For a change, nobody is going anywhere big this Sunday. (That’s coming Wednesday, so we’ll try to preload the blog with stuff for while we’re off pursuing other amusements).

To tease this week, here’s substantive stuff we want to put up:

  • Two of the rarest and most desirable US cartridge handguns ever happen to be for sale right now.
  • There are some awesome auctions coming up.
  • Want to own an M60 machine gun? How about a Hollywood star M60 — the gun that gave Chuck Norris his first big break?
  • Want to sit in on a one hour Squad Designated Marksman classroom lecture?
  • The Guerrillas of Greece, Part 3, the Greek Civil War, and Part 4, the Cyprus Insurgency.
  • Volkssturm carbines, Part 2 of 2.
  • 1st Quarter WeaponsMan statistics. How are we doing on our goal of 1,000,000 hits this year without compromising quality?

And of course, we’ll stick up a bunch of non-substantive stuff, too. That’s the price you pay to read the good stuff around here. Hey, it could be worse. We could have ads.

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2 thoughts on “Static Sunday


Yeah!!! you are finishing the greek resistance articles. I thought you may forgotten or cancelled the greek resistance articles because of low count like your tech ones.

Hognose Post author

Nope, even the tech articles will keep coming, I figured lack of comments don’t necessarily mean people don’t like the content. Often it’s just new to ’em.