That was the week that was TW3Ah, lucky Week 13. And posted on time on the last day of the week. Will wonders never cease? Not around here, they won’t.

This was a good week spent mostly in the home office. On the phone. Much was accomplished.

In the gun world, our AR prototype receivers came in and are at the FFL for pickup tomorrow. All is proceeding as we have foreseen.

The links to this week’s will all be live when the post goes live. Enjoy!

The Boring Statistics

Our article count was 28, a great rebound from last week’s weak 23. Word count likewise rebounded (or maybe regressed towards the mean), at 19,000 words up from a mere 13,000-odd. We had six posts that broke the long-post threshold of 1,000 words, but none of them were over 2,000. (That’s twice as many long posts as last week, though).

The mean and median post sizes were 679 and 610 respectively, suggesting that there were some unusually short posts. There is usually at least one sub-100-word post, but this time there were three; and 11 total sub-500-word posts. We widely exceeded our minimum desired post count of 19. So far this year we’ve almost 350 blog posts, and over 1800 comments.  

Comments are more or less normal at 118, as of press time; this is significantly higher than the previous week’s comment count, which was 96. This doesn’t include about 1,000 facebook-sourced spam comments. Don’t know why we got those, but they come in waves, and we shoot them down in waves.

Thanks for commenting! We always say this and we always mean it.

Most Commented Post of the Week

Our most commented post was the incredible Yee story: Gun-banning, murderer-releasing pol charged with gun trafficking, with 14 comments and runner-up was Tour d’Horizon — French for “too many links”,  with 9. These two posts represent only about 20% of the week’s comments; overall, this week, the comments were more evenly distributed across the posts.

The Week in Posts

Here’s the recap of our posts for this week:

We hope you enjoyed this week’s content. We enjoyed bringing it to you!

Here’s how we did on last week’s promises:

We had the same promises as usual, the same ones we make for next week.

  1. We didn’t catch up on much, and we still owe the Bull and Greek posts.
  2. We did make our minimum posting rules (and then some).
  3. We could have had more tech posts.
  4. We did get the WWWW up on time.
  5. And we did get the Matinee and the TW3 up on time.

For Next Week

Our goals are unchanged:

  1. to catch up the long-festering back posts mentioned above, now back up to just two features (Gerald Bull, and the Greek Insurgencies). We also have some other stuff that has sat way to long in the draft queue (there are 240-odd posts there right now, so we’re not curating it very well). We’re really serious about the two posts that finish the Greek series, and the second post of two on the Volkssturm Carbines.
  2. to post three times a day, six days a week, of which:
  3. one gun-tech or -industry post and one SOF, UW, or war-related post up daily.
  4. a WWWW, on Wednesday.
  5. a Saturday Matinee, and a TW3 before the week ends at midnight Saturday.

The draft queue is approaching 250, so it’s time to dynamite some of that stuff out and entertain you guys.

See you with a TW3 on Saturday! (Again!)

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One thought on “That Was the Week that Was: 2014 Week 13

Stefan van der Borght

What’s this? A WM AR version? Please tell, we’re all ears! Send me a copy for evaluation, too! Ah, drat, it would be delivered by DHL accompanied by about a hundred BGS troopers all wanting to play, so maybe better not.