…end with this post. As usual, we won’t be posting further today. Look at the That Was the Week that Was post immediately below this to see if you missed anything you really wanted to see.

We’ll be back at it Monday. This coming week we’ll be looking at how magazines help your AR run, what’s the difference between 5.56 and .223 (in answer to a suggestion two weeks ago), some of the facts of taking a 1,000 meter shot, and how different cities approach the idea of a parade for Iraq veterans.

Closing today, we’d like to do something new with these Sunday posts — call it a little Special Forces Sunday Homily. Today, we’ll repeat the Special Operations Truths.

Humans are more important than hardware.

Quality is better than quantity

Special Operations Forces cannot be mass-produced

Competent SOF cannot be created after emergencies occur.

Most special operations require non-SOF assistance.


These are our touchstone, our rules to internalize and live by. They have applications far beyond the narrow world of Special Operations Forces. Beyond the military, for that matter. Tens of thousands of former and retired special operators still live by these rules every day as they excel in new fields. They can’t help it because it’s part of them, now.

Make it part of you if you dare.

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