For the sheer OCD of it:

July Month-End Statistics:

Hit Count using Rich Counter
Hits in July 85,701
Year to date 634,239
Year end projections: 1,028,412-1,087,267
Comments in July: 734
Year to date: 4569
Year-end Projection: about 9000

The year-end forecast is a simple multiplication of the last month *12 (that’s the low end number), or a simple projection of the same average rate of hits recorded over the entire year to date (that’s the higher number).

Top Referrers (excluding search engines):

A little surprised not to see The Gun Feed on the list, it’s usually there too. Also, we had a few hits from the Google engines in various countries including Canada, Germany, France… and India. Hey, if you want to talk weapons, don’t be shy, speak up!

Weird Keywords

We had a few of these, this month, including many on ebola (no idea why our blog is coming up in ebola searches; we worked biodefense, on the civilian side, for some years and maybe wrote about some of that).

Bottom line on ebola and other hemorrhagic fevers (Marburg, Lassa, etc.): they are so deadly that outbreaks so far have been self-attenuating. What we know about natural selection suggests the virus may evolve towards less mortality (or at least, less rapid mortality) and that’s great if you’re a virus, but paradoxically, a less-immediately-deadly ebola would be worse for humanity. Viruses, being comparatively simple, have the potential to evolve more rapidly than higher organisms. As a fatal disease with no effective treatment, ebola research takes place in Biological Safety Level-4 facilities. (How secure is that? Well, like cancer stages, there is no “5.” We’re talking negative pressure, self-contained facilities and researchers wearing moon suits and isolated from the air).

Statistics FAQ

Why do you do this?

Because we can. 

But we’re not interested!

Why did you read this far, then? You’re overdue to scroll down to the next gun story.

Rich Counter blows goats, you should use _____________ (fill in the blank).

Hey, we needed stats, we picked something. It wasn’t worth a thorough analysis to maximize the benefit. Instead, we did what an economist calls “satisficing.” Show us a better plug-in, we might plug it in. (Actually, if you’re dispensing WordPress plug-ins, one that would do tables or even accept them pasted from Word or something would be The Heat™. Writing tables in html is something we’re ready to outsource to one of Obama’s braceros one of these days, if we can’t automate it. But every table plug-in we’ve looked at has been a stinker. Got a non-bozo one? That is, if you’re the Santa Claus of Plug-in Wisdom or something).

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