Some are domestic. Like… domestic cats. We thought, since we’ve been pretty heavy on the animal-lover side, we’d give a guy who developed a weapon that deals summarily (and in his design, non-lethally) with pesky neighborhood moggies that spray your stuff… there are a million ideas here for the handy WeaponsMan.

Plus, it will make you laugh.

Craig Turner did not see complete success with this iteration of the cat popper, so he built another version, and that’s on YouTube too… but if you like this video (and can tolerate a bit of salty language), his outtakes video is even funnier.

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You don’t actually owe me a new monitor for failure to issue the requisite pre-viewing “spew alert”, but you have earned partial responsibility and some bad karma points for the time it took to get the half-chewed potato chips off the keyboard, and out of my nostrils. Once I got up off the floor.

Why Discovery Channel – or Animal Planet!! – can’t give this guy a budget and a weekly cable show is beyond explanation.

“And next week, we rig low-voltage bug-zappers to the chairs of the members of the local city council just before the weekly public meeting…”