Funny that this should come up right the same day we run a thing on flying with one’s hardware: a clearance on two models, rifle and pistol, Plano cases at Midway.

  1. Plano Military Spec Field Locker Double Rifle Case with Wheels 56-1/4″ x 18″ x 7-1/4″ Polymer Black

  2. Plano Military Spec Field Locker Large Pistol Case 17.90″ Black

We don’t like Plano cases as much as Pelican or Hardigg, but they’re okay, and these two are reasonably priced.

We’re not sure that the buttons will work from this page. If not, go to this link and they’ll definitely work from there.

(And no, we’re not getting anything from this).

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4 thoughts on “A Deal on Cases


Thanks for the tip. That might be just the ticket for trips up north when something weather proof would be handy.

Seem like a lot of box for basic CCW away from home though. I’ve had good luck with a NanoVault the few times I’ve flown in the last few years.

Cheap, big enough for the single pistol but slim enough to pack easily, good balance between weight and protection, light enough and with a decent enough, non-TSA, lock. The bad guys have all the time they want so I don’t, personally, get a lot of value out of bigger locks. I just want enough to keep the curious TSA second checkers out long enough to close the window on getting the bag back on the conveyor.

William O. B’Livion

I use something very much like the linked item.

I use a cable through the slit in it to lock it to the frame of the handle for my suitcase and check the whole thing.

If I have to pay to check my gun(s) I might as well put a bunch of other stuff in there. This also means that I can tuck the gun case under some clothes, and that it’s just a normal looking suitcase that doesn’t look like anything valuable is inside.

Boat Guy

The piece yesterday on flying with guns reminded me of the efficacy of using a hard shell golf bag carrier. Those will easily take two of the single Plano long gun cases – usually with room for a hindgun case at the end. It’s much better being in line at the counter with a golf bag case than a Pelican if you’re trying to “fit in”

Josey Wales

While I too prefer the Hardigg/Pelican, the price is too good to pass up. Ordered 5 pistol and 2 rifle. Many thanks for the tip.