The best argument against White Supremacy…

… is the White Supremacists. Consider this lovely couple, who make Trayvon Martin look like the saint that TV news viewers think he is:

White Supremacist I: Peggy Sinclair. While this image came from the cops REAL LARGE, we suggest you don't embiggenate. She ain't any prettier up close.

White Supremacist I: Peggy Sinclair. While this image came from the cops REAL LARGE, we suggest you don’t embiggenate. She ain’t any prettier up close.

The hard-used woman in the first mugshot is one Peggy Sinclair. If she looks like she’s fifty, well, that’s because she is fifty. So she must be relatively new to the drug culture, which adds years like Mallomars add pounds; she’s a former teacher, which is, as we’ll see, rather germane to her life of crime.

She’s entangled with a prison gang called the Brotherhood of White Warriors, or BOWW. She’s apparently the reward they pass around for being good at whatever white supremacists value, which we don’t even want to think about. (Does that make here a BOWW Wow? Enquiring minds, etc. )

Peggy’s back in the jug, which she’d been last been in for, this will shock you, drug charges, this spring. What’d she do this time? She sent love notes to her boyfriend in prison, or one of her boyfriends. (Apparently BOWW is a very sharing group, that way, IYKWIMAITYD). Now, writing to a con is not part of the usual everyday for most of us, but it’s not against the law.

Until you stuff the letter with film Suboxone, a mild opiate used legitimately to treat heroin addiction and, under the street name Subu, illegitimately to… do we need to draw you a picture? (The New Republic had a story on Subu in the Republic of Georgia this year, which will tell you most of what you need to know about the drug).

White Supremacist II: Matthew Peters. Asking the prison photog, "Can't I wear a burkha?"

White Supremacist II: Matthew Peters. Asking the prison photog, “Can’t I wear a burkha?” and bummed out that the word will hit the street he “dates up” to AARP level.

Then we have the swain in the ever-popular bright-colored jail t-shirt. He’s one Matthew Peters, an incarcerated BOWW member, and the reason for his miserable expression is that the word is going to be out that he’s the boyfriend of a junkie teacher older than his mom.

Matt is 22 years old, and he met and began “dating” (eww… yuck) Peggy when they were both at the Broken Ground School in Concord, NH. To the best of our knowledge, she is on paid leave from the school while she deals with her, and her boyfriends’, legal issues. (According to the Concord Monitor, “The Concord School District confirmed last week that Sinclair would not return to her position.” Another story says the teacher’s union negotiated a deal for her to resign, presumably including a severance. Let it never be said that the union failed to speak up for a drugged-out criminal).

Peters from 2002-03 yearbook -- start of their relationship.

Peters from 2002-03 yearbook — start of their relationship.

You know, she was his fifth-grade teacher. There’s a story in how she fell from middle-aged, middle-class schoomarm to well-worn pass-around of a prison gang right out of The Blues Brothers, but we are deterred from pursuing that story by the Ick Factor. Besides, she doesn’t want to talk to reporters: “I’m not talking to you guys,” she told the Concord Monitor in April. “You already ruined my life once.”

Sinclair from 2002-03 yearbook -- start of their relationship

Sinclair from 2002-03 yearbook — start of their relationship. Sick, sick, sick.

Have we got that straight? She’s on the back stretch of life, and by her own decisions she is doing drugs and whoring herself out to a disreputable prison gang (note to Eds: is that phrase overkill? It’s not like there’s reputable prison gangs running around, no?). And she’s only “one of Peters’s girlfriends.” (We shudder to think, etc.). But it’s the reporter who wrote about it that “ruined her life.” Suuuure.

There are basically two schools of thought on how someone ends up in mugshots like these. In one, character defects and bad choices lead you to the place where you’re told to “face the camera” during Inprocessing. In another, the gun made you do it.

And yeah, these creeps and their BOWW pals have guns, despite, as Peters put it during an earlier arraignment,

Your honor, I have never ran from a case. I have never ever been a flight risk. And I have only been convicted of two, no, the three Class B felonies that he said. Other than that it was misdemeanors, a couple of misdemeanors.

