We’re belatedly putting up the post we thought we set up yesterday for Sunday morning. It’s out there somewhere….

This week, we start off with the inventor of the World’s Deadliest Rifle. (Well, that’s what the magazine headline says). We ave atque vale a great friend of the special operator, whose Mach 2.5 thunder rends the air never more. And, inspired by some backchannel correspondence, we’ll walk you guys through saving some money on ammunition, now that there actually is ammunition to save money on.

It’s going to be a fun week!

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I’m eager to see your comments on the PTRS 14.5 at some point.

Hognose Post author

There’s a few comments in the guess-the-gun post, after the jump. BLUF: it’s a really big SKS, but loads differently despite an eerily similar magazine. It has a garand/mannlicher style en-bloc clip, but you pop the mag cover just like an SKS and insert it from the bottom.

I really wanted one but they come up very seldom and I used to get narrowly outbid. Now after sequester had its way with my finances I’m not bidding on any five figure (or even mid four figure) guns for a while.

Samuel Suggs

Awwwwww I thought you where going to talk about the AR-10 and its derivatives SAD FACE ):