This guy seems to shop at al-Bubba the gunsmith:

Aye Relief

These ISIL imb-isils are answering the shouted question, “How many brain cells have you got?” Note the cat in the second line with two fingers, and the guy in the back, behind the clown with the Syrian-flag headband, holding up all five fingers? They’re the brains of this outfit.

But Bubba is their armorer. Putting the scope where the rail is, not where the scope needs to be, is a bit like the drunk who was looking for his car keys a couple of blocks from where he lost them, “because there’s a streetlight here!” Let’s zoom in a little closer on this lash-up, because the picture’s kind of dark. We’ll lighten it with an Auto Levels tool and see if that helps the Bubba job stand out (it embiggens, but has lousy resolution).


The scope is on a who-needs-a-jeezly-cheekweld height mount, and seems to be mounted at an angle to the bore better measured in degrees than in Minutes of Angle or Miliradians. But wait, what’s that opposite the scope?

Why, yes, it is two fore-grips, because Allah helps those who keep a grip, evidently. The clown is gripping a Grip-pod, and right behind it there’s a folding grip, which looks to us like the Command Arms product. (Funny. Grip-pod doesn’t list ISIL when they mention “Who Uses Grip-Pod“. We thought “there is no such thing as bad publicity!”)

And, of course, for extra Tactical Operator fetish points, al-Bozo here is pulling the old two-magazines-and-electrical-tape spare ammo storage trick. Somewhere, Gecko45 just had a nocturnal emission.

This Arab assclown is undoubtedly more of a threat to himself and those around him than he is to any enemy other than an unarmed child, but then, that’s the history of Arab arms in a nutshell, isn’t it?

Despite that, these inept brain-deads have been beating, defeating, hell, clobbering, the guys that were well disposed to us in particular and to civilization in general. We live in interesting times.

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23 thoughts on “Ay, yi yi yi yi Relief….


Excellent narrative to the photo. Gave me a good chuckle until the sobering last bit, there.


Col. Cooper would approve of the scout mounted scope though. Snort.

William O. B’Livion

Never mind cheek weld, does the eye relief even allow him to see through that thing?

Unfortunately he’s also got the weapon on safe, and his finger WAY off the trigger.


You don’t understand. The scope helps the RIFLE see better, cheek weld and eye relief are irrelevant when you hold the rifle around the corner of a building and mash the trigger on full auto. Which is also where the double foregrips become really decisive. Add some velcro and he’ll be invincible…or a martyr, but mostly a martyr.


OK, I get it, it unleashes the Moon Rifle Spirit to wreak its vengeance on the kufr!


Counting Mohamschumuk I see about seven in the grade school photo with double mags taped together. Three of them with white medical tape which is a great camouflage idea for a desert environment.

It is sobering to think that these idiots routed the Iraqis. Perhaps massed wave attacks with a six to one ratio would explain it. Worked for the Chinese when they pushed our guys right into the Chosin.

There has been footage showing that at least some of their people are skilled in using tactics. Maybe they were the spear tip and these guys are the ones who do the brutalization of the unarmed civvies. Which is a part of their success. Like the Mongols, these guys use terror and heinous acts to the conquered to shore up their image. Genghis Khan slaughtered entire towns to keep the population cowed and controlled.


Except when conquered, the Khans let thier subjects keep the faith of thier choosing and were of the more tolerant rulers in terms of religion and unified the region. The wholesale slaugher of civilian populations really had nothing to do with religion. Unlike these ass hats.




One other thing I just noticed, is that scope on backwards?


Well, instead of carrying binos to glass the battlefield he just mounted a scope and short stocks it to see into the future. Of course blocks the sights but maybe it’s in tactical see-thru rings yet? And doesn’t appear to be any supply or logistics standard with regards to any load bearing equipment so he’s Jethro’d his mags together. His made his rifle his load carriage. As for the two grips, well, I’ve got nothing. I don’t know what chuckles is doing there…


The double grips look weird, though who knows. The mid-east has such a rate of inbreeding that maybe it’s actually ergonomic for the dude.

