Omar Khadr is, nominally, Canadian. The committed al-Qaeda terrorist would tell you, if he were not using his nominal Canadian nationality as a shield to escape consequences for his own criminality, that he’s really a citizen of the worldwide ummah and a global Caliphate that doesn’t exist yet. But it will as soon as he and his fellow terrorists just murder, enslave, and intimidate those who are not on board with this experiment in social organization.

Khadr was, on January 20, 2009, where he belonged: in prison after killing and wounding American Special Operations soldiers after a feigned surrender. Omar pled guilty — with pride — to five specifications of war crimes. Canadian columnist Ezra Levant has a description of Khadr’s capture, in a longer piece on Khadr’s condition and connections excerpted from his book:

Omar Khadr, treated by SF medic (r.), kept asking in English how many infidels he had killed, and begging to be shot so he could be a martyr.

Omar Khadr, treated by SF medic (r.), kept asking in English how many infidels he had killed, and begging to be shot so he could be a martyr. That’s not how we roll.

While Khadr cursed the soldiers with his fading breaths and demanded they make a martyr of him so he could collect his promised reward in the afterlife for dying while murdering a Christian, they acted, instead, only and utterly humanely. At the time, they had no way of knowing that Khadr was a high-value capture, a young man who inherited the networks of his crime family, networks extending all the way to al-Qaeda’s most senior figures. They wouldn’t have known he was a Canadian citizen. This teenager lying in the middle of an Afghan wasteland certainly wouldn’t have looked the part. Complying with his request — to shoot him right there and then, moments after he had blown up Christopher Speer, after he had fought these soldiers so relentlessly in a firefight lasting hours — could have been a very powerful temptation. It must have seemed impossible that anyone would even care. Even just to let him die, to suffocate on his own blood, right there in the Afghan mud, would have been a simple thing to do. It might not even have taken very long for him to succumb to his serious injuries, including two bullets in his thorax.

Instead, U.S. medics rushed to save Omar Khadr’s life, providing him critical medical care right there in the field. “We had two medics that day and he killed the first one,” Sgt. Layne Morris, who lost his eye when Khadr’s al-Qaeda cell attacked him and his fellow troops, told Global News in 2005. “The second one saved his life. He would have bled to death from his injuries in a short amount of time.”

While we reccomend you Read the Whole Thing™ at Canada’s National Post, we actually recommend you Read The Whole Thing™, Levant’s book, The Enemy Within.

Layne Morris. He has a glass eye now and looks better -- but he still can't see with it.

Layne Morris. He has a glass eye now and looks better — but he still can’t see with it. He and Speer’s surviors (and other men Khadr wounded) are suing the now-wealthy terrorist.

Layne Morris was a Special Forces soldier; Khadr’s breach of the laws and usages of war left him retired on disability. The man Khadr killed, Chris Speer, was a member of a JSOC element, and left behind a widow and two young children. Khadr himself was raised in an atmosphere of Islamic terrorism: his heroes the Moslem Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda, with which his father and brothers proudly claimed to align. It was his murderous Mohammedan faith that brought him to Afghanistan, it was his murderous Mohammedan faith that taught him to kill, and it was his murderous Mohammedan faith that initially demanded that the soldiers administer a coup de grâce so that he could complete his murderous Mohammedan martyrdom.

They refused, saving his life, and into custody he went.

What happened on January 20, 2009 that elevated the interests of this curious specimen over the interests of the United States, not to mention the interests of Speer’s survivors? We leave that as an exercise for the reader.

No sooner does Levant, a scourge and target of Canada’s home-grown Islamic terror lobby, lay down the cudgel, than American columnist Michelle Malkin takes it up. Her position is in support of the bereaved victims of Khadr’s perfidy, Tabitha, Taryn and Tanner Speer:

Behold Canada and America. One country supports the efforts of a U.S. special forces soldier’s widow to hold accountable the jihadist who killed her husband and the father of her two young children. The other country helped free that jihadist from Guantanamo Bay in a shady deal that appeased his far-left allies.

Guess which side President Obama’s on.

The widow is Tabitha Speer. Her children are Taryn and Tanner. Their husband and father was an American hero: Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer, a 28-year-old medic with the U.S. Special Forces. As I reported in my syndicated column 11 years ago, Speer died in Afghanistan during an ambush by al-Qaida operatives. The remorseless Islamic zealot who lobbed the fatal grenade that killed Speer in 2002: 15-year-old Omar Khadr.

The conservative Canadian government lent its public support to the Speer family and to Morris on the eve of Memorial Day weekend: “Our government supports the efforts of Tabitha Speer and fellow soldiers to receive compensation for their horrible loss.” Good for them.

How about America’s leaders? AWOL. The reason Khadr is in Canada, in case you didn’t know, is that Obama freed Khadr from Gitmo after intense lobbying from the “compassionate” social justice crowd. He was repatriated to Canada just weeks before America’s November 2012 election. Leading the pressure campaign on Obama: the Center for Constitutional Rights, which also crusaded for the release of former Gitmo jihadist Abu Sufian bin Qumu, a primary suspect in the Benghazi consulate attacks.

…[W]hat does it say when the Canadian government shows more compassion for the fatherless children of a U.S. soldier than their own government? A search for the Speer children on the White House website yielded:

“No results.”

We’d advise you to Read The Whole Thing™. Set free with a stroke of the pen and home in Canada, Omar Khadr is back in the comforting embrace of his terrorist family and a variety of Islamic and left-wing extremists. His family, who have apparently been on welfare as it is practiced in Toronto, have somehow become millionaires, and the Speer family and Layne have a lawsuit that even the tort-bar-unfriendly among us might see as having the potential to deliver justice.