Niiiice. That one was for armed robbery (gun made him do it, we’re sure). It’s still pending, but that doesn’t stop him from being a man of conviction, er, with convictions. He’s also had some other legal issues:

[T]he prosecutor mentioned that [other drug] case but also said Peters is currently facing charges in Massachusetts for threatening homicide on a police officer. The prosecutor said Peters’s criminal history includes convictions for witness tampering, second degree assault, possession of a controlled drug, resisting arrest and conspiracy to receive stolen property.

Peters was also involved in the 2009 stabbing of Michael Guglielmo, the ex-con widely known for his attempt to save his son Giovanni through bone marrow drives. The police have said Peters stabbed Guglielmo multiple times, but he never faced charges.

Maybe it’s just us, but we kind of think that these people would be losers even if the Chinese had never figured out gunpowder all those centuries ago.

When guns are outlawed, you’ll still have outlaws.

13 thoughts on “The best argument against White Supremacy…

  1. Y.

    (btw – there’s a hillarious document from

    Can’t but agree. Never been impressed with local nazis, loud talk, shitty music, they exhibit all the bravery of a bunch of coyotes. They’re the most common kind of white supremacist, locally.

    When they whack someone it’s some harmless young anarchist, even though there’s a zillion more deserving targets and ideologically sound targets, such as Albanian/Chechen drug mafias, a great deal of Gypsy loansharks, crooked politicians, local mob, Olah gypsy mafias ..

    Whacking any of of those would actually cause a number of people to publicly or secretly applaud them, but no. They’ll stab some harmless teenager in the back in the park at night. Scum of the Earth, the lot of them. And there’s the whole issue of them espousing an ideology that saw them as barely human and whose proponents planned to germanise or exterminate their ancestors …

    And as to superiority…(rofl)

    White don’t seem exactly superior, I’d say compared to east-Asians, Indians, about same. Slightly more creative, slightly less smart.

    Somewhat superior to native Americans, apparently, definitely superior to sub-Saharan Africans – but then who isn’t? So far it seems everyone else except (sub-saharan) Africans has 2-4% neanderthal genes and Melanesians have 8% Denisovan DNA in addition.

    Maybe native Australians, but it isn’t as definitely established as with sub-Saharan Africans, who exhibit lower intelligence on average even if brought up in identical socioeconomic circumstances. Several transracial adoption studies strongly suggest so. There’s also the ‘disparate impact’ nonsense..

    If there’s a superior race of men, I’d say it’s Ashkenazi Jews, with their strangely elevated verbal IQ who also very often suffer from a host of horrific genetic brain disorders, which suggest rapid evolution or founder effect in the past. Then, it doesn’t mean anything really, since a nation 10?x bigger made of non-Jews will have the same number of exceptionally talented people.

    ^This stuff, even though easily supported by peer reviewed studies is nevertheless massively racist. Makes for fun trolling, really.

    1. Samuel Suggs

      OK, so make that two seprate comments, season with CONTEXT and make it a little more cohearent and we can talk.

      1. Y.


        To simplify: supremacism might be a valid ideology were there a group of people of exceptional abilities and characters.

        There isn’t. Pound-per-pound the best achieving groups are Ashkenazi Jews. Yet look at Israel – it’s more of a mess than many countries ran by ordinary run-of-the-mill Europeans or Asians.

        It’s in a tight spot, but still, they aren’t so good as to deserve some ‘special’ place in the universe – which is what supremacism implies. Ultraorthodox Jews beg to differ, and those who take their Torah seriously get into trouble with the law ..

        Israel had the good grace to put one of their most odious supremacists in jail. Rabbi Ovadia, who insisted killing babies is ok as long as they’re *likely* to grow up enemies of Jews and wrote a book on the whole subject.. well.


        As to the evidence that ethnic groups differ in abilities. The ‘racist’ bit.

        Left-wingers and others were really big on the ‘blank-slate’ theory of humanity, meaning that there is no genetic component to human ability.

        This is false, the genetic component is quite important, at least as much as nurture.

