Ammo StockpilePowerLine is a mostly political, legal and cultural blog started by three middle-aged lawyers. They manage to keep an interesting balance of stuff, but when they talk about guns, it’s almost always in the legal-case or political context. We were amused to see what we hope is a new feature in the blog, occasional reports from Susan “AmmoGrrl” Vass, who’s an actual comedienne, which is rare, and a funny one, which is vanishingly rare. And a regular shooter, so how rare is that combination?

In any event, she reports on the diversity of her new village in AZ, compared to her old pied-a-terre in Minnesota, which was as white as you might expect (“diverse” people have more sense than to endure -20ºF winters?), including the diversity of the folks in the ammo line. First, though, why’s everybody so happy?

My dusty little village in Arizona is the most diverse place I have ever lived. There’s obviously so much intermarriage that people no longer fit neatly into Census Bureau boxes. But, you’ve got your Native-Americans; you’ve got your African-Americans; you’ve got your Latinos, many of them legal; and you’ve got your Geezer-Americans, retirees of every hue and creed, dumping their Social Security checks into the slot machines and supporting the Native-Americans in a beautiful Circle of Life.

Everybody gets along. Everybody eats at the same three local diners. Everybody is polite. Everybody is smiley and friendly, even teenagers! Why?

Because everybody is armed to the teeth – cowboys, geezers, Iraqi vets, tattooed Latinos, nuns.

You see ranchers ambling through Walmart with .45 caliber 1911s on their hips in glorious Open Carry and nobody even bats an eyelash. In Minnesota, someone would dive under the Size 4XL Clearance Rack and call SWAT. In Arizona, you say “Good morning,” and the cowboy tips his Stetson and says, “Ma’am.”

See what she did there with the 4XL Clearance Rack? Lady does know the Upper Midwest.

A cousin visiting from Los Angeles who travels almost exclusively in metrosexual circles, looked in wide-eyed wonder at the much-maligned denizens of Walmart and exclaimed: “Oh my God! ACTUAL MEN!!”

This one is an absolutely mandatory Read the Whole Thing™er, if only for her closing paragraph where she describes her fellow ammo-liners, and explains what’s the deal on the white guy who isn’t there to buy ammo.  (Yes, that’s a tease. Go read the jeezly thing. WeaponsMan’s still going to be here, at least through the end of the day).

(Aside rant: Where in the name of Niffelheim is all the .22? Even the online sources don’t have bricks of .22LR? Even the crap Mexican Aquila has dried up?)

Not that Susan Vass can tell us. But we sure hope she’ll be sharing more “Thoughts from the Ammo Line” in the future.

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3 thoughts on “AmmoGrrl’s “Thoughts from the ammo line”


Vass is a hoot! Two places I meet friendly, nice folks: the shooting range and the smoking area outside any establishment. Both groups are vilified by the “tolerenti”.


Gee. If all this is true in a “dusty Arizona town”, I can’t wait ’til the Diversity gets even thicker in the “sanctuary city” where I live, [deleted -Ed.] ‘n all. No doubt presaging a return to the primal Republic. [Deleted -Ed.] are indeed the “new Whites”; globalist Tribal billionaire Ron Unz sez so.

Hognose Post author

Don’t do that again, please. You may use any language you like on your blog, but I will not tolerate racial or ethnic slurs on my blog. I have taken the liberty of deleting the offending words. My Army career was dedicated to the idea of working “by, with and through” people that many Americans might see through a lens of ethnic slurs.

While culture can be healthy or pathological, people are individuals the world over, and are best approached and handled as individuals. Knowing an individual stems from Group X tells you very little that is useful about that individual, unless it’s an affinity group that he joined.

You’re welcome to have an opinion as contrary as you like, but kindly express it without resort to demeaning terminology. Thanks.