Bubba’s Glock is Baaaaack! And, A Safe Alternative

Something about the way a Glock’s nylon parts interact with a Dremel, a woodburning tool, or a soldering iron, seems to bring out the best beast in Bubba. For example, we had the infamous “stricken with Gleprosy” Glock we described as “a marital aid for a Komodo lizard” back in May, 2014:


Can’t unsee that, can you? That was ugly, but the one that probably inspired the most shock and horror was this one, from 4 July 2013, which we billed as: The Continuing Adventures of Bubba the Gunsmith — Glock edition.

Indeed, most sentient Bubbas would disclaim any involvement in the horror above.

The Gunbroker auction (which has now aged off GB) ended, if we recall, without the gun meeting what struck us as a stratospheric reserve.

Well, guess what? It’s baaaack!

Hat tip Miguel, who says “The Fitz Special is NOT a fashionable or safe thing.” We’d actually disagree with that, because a Fitz Special was a double action revolver, so it had a stiff enough trigger pull that it would not, essentially, shoot you itself. In 2013, Bubba was selling the Frankenglock with a “DeSantis Belly Band,” which made us note:

‘Cause nothing says “Bubba is My Gunsmith” like a testicle with a 9 or 10 millimeter hole in it.

We’re not sure the twitter ad is for real because the Glock in the GB ad is described as a G23, and the Glock in the twit pic is described as a G19, even though it’s the same picture from 2013. It may be a sales scam or a come-on for a holdup.

On the other hand, the 2013 bravado about a belly band is a pretty good match for the

Anyway, if you feel unreasonably impeded by trigger guards, and don’t want to blow your balls off (or, maybe you’re a female without any, or Caitlyn Jenner/Bradley Manning looking for some way to get rid of a pair, but you’re still diffident about inflicting gunshot wounds upon your nether regions), then consider a real Fitz Special. Here’s a nice one from GunBroker; it’s on a .455 Colt New Service military pistol, with uncertain origins, but it sold for $1,000.

Colt Fitz Special

Here’s another undocumented Fitz, with a story it’s an original Fitz on a Smith and Wesson Model 37, again a completed auction from GunBroker. This one sold for $400 — somebody got a steal, even if it’s a clone.

Conversely, the muzzle of this one looks a bit crude. Not Bubba crowning, but not as good as it might be. And the host gun is an economy-priced Charter Arms .44 Bulldog, so it’s priced accordingly: starting bid of $250.

Exercise for the reader: compare the old revolver Fitz Specials or clones, to this abortion of a Glock, and count your blessings that the capability to hack metals is not as widely indulged as the capability to butcher plastics.

And if you want a Fitz Special, be patient and set a GunBroker alert. One will come to you in due course. You can stick that safely in your belly band, unlike a similarly hacked Glock.

And leave the sex-change surgery to board-certified surgeons.


16 thoughts on “Bubba’s Glock is Baaaaack! And, A Safe Alternative

  1. Jim Scrummy

    Ugh. Taking a mediocre looking gun (Glock), and beating it with an ugly stick and wanting $800 for it? Bubba should’ve been the one beat with the ugly stick.

  2. Mr. AR-10

    I’m afraid to ask… why remove the trigger guard? So you can use the thing with large unwieldy gloves?

    1. Ken

      My personal speculation is that Bubba started out to give his trigger guard a sweet tactical undercut. Dremel+Judgement Juice=befouled gat.

      Even more interesting would be getting a good look at the numb skull that paid $800 for this abomination; if Bubba managed to sell it.

  3. S

    Why are folks carrying guns? Some to actually protect, others to project, in this case vanity. Form follows function, and ugly things like this merely show someone who isnt entering into the real spirit of it.

    Over here in Teutonia, and my former home Australia, folks lament that we allowed ourselves to be robbed of our guns (though most folks these days are less than ignorant of the how and why). A properly functioning original GP35, P38 or even P08 with a handful of ammo is a dream nowadays, amidst the nebulous nightmares of how things may turn out if/when things go kinetic over here, is unobtanium. Just for the ability to be Left Alone. The luxury of prettifying a tool is long gone for us, and the longer you play around with such fantasies over there, the less time you have to prepare thoughtfully for the day when you too will be robbed of your guns. Because first you were robbed of the why…..then the stealing of the how became simple.