What’s wrong with the scope? If it’s a LER scope, it’d probably work, no?


If it’s not an LER then the view through it is gonna be something like using a drinking straw to peep through. And where in the hell are they getting all these barbiedoll-accesories, like the egro rear grip or what looks like a stainless trigger?




With that objective lens, it’s almost certainly not an LER scope.

The inbreeding line made me laugh, but it’s true. There’s villages in Afghanistan with lots of people with six digits on each limb. Lots of family trees without confusing branches.


Something like half of all Muslims practice inbreeding. It’s crazy, and I wonder why most western countries even allow first cousin marriages. Advocates disingenuously claim the risk of serious genetic disorder is only doubled, but that is BS as most of these cousin marriages are between people whose ancestors also practiced it, which makes problems far more likely.

Marrying anyone closer than second cousin is tempting fate. Rotschilds somehow beat the odds though.

Pakistanis, however, have families that have practiced first cousin marriage for generations. 70% of marriages there are to a first cousin.

Land of the pure, indeed.

Tom Stone

Betcha that kinda tacticool goes over big time with the local goats.

Dan F

He needs two foregrips so he can switch action poses on the fly. One is for shooting infidels and the other heretics. The scope designates his status as a top tier sniper.


I am always amazed when I see you tube videos of fighting in Syria where no one ever seems to aim their AK.

Putting a red dot on an AK is a major improvement over the iron sights.

My Chinese NHM 91 wears an Eotech on an Ultimak gas tube rail.

I do have a 1 to 4 x scope on my Arsenal AK on a soviet side rail mount.

The side rail is rock solid and allows 3 inches of eye relief.

It does require a cheek rest to raise my eye 2 inches to the scope height.

At 1 x it is a both eyes open red dot, good for 4 to 5 inch groups at 100 yards.

At 4 x it allows hits out to 200 yards.

I don’t have access to a range any longer than that.

This is off a rest at a bench. I am certain that combat shooting would double those group sizes.

A human chest is about 19 inches wide.

Still good enough to shoot at someone standing at a window like I see these people doing in the videos

Both block the iron sights, but greatly increase hit probability.

Aimpoints are good for 5 years constant use on one battery if recharging is a problem.

Anyone know if the US is supplying the Kurds with red dots for their AK’s?

It would give them a significant advantage over the Hadji’s


An AK is more accurate than many people think. And it was a huge leap forward from what it replaced — the 50-year-old Mosin-Nagant, and the stopgap PPSh. The Russians are in the same jam as the US, they’ve designed a weapon that’s really good enough to keep getting peripheral upgrades until the next revolution comes. Whenever that is.

Strange as it is, the guys that do the logistics for UW and FID are not aware what a combat multiplier an Aimpoint is.

William O. B’Livion

At a class in AK gun fighting I was, using a Ak with a Aimpoint M2 on a Ultimak rail, make 5/5 shots at a steel target about head sized at roughly 110 yards.

Not NRA Highpower groups, but good enough.

I suspect I could reliably get shots out to the limit of my eyes with the Aimpoint.

Can’t blame the rifle for my eyes.

Martin S

Want to see people who actually aim, and only rarely shout snackbar, check out the videos of the kurds doing some proper fighting.

I have seen some competency displayed in videos from syria, but the stupid is strong and prevalent.

Whatever the impressive number rounds per kill was in places like Vietnam etc, these guys will have massively outdone in the last few years.


There’s the guys who spend their time taking pictures posing, looking cool, and the guys actually doing the work.

Why are they winning? Because many countries in the region (with good reason) consider their soldiers hired thugs of a thuggish government… so there’s little incentive to hold the line in front of serious opponents.

I hope KSA can actually hold the line against them. If they fall under the ISIS banner, we are in deep trouble indeed.


laugh all U want, O infidel dogs. ISIL is here to stay. And the Arab Legion – led by a Brit officer – did a solid job against the Zionists in ’48, holding E. Jerusalem and the W. Bank