        Evidence in favor of genetics:

        – disparate achievement shown in transracial adoption studies. ( . Meaning, people who all grew up in almost identical conditions (white adoptive families) ended up scoring very much like their peers who weren’t adopted. Which pretty much rules out environmental determinism..

        -so called ‘disparate impact’. US employers can’t use IQ tests to screen candidates, because that disproportionately disadvantages African Americans, mostly.

        -fact that children from wealthy black families underperfom those of poor whites or Asians

        – the well known Ashkenazi intelligence anomaly..

        -common sense. Presently, science has determined that we spread around the earth in this manner. Primitive modern h.sapiens from one spot in Africa radiated outward, to Europe, Asia, etc.

        All over the place, it mixed with archaic (older) human species. Neanderthals in Europe, Denisovans in Asia, Homo Erectus? in Africa. Those were used to their locales, so their genes were advantageous..

        Intelligence is an adaptation to enviroment. Survival in tropics vs steppes vs temperate woodlands requires different adaptations.

        If every known human group had the same potential for intellect, sports ability, bone density and so on, it’d be pretty fucking serious evidence of either supernatural or extraterrestrial meddling.

      2. Y.


        I posted a reply, but it had links, so it’s in moderation queue, or it was eaten by the spamfilters.

        It’ll show up eventually, I hope. If not, and you’re really interested in it, drop me a mail at

        labjerti @ – the first part of the address needs to be in reverse order. Can’t be seen to hold ‘racist’ views next time I change jobs. Being facebook-less makes me suspicious enough.

        1. Hognose Post author

          It’s de-spammed. My anti spam combination of tools seldom calls a Type I error (false positive) but in this case it did. I use Akismet and Bad Behavior and together they’ve eliminated over 100k spam comments — and Y’s, which is now restored. We regret the error.

    2. Hognose Post author

      Your description of one metric — IQ or “g” — is pretty much in line with the lit, as you well know. A little surprised by the existence of Nazis in your part of the world. Not like the originals are remembered fondly, eh. Or is it a backlash against decades of Soviet-inspired propaganda about the SNP, etc?

      But intelligence, while increasingly important in today’s world, is only one dimension of performance. Note that Africans and persons of African descent often perform in interpersonal settings (i.e. sales jobs) at a higher level than IQ would predict.

      The racial differences between physical performance measures are readily observed, too. No white or yellow man has set a world sprinting record in years. Science has only recently figured out why (fast twitch/slow twitch muscle distribution).

      Of course, a large segment, probably a majority, of today’s college-educated public in the USA, and a vast majority of those who do not continue to or graduate college, believe in a series of self-contradictory shibboleths. One is that, and young people will tell you this in all earnestness, “race does not really exist.” And yet the same youngsters believe that race is of overarching importance in all things. They are able to hold a bunch of unscientific and unsupported ideas about intelligence (thanks heaps, Steven Jay Gould). One of my favorite ways of expressing this is: “IQ doesn’t mean anything, but that I got into College Y based on my SAT scores is totally righteous.” The kids don’t actually say that — they are self-aware enough to put it in two separate sentences.

      The same folks have a similarly unscientific belief that there is no innate difference between males and females (as individuals and as populations). This leads to a sort of folk Lysenkoism. “If we just put women in the Rangers, they’ll cowgirl up and be able to do a 20 mile (32k) road march with 110 lbs (50kg) of gear.” That way lies three mutually interlocking failures: a lot of broken and crippled young women, a collapse of Ranger unit performance, and absolute and total denial of the first two facts by the command, the suits, and the media.

      1. Y.

        Not like the originals are remembered fondly, eh. Or is it a backlash against decades of Soviet-inspired propaganda about the SNP, etc?

        The theory about those fuckwits is this. There are always going to be violent losers wishing to belong. Or just people who really need to hate. Nazism allows you to hate pretty much everybody – Jews, liberals, conservatives, gays, etc etc. They also band together and bully people… some people need to do that to feel good. So these ‘special’ individuals flock to an ideology that can rationalize their violent antisocial crap..

