Everyone knows you shouldn’t turn a nine-year-old (or several) loose with a submachine gun. Let alone several nine-year-olds.

Here’s one good, clean, wholesome alternative that’s fun for the whole family!

That’s the ticket. Crew drill develops physical strength, teamwork, and the most important kind of discipline kids can have, self-discipline.

Thanks to the commenter who tipped us to this, it really made our day.

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7 thoughts on “Crew Drill, Service of the Piece, M1917 Browning. With Kids.

Cap’n Mike


I made the mistake of starting my kids out with a .22.

Obviously I was doing it wrong.

Larry Kaiser

If the gunner gets a couple of hot cases inside his shorts he may decide to take up needle point instead of shooting. Long pants are second in importance only to hearing protection.

English kanigit

I’m very glad you posted this! I was looking high and low for this video not long ago.

Trone Abeetin

You know these kids think their parents are the coolest. I’m pretty sure we are looking at some future life takers there….. You know in a good way.


Apparently I need a few more kids. And a crew served machine gun.


Huh…. need to revisit my views on dogs in lieu of children.

They could be my base of fire.


And the politicians that represent Kardashian America would just have max vapors over this video, I love it.