It’s Wednesday, time for the Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week, and there’s a real beauty for you this week:, which bills itself — fairly — as “Your destination for rare, exotic, and prototype firearms.”

Since Cain picked up a rock and brained Abel (which is a bit speculative: the source is blank on the ur-criminal’s MO), men have been looking for better ways to do their brother in, which may be a tragic commentary on the human condition, and an affront to God, but it does keep a Weapons Man employed. Naturally, with so much ingenuity applied to this task from prehistory, through the age of legends and sagas, into ancient and modern historic times, not every weapon can be a star.

For every M1 Garand there’s a Scotti Model X. For every MP-5 there’s a Brøndby Maskinpistol — or more than one. And that’s just to name two of the recent features at Forgotten Weapons.

Now, we don’t go all the way back — no Taliban Beheading Tulwars or neolithic stone axes, the focus here is on firearms, and the more quaint, curious, or unexpected the weapon, the more the site seems to like it. The host seems to have an eclectic taste for both the popular and the also-ran armaments of the last century. The posts are well-written, and the photographs are great — vintage ones showing the arms of forgotten empires, and awesome new photographs of many weapons. .

Go there now, but set an alarm if you have an important task or meeting coming… because you could be there a while.

(Photo: 1910 Bergmann-Simplex pistol from — where else? —

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