…some days, the bear eats you.

And, it turns out, Ursus trikademensionalis has a number of different ways to put you on the menu.

some days you eat the bear

Not all these prints are bad, and not all the bad prints are unsalvageable, but some of them are the veritable Thalidomide prints that turn an hours-long print job into a face-planting disaster.  Anybody who works with 3D printing at all, whether he’s printing weapons parts, experimental aviation bits, or ghey little Yodas, has a collection of these prints after a while.

Fortunately, some plastics are recyclable. (Some people even have home-grown setups for grinding up the botched prints and turning them back into filament. Those, too, have a number of ways to go nonlinear on you).

Source: https://imgur.com/a/yDzNC#0


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Raoul Duke

Sounds like a “back east lack of personaly responsibility” problem to me, not a “police problem”. What do you expect from a system that gives armed robbers and attempted murderers a year and a half in prison?

Out in the “flyovers”, you can still do ten years for an armed robbery…and an area cop who abused his authority for sex is currently doing 5-10 in real prison.

It depends if your regional culture still holds people accountable for their decisions.


Hognose Post author

I made a very small contribution to changing a cop’s zipcode over the same thing. He got seven years, and was such an asshole in prison that he did every minute and left the pokey with an ankle bracelet.