Free ColoradoEvie Hudak waddles off into the sunset…

With internal polling showing her recall a certainty, Colorado’s embattled anti-gun extremist Evie Hudak resigned to keep the seat in the Democrats’ corner. With an open seat, her party (in the person of anti-gun Governor John Hickenlooper) gets to appoint another anti-gun Democrat to hold the seat until he next general election; the recall would have put a pro-gun Republican in.

Hudak was notorious for abusing a rape victim who was trying to testify about how much she would have liked to have a chance to defend herself. Hudak’s message, essentially, was that a dead rapist was a terrible thing, but being raped was no big deal. Coloradan women should just grin and bear it. B!+c63s had it coming.

Hudak on DeckThis was not exactly what Coloradans wanted to hear, and Hudak’s seat was going the way of fellow anti-gunsters John Morse and Angela Giron, despite having (as they had) a huge advantage in funds from unaccountable out-of-state billionaires and pinky-ring union bosses.

In her resignation, she called her anti-gun positions, which in the past have included bans on handguns and all semi-auto weapons, “sensible.” At that point, her party’s only hope was to pull out the rulebooks and seek a technicality. It’s unclear what will happen to the hundreds of thousands donated to the Hudak counter-recall campaign by out-of-state gun-ban groups and trade unions.

So Coloradans male and female get raped once again, as Hudak punches out in the only way left to thwart her recall.

Remember “A Whole Lotta People for John Morse?”

That was the name of the Astroturf group supporting the late unlamented Colorado State Senate President, who was elected as a 2nd Amendment supporter only to turn on lawful gun-owners once safely in office. “A Whole Lotta People for John Morse” turned out to include one Wall Street billionaire, and not a whole lotta Morse’s nominal constituents, who turned him out of office convincingly in a September recall. Morse has resurfaced as the head of an “anti-gun group” that turns out to be just the next step in his evolution as a hireling of Bloomberg.

Some group. Mike and all his Benjamins.

Prostitution is illegal in Colorado, but there’s probably an exception for politicians. Most laws, most places, theyr’e careful to put one in.

Will the Bloomberg entity for which Morse is the figurehead now hire Evie Hudak, possibly the only pro-rapist politician in American history?

Exit Thought

Recalls have been very rare in Colorado history. This year, three have been attempted, all of politicians who made gun bans their signature issue, and all three politicians have been ousted, although one did frustrate her would-be hangmen with an act of political seppuku.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ Dudley Brown says: “This historic event should put every gun-grabber in the Capitol on notice for the 2014 Elections.” He’s focused on Colorado, naturally, but Hudak’s head joining Morse’s and Giron’s on the metaphorical pike is going to terrify a lot of people across America, people for whom the greatest terror in the world is being out of office.

Does it bother anybody that such people are terrified?


(The Colorado Statesman, a near-moribund Democratic weekly, has its spin here).

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One thought on “Colorado anti-gun doings


FWIW, the Ds in CO are scared spitless, because by appointing Hudak’s replacement, they maintain a bare 1-seat margin.

They’re hoping this mitigates the backlash fury because otherwise, it’s gonna be a red state statehouse next fall.

Boo frickin’ hoo.

From what I’ve heard about this from the locals, Hudak & Co. are lucky they aren’t leaving via tumbrel cart.