  4. Scipio Americanus

    S, the unsavory scenario you outline is certainly distasteful, but in light of the overall trends seems rather unlikely to become a reality. The story of firearms rights in the US over the last 20+ years has been one of continued liberalization and growing public acceptance. And it seems that, in the aftermath of recent events in Europe, some loosening of the restriction regimes may even be coming to your home in the not-too-distant future.

    1. Jim Scrummy

      That is true. But has the good professor Glenn Reynolds always says: “Don’t get cocky”. The gun grabbers never rest in waving the bloody shirt. Never. I won’t forget that, and I won’t forget who the enemy is…

      1. S

        Scip and Jim; yes, it does appear on your side of the pond that things are loosening…..but keep in mind that there are so many guns out there in the US it would take generations to get to confiscation. Hence, instead of confiscation, the trend is to provoke increased armament, in parallel with increasing division amongst the bearers. Set them against each other, thereby using their own strength to defeat them.

        Over here it is different; we’ve already been disarmed for generations, and while current events might look hopeful, don’t hold your breath. The last thing the statists want is a newly re-armed populace. A few thousand shotguns might be impressive on the surface, but individually they are nothing. Instead, expect the current awakening of long-dormant self-defensive urges to lead to the stamping out of the residual defensive capability, via increased surveillance and a crackdown on remaining arms and the removal of whatever freedoms are left. Someone name them for me please?

        So, while things appear to be looking up……buy guns and ammo, anonymously as possible, and bury them. We don’t have that luxury anymore. Sure, we could purchase them on the black market, at exorbitant prices for questionable quality and considerable risk. But then, we aren’t in the favoured groups; the mega rich, the connected, or the temporally politically expedient (ie jihadists). Amazing how quickly the coppers got onto whom to raid after the Paris attacks, eh? A setup, start to finish.

        1. Jim Scrummy

          I know thy enemy. I know that some gun owners are not what you would call mensa candidates with some of their stupidity. Sometimes you can’t fix stupid.

          Though what has helped get younger people into firearms has been video war games. The kids (using my nephews as an anecdote) like playing those games. So, Uncle Jim has taken them to the range, to let them experience the real thing, instead of the virtual reality. My nephews had a great time, and keep asking when are we going to the range, again? I guess shooting a real M4gery vs a video one, can be a bit more fun. That’s one way of winning this never-ending war of freedom vs tyranny, hearts and minds with the young.

          1. Toastrider

            Being a fan of both worlds (video games and real shootin’), I can concur. I do enjoy my video games, but there’s just something about the scent of cordite in the air 😉

          2. Hognose Post author

            I don’t game for the same reason I don’t golf — enough expensive, time-consuming hobbies and avocations already! If you do it and enjoy it, good.

            And yes, I have encountered people who say things like, “Yeah, I know that, I used this gun in COD MW2.” Ohhhhh-kay.

            Hey, if it brings new blood into shooting and collecting, more power to the gamers. Room for them with us, too.

  5. Dyspeptic Gunsmith

    My brain hurts.

    I normally could not give a rat’s posterior about Glocks. While I own two of them, I consider them ugly in appearance, and while they’re clever in design, they’re a poor design from the standpoint of safety.

    But the above examples?

    A wonderful exhibition of the fact that fully 50% of people alive have sub-median IQ’s.

  6. obsidian

    I once saw a Colt 1917 .45 a.c.p. revolver that had been Fitz specialized.

    It had been re-blued, had no sights front or back nor trigger guard in the front and look dangerous just lying on the counter.

    I recall asking what accuracy it had with that 2 inch barrel and was told it’s very accurate two feet from the target at belly button level.

    I did not ask to shoot it.

    It looked safer and better than that Glock.

  7. Tam

    The last chopped barrel and hacked trigger guard “Fitz Special” I saw in a gun shop was some years back, before I moved to IN from TN.

    It was nicely done, which is good.

    But it had been nicely done to a 98%+ pre-war .38/44 Outdoorsman, which is not.