ATF press release alert!

ATF press release alert!

Government-controlled Narodniy Politicheskiy Radio (NPR) published the following pearls of wisdom, which seem to have derpped right from the silver tongue of ATF’s notorious spokespersons onto the AP wire:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department’s inspector general is conducting a four-city examination into storefront undercover operations run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to assess whether they pose a danger to the public.

The ATF runs sting operations in various cities, often as part of an effort to catch arms traffickers who bring stolen weapons into storefronts where agents act as buyers.

The IG’s office said [last] Thursday it is looking into storefront operations in Milwaukee, Pensacola, Fla., St. Louis, Mo., and Wichita, Kan.

IG Michael Horowitz said if his office learns of information that might warrant looking at additional storefront operations, it will consider expanding the review to include them.

The ATF ran a Milwaukee storefront operation intended to bust felons for drug and gun offenses, but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported in January 2013 that no major drug dealers or gang members were taken down. The store was robbed of $35,000 in merchandise, an agent’s machine gun was stolen and a document listing undercover agents was left behind.

via Govt Looking Into ATF Operations In 4 Cities : NPR.

This story, as you’d expect from NPR and the Associated (with terrorists) Press, minimizes ATF misconduct in even the Milwaukee case, which has been covered in some depth by the Journal-Sentinel. Indeed, the Ray Charleses and Stevie Wonders of internal ATF oversight did not uncover a thing; the newspaper did. The story mentions one stolen machine gun but not the two pistols also lost (and unlike the M4, recovered) through the negligence of the same officer. The story does not mention that ATF has systematically placed these operations near schools (often middle schools and junior highs), or that ATF seeks out retarded locals to ensnare in its stings. In Milwaukee, they paid a retarded man $2,000 for a gun they sent him to Gander Mountain (an outdoor chain store) to buy for $700, and they lost eight cases because the lead agent couldn’t testify credibly.

It’s clear from the cloning of these operations across many time zones that this was not some local misconduct by “rogue” agents, but a deliberate plan executed by a rogue agency.

So for further revelations, experience tells us, we have to count on a press, many of whom will not investigate ATF because of their shared political partisanship and gun-control agenda.

This investigation is not meant to find any wrongdoing, but to hide it. IG Horowitz has been, to date, a “beard” for abuses at ATF and DOJ in general, and the likelihood that there will be any consequences for any of the misbehaving agents (or, especially, supervisors and executives) is zero.

Consider this:

  • Was anyone ever disciplined for gunwalking? No. Most were promoted, and one, near retirement, was given a paid year off to start his new job.
  • Was the Milwaukee agent who was too corrupt to go on the stand disciplined? Nope.
  • How about the Milwaukee lead undercover agent, who lost three guns from a G-ride while hooking up with another agent (both of whom were married to other people)? What, you’re kidding, that’s just how ATF rolls.

As you might expect, the Journal-Sentinel (a paper that shares ATF’s partisanship and gun-control advocacy agenda, but has problems with the agency’s methods) has a much better, bylined report on the coming IG whitewash. Facts in the J-S report that are missing from the NPR one, which might as well have been written by ATF’s lightweight and dishonest PR dolly Ginger Colbrun, are many.

  • Horowitz has decided to skip investigating the Portland, Oregon case on flimsy grounds. In Oregon, ATF paid one retarded kid and one merely slow one to get the logo of their fake storefront tattooed in the “jobstopper position” on their neck; set up facing a middle school; outfitted the store with video games to attract juveniles; failed to make Federal cases and failed to recover any crime guns. Per Horowitz, this is not worth investigating. No ATF employee has been or will be disciplined.
  • Storefront ops so often walked guns that ATF finally wrote into a handbook that it was a bad idea to let felons leave with guns.
  • ATF Congressional liason officers lied to Congressional staffers in early 2013 that the problems the Journal-Sentinel found in Milwaukee were unique to that city. They knew that the Milwaukee problems were replicated in many other agency operations.
  • In meeting with the ARC, a group that speaks for the rights of the retarded, ATF managers refused to stop manipulating mentally handicapped people in stings. (This is reminiscent of ATF’s fallback position in Fast & Furious: if they couldn’t get any actual criminals, they’d just indict the FFLs who only sold the guns under ATF instructions).

We could go on and on, but you get the idea.

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Tom Schultz

“Protected Here’s the business plan”

WTF Over

Bill K

NSA Testing… Is this mike live?

Hognose Post author

If the NSA really wants to know how our young upstart is going to sell more t-shirts this year than last, they can knock themselves out.

Hognose Post author

Using the blog to pass data to a business associate who is computeratively challenged. He couldn’t open a .pdf from email, so we tried this… while everyone on the conference call waited… we’re advising a youth entrepreneur who entered our entrepreneurship contest last year.


So the practical result is that these government agencies can do whatever they want and it will be whitewashed away. What are we the people supposed to do about these things when the government we ” elected ” is complicit in these acts? When there is an election and miracle of miracles the next day after we are headed to a financial crisis that was never mentioned in case it could hurt the chances of reelection of the presses chosen candidate. Most people still only know what the news tells them is a story. I would love to move somewhere else but there is no place to go. We as a people need to figure out how to stop this crap from happening.

Bill K

And while we remain a minority in a democracy filled with takers, to boot.

Stefan van der Borght

Well, what would you have done if this was 1935 and you knew what was coming down the pike? For the purposes of this thought experiment, imagine you are not in America, but in Germany. Ok, it’s not a complete match, but it’s close enough to make a start. For the bits that don’t match, substitute with suitable elements of 1917 Russia, Octavian Rome, ante-Boney Bourbon France, and the 1989 USSR. Thinking about things that way, relocation starts sounding plausible again. Not comfortable or convenient, but more survivable than staying for the main feature. We’ve all put ourselves on the transport list by our electronic comms and lurkings, at the least. The time to put the kybosh on it all was past before the turn of the previous century, so thoughts of a renaissance of genuine republicanism, or a glorious revolution a la 1688, are no more than wishful thinking.


Well for the purpose of the thought experiment the main difference between now and the other times you mentioned is this. In the past a person could move to somewhere else where there was more of an opportunity for freedom. Where is that place now? There is no place I know of where you wouldn’t be on the same list for the same reason you are on it here in the United States. A return to the republicanism or a revolution is pointless because it leads right back here. A new idea might be in order.

Bill K

That’s a thought experiment I keep replaying and the only ultimate options I see, Dan, unless others have better are these:

1) Seasteading (not yet ready for prime time, but I keep hoping)

2) Small backwater 3rd world country that’s not worth picking over by the global elite (Panama? Costa Rica?…) and will never have enough power to create a Leviathan government.

So the question remains, as Stefan points out, is, “If it’s 1935, and I’m a Jew, can I squeeze another year or two of enjoying my family & birthplace, before it’s too late to jump?”

Or as Rick said, “If it’s December 1941 in Casablanca, what time is it in New York?

Sam: What? My watch stopped.

Rick: I’d bet they’re asleep in New York. I’d bet they’re asleep all over America. “