        Commies mainly tried to ‘own’ SNP. Even though it was a joint effort of all sorts of people, and they played a major, if not the most important part. Their propaganda made it look purely commie. And it also looks like Soviets fucked up the Uprising on purpose. Like in Warsaw, they could not afford a successful uprising – it’d make post-war sovietisation difficult. So it went off too soon because a Soviet-controlled insurgent group ambushed and shot a German military mission. No one is sure if it was on purpose or not..

        The original plan was for three division of Slovak Army to secure the Dukla pass, disarm the less numerous German formations and speedily allow Red Army to get through the passes. I think the Army chief of staff was on it too.

        Because it went off too soon, most of these troops were disarmed by Germans and loyalists ..

        Of course – all surviving partisan commanders either ran away, were jailed for life or executed after 1948. No tyranny can let those who inspired others to fight a different one live…

        Overall… I would say people don’t really think much about WWII or the Uprising.


        IQ – yeah.

        I know the caveats. It can be learned, it’s not everything. Hell – I should know.

        But it’s a remarkably good predictor of success nevertheless.


        Note that Africans and persons of African descent often perform in interpersonal settings (i.e. sales jobs) at a higher level than IQ would predict.

        Yeah, they are on average happier, less neurotic, anxious and more confident than Europeans, and especially Asians. Not sure why.

        Smarts are kind of important too. For example, I’ve read kind of convincing arguments, from a philosopher resident of Africa, that abstract reasoning deficiencies invariably cause deficiencies in concepts of morality.

        If you can’t imagine what would result if everyone behaved as you do, which requires abstract thinking .. you’re less likely to moderate yourself. He claims many adult Africans don’t get the concept. Not sure if he isn’t full of shit though.

        Around here, it is reliably be used on pre-teen kids ..

        The same folks have a similarly unscientific belief that there is no innate difference between males and females (as individuals and as populations). This leads to a sort of folk Lysenkoism.

        Part of the problem is probably the relentless cult of positive thinking and can-do-ism.

        I sometimes read essays by a (volunteer) Vietnam marine. He claims people who express doubts and aren’t convinced that everything’s doable are liable to not be much promoted in US military structures.

        This could also lead to reality-denial. The inability to concieve you can fail, and the penalties for failure..

  2. earthman

    Low hanging fruit: the grist for the mill of bloggers.

    But, hey, you got your anti-white/anti-racist commenter Y, so, job done.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Just thought these losers were interesting, in the sort of way that TV reality shows about dysfunctional folks suck the viewers in. But I wasn’t actually trying to suck viewers in.

      One thing Y is on to, is that one place where IQ matters is along the criminality vs. citizenship axis of society. If you ever have time, spend a day in criminal court observing the defendants. They’re not a broad cross-section of society. They’re distinctly dumber than average, on the average, and generally a lot dumber than all the people operating the levers of the justice system: lawyers, judges, clerks, bailiffs. The most common reason for committing a crime seems to boil down to immediate gratification and “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” It wouldn’t have seemed like a good idea to you or me. Ask any defense attorney if he or she ever had a client who couldn’t understand something important; you’ll get an earful.

      At the same time, a large majority of this not-too-bright demographic comprises decent people, not criminals. (People who deal with criminals, such as cops, can scarcely be blamed for forgetting this. It doesn’t look like that from where cops sit). The minority of criminals in the low-IQ stratum is larger than the minority of criminals among, say, Stanford physics grads, but it’s still a minority. For it to stay that way, we need pathways to success for people of all levels of smarts.

      Even today our economy struggles to find productive work for not very bright people to do, and they need productive work as much (maybe more) than the geniuses. Interventions meant to help them (raising minimum wage) often have contrary results (expect the current McDonald’s strikes to produce not higher wages, but fewer jobs with the truculent employees striking themselves into replacement by order kiosks and self-cleaning restrooms). In 1963, there were tens of thousands of pump jockeys in gas stations; within ten years economics began erasing those jobs.

  3. Aesop

    Once again proving that the true face of crime isn’t Dr. No and Professor Moriarty, it’s poster children like Miss Marblehead and Jughead.

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