A nice day, a European Ultralight (a model called a Sky Ranger), an airstrip “somewhere in France.” An earnest (and, as it develops, gifted in the sang-froid department) young pilot thrills a lady with an airplane ride. But there is a stowaway on board!

One down, eight to go, perhaps.

The domestic longhair is the mascot of the flying club, and keeps aircraft structures free of rodents. It’s doing fine, but hasn’t been anxious to fly again.

And the club’s pilots have a new line on their preflight checklist: look down the wing cells for, well, anything.

Like a cat.

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7 thoughts on “OT: Stowaway!


A cousin had one of her cats stowaway under her car a few years ago.

She only discovered the fact when she arrived at work, after driving quite a ways on interstate highways at interstate speeds, when she heard the pitiful ‘meows’ from under her car.

The thing had wrapped itself tightly around the rear axle and would not let go.

The only way she got it out was to carefully drive the car over to a nearby service station, have the jack jacked up and pry it loose.

The cat already had ‘psychological issues’ due to mistreatment before she got it from a shelter as a kitten.

I joked that it was really messed up now.


Help. A little help. Didn’t you do a series earlier on the best gun safes? Is it still on here?

Hognose Post author

It is. A search on “physical security” will bring it up. I ought to make it into a permanent Page.


Glad to see the mascot had the sense to stay in the plane and not panic jump out!

Jim Scrummy

The look on the pilot’s face is priceless when he see’s the stowaway. He kept his cool, and so did the cat.


Well done to both the pilot and le chat avieteur. The latter has earned his “Aviation Observer” wings.

So, what works best to get cat pee off of support spars and wing material?


You know he nailed her afterwards. No, not the cat.