Why did Stefan Arzberger, 43, walk away from these charges in Manhattan court?

…strangling and nearly killing a tourist after he barged into her hotel room nude in a drug-induced stupor…

First, he blamed his rampage, not on the traditional bad ice cube, but on what is apparently New York City’s prime attraction in the post-Bloomberg era, a tranny whore named Jerry Neptune, aka Natalie Pros. No, seriously. We Are Not Making This Up.

Supposedly, Stefan’s Walk on the Wild Side with Jerry was derailed by Stefan getting so stoned that he didn’t notice when the he-she vogued out with Stefan’s iPad. And then, as the saying goes, his troubles began.

Later, a wild-eyed and naked Arzberger stumbled out of his room at the West 58th Street hotel and began mindlessly knocking on guests’ doors, prosecutors said.

When the North Carolina tourist opened her door, he wrapped his hands around her neck with so much pressure the blood vessels in her eyes allegedly popped.

He also, according to her testimony which the judge grudgingly took, tried to smother her. She was a 65-year-old lady, attacked and violently injured by a drug-abusing 43-year-old man. That’s a serious crime of violence in 49 other states. So why were a New York prosecutor and judge bouncingly eager to let Stefan Arzberger walk?

Because, in the corrupt courtroom of crooked judge Ronald Zweibel, with corrupt, crooked and conniving prosecutor Joshua Steinglass in attendance, what matters is not what you did, but who you is. In the words of that age-old New York parvenu’s refrain, “Do you know who I am?”

Zweibel and Steinglass (and for that matter, the New York Post’s Rebecca Rosenberg, who writes approvingly of the resolution of the case) know who Arzberger is. They’re cultured New Yorkers, or wannabes, and he’s a top concert violinist with the Leipzig String Quarter. He’s somebody. His victim? Tourist. From the flyover state of North Carolina. She’s nobody. 

Decision made: Arzberger walks. And so he did.

It lets a couple of Manhattan shysters feel like they did something for culture. And, don’t forget, to strike a blow against the crime of being from North Carolina.

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He resigned from that quartet in Dec 2015, so it shouldn’t have mattered “who I is.” But… New York.

May the victim’s civil suit hammer him back to organ grinder status.

Cap’n Mike

Surprising that the 65-year-old lady wasn’t charged with NOT being a a tranny whore.


In a civilized city/state the strangling would’ve earned him an instant reprimand rapidly delivered in a package between 9 and 12 mm. Probably a number of reprimands delivered in rapid succession.

John M.

And all the colored girls go “doo, da doo, doo, doo da doo, doo doo da doo da doo.”

-Lou Reed


Arzberger, Zweibel, Steinglass and Rosenberg. I think I see a trend. Course the odd one out is Jerry Neptune, although he might have changed it for showbiz.


But there is nothing healthier than freshly squeezed juice from jaffa oranges!


Especially with a little vodka…


Reading this makes me feel angry and sick at the same time. That poor woman.


Proving once again that simply being in NYFC is a crime.

Like Snake Plissken, if I can’t have a .44 and a full-auto MAC-anything, I ain’t goin’ in.

If two folks from NC flew airplanes into NYFC city hall and the courthouse, the quandary over for whom to root would be stupendous. But I have a feeling on that day, the rest of the country (including Upstate NY) would be North Carolinians.

Tennessee Budd

I don’t see a quandary at all.


There would some who would see the act as a waste of two perfectly good airplanes.

A couple of dump-trucks full fertilizer and fuel oil, OTOH, might be a more auspicious and less ambiguous start to those so inclined.

Still, easier to just not go there in the first place.

(If, however, NC chooses to bus their prison parolees and illegal alien detainees to NYFC for discharge into society, and legally hammers NY tourists in NC for every violation they are accused of, by way of saying “Thanks”, I would cheer. And the IQ of both places would rise.)

In the end, it will all balance out.

NYPD will draw down on some large soda drinker, overdue library book scofflaw, or toll-booth evader, and missing him 28 or more out of 30 times in their prototypical display of NYPD marksmanship, the resultant spray of bullets will tag some concert musician right to death (though the odds against it being the guilty one here highly unlikely), and balance will be restored to the Force.

From a certain point of view.

John Distai

Many of those NY “tourists” in NC eventually become residents. Yeah! Bust ’em so they don’t come back!

John Smith

You’ll pardon the language: The best parts of NYC are a shithole that deserves nothing more than being utterly ignored by us too- common fly over folks. It is one of the citadels of the idealogical envelopment that is underway in America.

Let it collapse around itself, LA as well…I won’t be concerned in the slightest.


….and now y’all know why New York is so dead set against liberalized self-defense laws: there’s always the risk that An Important Person From A Prominent Family might attempt to Ted Kennedy exactly the wrong prole and end up cooling to room temperature before the more enlightened officials could intervene in his behalf.


May the force be with you …always


Why no mention of an arrest of the tranny if they have all the names used by it? I read through the articles I could find and many mentioned the hooker by name but no mention of any search for or arrest of it.

Hognose Post author

What for? It’s not illegal to be illegal in New York City, if you score enough Vibrancy Points. Diversity is Our Vibrancy!


Point taken.

Since Mr. Arzberger is innocent of his actions as he was drugged and not in control of himself, then the person that drugged him must be guilty of the crime. Alas, no, because Ms. Diversity Embodied is a mixed/trans, the drugs are a part of their protected culture and can not be guilty of causing Mr Arzberger to lose control of himself and try to kill random people in a hotel.

Chris S.

I read stories like this, and it makes my BP skyrocket. But then I’m brought back into a state of hydrological equilibrium by the small hope that somewhere, there is a guy with a good rifle, carefully crafting a batch of 175 grain Sierra Matchkings over 44 grains of Varget, patiently biding his time until the shot presents itself …….and one more cretinous slug sucking at the public teat gets to spend eternity being sodomized by his own personally assigned demon, who happens to look a lot like his old college poly-sci prof………

Hey! I can dream, can’t I?