Since the United States officials charged with that responsibility have lain down on the job, we American SF and SOF vets are thankful to PM Steven Harper and Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney for standing up for us. (Of course, Canadians have a diversity of opinions on the issue. Opposition leaders Mulcair of the NDP and Justin Trudeau of the Liberals support Khadr).

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Omar Khadr is living the very real risk that a carload of SF vets won’t decide to make a roadtrip to the Great White North, snatch him up in a gunny sack, return to some quiet barn out in Redneckistan, and introduce him to the joys of breathing underwater until he coughs up PIN numbers and access codes, along with a pillowcase of actionable intel that the Easter Bunny might drop off at curbside to JSOC, in hopes they don’t decide to use him for catfish bait somewhere between Minneapolis and New Orleans at the conclusion of the exercise. Gitmo Rules only apply at Gitmo.

That particular graveyard isn’t one alongside which I would choose to whistle.


There’s no reason to talk like this.

Ryan Roy

I am a Canadian citizen. Among other things, it’s relatively incomprehensible to me that people with well-known criminal and terrorist organization connections can continue to reside comfortably here. I am sure it’s complicated.

I the fact that Khadr was 15 years old at the time is noteworthy. Had he been 12 years old, or 8 years old I wonder if there would be the same controversy. I think whatever side you come out on, it is worth discussing whether a 15 year old is entirely responsible for choices they make under the influence of their adult care-takers.

In a more conventional war it seems to me Khadr would have been treated as a POW and imprisoned until that conflicts’ resolution. The GWOT unfortunately complicates that beyond recognition. Should he be considered an enemy soldier? If so should he be imprisoned as a POW until the GWOT concludes, if ever?

As an aside, do JSOC people work with SF regularly?


Hognose Post author

I don’t know what’s going on in Canadian laws. There are plenty of people on both sides of the border who are eager to believe whatever bullshit the terrorists come out with. Some of them, like the lawyers, profit by it. Others have ideological reasons. During the Vietnam war at lest 10,000 draft dodgers and deserters went north and became Canada’s problem (about five times that many Canadians volunteered in US forces). The reason Canada accepted American draft dodgers then is that the USA had given asylum to Canadian draft dodgers in WWII! The Canadian PM had someone check, “What did they do to us when the shoe was on the other foot?” when he was making his decision.

In general terms the Canadian security apparatus (CSIS, RCMP, JTF2, etc.) works as closely with its US counterparts as two independent nations can work together. With very few exceptions, our intel community shares the crown jewels with Canada, UK, and Australia under a mutual treaty.

In general, an American wanted in Canada is going to wind up in front of a Canadian court, and vice versa. You can’t hide here from justice there. However, once convicted the con is often swapped back to do his time close to home and family.

JSOC and SF do different things most of the time and usually are under different SO Task Forces. Of the overt SOF, Rangers and SEALs work with JSOC much more than SF do. But sometimes we team up on things. In the early days in Afghanistan everybody was doing similar things. For example, SF recon elements were used interchangeably with JSOC and even coalition SOF ones during the failed attempt to encircle and annilihate Al-Q in Tora Bora. (A lot of the terrs were killed, but some of them got away). A JSOC element made some errors in trying to do the by, with and through thing then (in 20-20 retrospect).

Generally, JSOC represents and extremely flexible direct-action capability and SF represents a capability to work by, with and through local national allies or guerillas. That’s a gross oversimplification.


It doesn’t matter what bullshit they believe.

Isn’t this a clear case of murder and attempted murder? And belonging to a terrorist organisation?

This dude is not like half of Gitmo prisoners, who might be there because they were a problem to someone and the US was paying good money for ‘terrorists’.

What is it with USA and inept administrations? The last four were all full of bumbling clowns.

Bill T

I really don’t think that the Geneva Convention rules would or should apply to this puke. I would recommend this or a similar fate for him, Aesop. He lived here and knew what it was like to be free and then turned into a terrorist. There is NO sympathy due him.

Boys become men at “fully 12” in the Mid-East. (That’s 13 for all us Infidels). At 15 he knew or should have known what he was doing. The meeting between him and Allah should be arranged after an extensive session on the water-board.


i doubt if this critter is fond of Hezbollah. They’re Shia, and would kill him on sight. As would I, given the chance: if Abdul wants to go see Allah and screw 17 blind virgins for all eternity, these are religious views and should be properly respected. After System Collapse, all this will be made right: in fact, all sorts of outstanding scores are going to be settled. In North America, both Muslims and Zionists may become endangered species.


Pilot give up the Potok inspired dipshittery, that man is rich enough.

When I ask what are a violent lunatic’s DU or Daily Kos avatar is I am not kidding, and I would bet dollars to donuts this punk kid posts on a Canadian version of those two criminal conspiracy sites.

The same can be said of Obama voting Boston Flashbang I would love to read some of his Obama worshipping posts in the English speaking forums.


Omar Khadr was transferred from Gitmo to Canada, but he has not been freed. He is currently in a maximum security prison in Edmonton, Alberta. The arrangement with the US is that he serve the remainder of his sentence in a Canadian prison. Khadr’s lawyers have filed a $20 million lawsuit against the Canadian government for violating his rights. He claims not to remember anything about the firefight in which Speer died and insists it was all an invention of the CIA.