, his beloved son Carlos was transformed into a murderous jihadist, a hate-filled man who called himself Abulhakim Mujahid Mohammed.

Carlos, to a certain extent, was patient zero in the phenomenon of homegrown, lone-wolf terrorism, a scourge that struck the nation once again this past week, when another young man went on a shooting spree at a recruiting station in Tennessee. The parallels between the life stories of that alleged shooter, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, and Carlos Bledsoe’s are chilling and, perhaps, instructive.

via Tennessee Is the Capital of American Jihad – James Kitfield – POLITICO Magazine.

The whole thing is long, and quite good, so good it’s a puzzlement why Politico ever published it. (Maybe the editor just skimmed it, and saw Kitfield’s dishonest description of Mohammed’s SKS as an “assault rifle,” and tagged him as a political fellow-traveler?). So do Read The Whole Thing™.

And take care to keep your distance from, and your eyes and your gun muzzle on, American practitioners of the terror cult of Salafi/Wahhabi Mohammedanism.


  1. The term “revert” is often used by extremist converts, and may be a flag for extremism of the Sunni variety (Salafi/Wahhabi/Deobandi — the distinctions matter not, they’re all hostile to civilization, militant and violent). It is based on the theological conceit that all men are born moslems, but some are misguided into other faiths until they “revert” to extremist, murderous Mohammedanism.

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13 thoughts on “Domestic Jihad’s Tennessee History

Jim Scrummy

Prepare accordingly.

Tim, ’80s Mech Guy

Good read, reinforcing the stupidity of not openly recognizing the reality of our situation. Dickhead and his people can go on saying “We are not at war with islam” untill the proverbial cows come home, means nothing-islam is at war with us.


Once again I am going to ask why we are not addressing the war of ideas in the war on terrorism.

We in the west are not going to win this with bombs, bullets or drone strikes.

It is a war of ideas. Militant Islamic Fundamentalism of Sunni/Wahabbi/Salafi or Shiite strain is spreading its’ theology on social media, Arab t.v. and the Internet.

I do not see any effort to use our marketing, advertising, propaganda, movies, or t.v. to challenge their narrative.

I don’t see any show about 2 sisters, one goes to Syria and sees horror while the other stays here and does good works. I see nothing from a ” no terrorism in my name” campaign. I don’t see any movies about the brave Kurdish women soldiers on the front lines. No interviews on t.v. with disillusioned fighters returning to the west after being forced to kill Muslim women and children for lifestyle infractions. No radio free Syria broadcasting into ISIL territory.

I am no expert on marketing, but we need to challenge the culture of death on every front.

Our “Allies” The Saudis have set up a network of religious schools all over the world teaching the Wahabbi strain of hate.

Where is our other ally with a competing school network teaching a more tolerant form of Islam?

This is a multi year effort and we have not even started.

ISIL is making a concerted effort to convert the next generation.

Why are we not offering a competing narrative?

Dyspeptic Gunsmith

The reason why we’re not having a contest of ideas in the media is because we’ve already lost this contest of ideas.

You need to view America from outside our borders for a week to see what we look like. When you see the filth, depravity and nonsense that our media promulgates about the US to foreigners, you see that we lost the battle of ideas since the 1970’s.

The only way to start winning a battle of ideas is to stop deliberately losing it, and that would mean crushing Hollywood with an iron fist. Since that won’t happen, I suggest getting a progressive reloading press and calling that (and everything it feeds) “Plan B.”


We had our first jihad visit to Oz on the 1st of January 1915. An interesting incident: an armed population initially incredulous, then vengeful. An incompetent bullying leftist rampaging in a position of power, pi$$ing people off; and two migrants with Grievances and a heavenly cause. One of the cameleers’ rifles is a .577/450 Martini Henry, the other a sporterised Snider-Enfield .577 (kind of a Pommy version of the Trapdoor). Not sure what the knives were for, perhaps they had apples for afters and didn’t want to risk their bridgework.


p.s. Sincere apology for the link to steenky marxist-leninist agitprop journaille site….beware Narrative.


somewhere in tennessee some good ole boys are getting ready to do some 1950s kinda of shit ……. you just wait and see


And will be destroyed, along with their families, for hate crimes. I’m sure that narrative is already written as well, waiting for the publish button to be clicked.


Great analysis, thank you.

Any definitive word yet on how exactly Abdulazeez was taken down? There was an indication that the FBI found a personal weapon on one of the Marines killed at the reserve center, and it may have been fired. Haven’t heard anything since. It would serve the media’s purpose to let that one go cold. No sense in letting our service members protect themselves on home soil.

Tim, ’80s Mech Guy

I expect we will not hear too much about that. Feds know by now who’s bullet altered the asshat’s plan and who’s killed him. If it doesn’t fit the narrative they won’t muddy the waters. If the Marine or Navy fires distracted him at all-and you can bet it did, to one extent or another-it would distract from the HEY SOME MEAN GUY KILLED A LION!!!

Haxo Angmark

some mean WHITE guy killed a lion with a BLACK mane

Dyspeptic Gunsmith

The reason why this cancer is spreading and metastasizing is that too few people really understand what Islam is.

I’ve undertaken the effort to discover what Islam really is, and it may be many things to many people, but one thing it is most certainly not is a “religion of peace.” For that stupid canard alone, I will rate Bush Jr. as one of our worst presidents in history.