The forgotten TV show Hee-Haw was a Hollywood idea of the entertainment country hayseeds might like, and its symbol was a braying jackass. “Yee-Haw” is what we call all the schadenfreude about the indictment of San Francisco anti-gun extremist, and simultaneously, wannabe gun-runner Leland Y. Yee. There’s this, from Yee’s onetime punchbag, the CalGuns Foundation:


Heh. And then there’s the mock business card that’s going around:


The funniest bit of that: it’s all basically true, at least if we believe the 137-page criminal complaint. There are some gems in there, too.

One of the Chinese Tongs with which Yee appears to be associated is named… Hop Sing. We are not making this up, it’s on page 4 of the complaint. There’s also a Hop Sing gang with some 300 members which is different from the Hop Sing Tong, which is different from the Triads, but the Venn diagrams seem to overlap a lot. Reading this stuff is like being ripped out of one’s comfortable country life and deposited into the middle of a Hong Kong Kung-fu movie. Hiiyaaah! (Whack!)

Yee’s money launderer in the conspiracy, one Kevin Siu aka Dragon Tin Loong Siu, has a criminal record — for prostitution. Well, it is San Francisco. Our take: he’ll be the guy who flips and cooperated. After all, it’s not very far from selling his @$$ to make money for Yee to selling out Yee to save his @$$.

What’s with the Dragon thing anyway? Is it a Bruce Lee thing, or a throwback to the KKK?

While some of the charged conspirators, like Yee, had no priors, quite a number of them have long records, and several are now charged as felons in possesson of firearms.

One of the charged individuals, Raymond Chow, admitted to shipping military-grade tungsten from the US to China, in addition to all the weapons-smuggling (most of which was promises to get military weapons from overseas for Domestic moslem terrorists) and money-laundering.

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Kind of off topic. I am noticing that the supposedly racist gun community has not once mentioned Mr Yee’s ancestry while laughing our asses off at his plight.

Hognose Post author

True enough. All his ancestry means, apparently, is the particular organized crime syndicate he aligns with. Just like other pols have been aligned with, say, La Cosa Nostra or the Winter Hill (Irish) gang. Although Roberta X had a post about some chucklehead who was commenting snidely about the “ethnic names” of the indicted. (Her post is called something like, “I don’t want you on my side.” Amen, sister). The Bay Area is heavily Asian. It’s one of the few places in the country where Asian-Americans are common as cops and as defendants!

I think we mentioned that Yee was born in China, actually. Like a million other Americans, but they didn’t commit any crimes lately.

The only scale that matters when evaluating human beings is the individual. Everything else is crude shorthand at best, and prejudicial and misleading at worst.

Stedan van der Borght

The dragon thing? Who else but the cunning serpent, the adversary, the one with the crushed head. Lots of other symbols plastered about to signify his handiwork and favourite haunts, such as the six pointed star “of David” (who’d have burnt it and the bearer immediately on sight), and the five pointed ones all over the place (flags, anyone?), to the swastika (original Indian, the Teutonic version, and the NATO one so boldly displayed on that ignominious rag). Keep digging in the weaponsworld of “how” and you’ll always end up confronting “why”. We ingenious humans will always satisfy the “why” with whatever “how” we can come up with; fists, rocks, sticks, knives, swords, bows, guns, gas, germs, nukes, etc. As disgusting as the Yee thing is, there’s worse hidden behind it.


Yee, Feindstein, Soros, Schumer, Bloomberg and the rest of the gun-grabbing Kleptocrats aren’t at all “anti-gun”. Labeling them as such is to concede the linguisic battleground, and take a long step toward losing the war. The Left/and other Statists love guns: but in their hands, not ours, and aimed at us. This point may be further generalized: the same defeat is potentiated by calling Sodomites “gay”, communists “progressives”, and etc. Stop accepting the Enemy’s self-definition.